Get yourself some cheaper artist space, like this Art F City space in Dumbo. Via Two Trees website.

Get yourself some cheaper artist space, like this Art F City space in Dumbo. Via Two Trees website.

Whether you think all real estate companies are reshaping our city in nefarious ways or you’re likely to cut them some slack every now and then, occasionally some of them do throw a bone to the artists who have such a tough time finding places to just exist in the city. Two Trees — the company that essentially made Dumbo into Dumbo — has got one of those bones up for grabs right now. They’re offering artists, nonprofits and community service groups the chance to apply for cheap office and studio space in typically super pricy Dumbo. If you’re chosen, you get a three-year lease for $12/square foot in a building that usually rents for $40/square foot. Some of the tenants taking advantage of that program now include Radio Diaries, Art in General, United Photo Industries and a handful of individual artists. The commercial and studio space ranges from 700 to 2,500 square feet, with Dumbo’s signature natural light and high ceilings. (more…)

07/29/15 9:28am
You can make great art at Pioneer Works for not so much money.

You can make great art in a place like this for free. Photo via Pioneer Works.

There’s plenty to kvetch about if you’re a self-employed artist living in BK. The most oft-heard complaint is the one about paying for two spaces with one non-salary. On top of struggling to monetize your artistic talents, the Man is expecting you to pay for not one, but two spaces a month?

We know, you tried to find a creative solution. I’ll just live in my workspace! you said. I’ll shower in the slop sink. Then you said OK, I’ll just paint in my living room! The smell of chemicals won’t suffocate my cat! But then it did.

You need a place to work and a place to live. Separately. As with our indispensable Brooklyn coworking guide, we’re happy to do the snooping for you. Here, we present the layman’s guide to scoring cheap studio space in Brooklyn, starting with the very best kind of all: free.  (more…)