Pay what you can, wear what you can plank in. via Sacred FB

Pay what you can, wear what you can plank in. via Sacred FB

Boy, it’s a good time to love yoga. Last week we told you where you could find classes on the cheap, and now this week Sacred Brooklyn (197 Clifton Place) is offering pay-what-you-wish classes all week long! Today thru Sunday, October 19-25, drop in to the studio to break a sweat, and pay as much or as little as you like.

10/07/15 10:00am
Set your intention: cheaper yoga. via Brooklyn Yoga School

Set your intention: make rent this month. via Brooklyn Yoga School

Community classes and introductory specials aside, yoga in Brooklyn is getting ridiculously expensive. Monthly studio memberships cost upwards of $100, and that’s before you’ve factored in your commute to and from, or your meals before and after. Before you know it, what should be a moment of peace in your day becomes a major source of stress.

We hate to see you like this, and we also hate to see your wallets bone-dry. (After all, how are you gonna tip your bartenders when you use our new wine books?) So we rounded up all the cheap yoga you can do in Brooklyn. These classes are $10 or less, all the time, so you can keep your Namastés in the mix and still enjoy all the other things out there that cost money.  (more…)