06/22/15 3:41pm
Come for the jerk chicken, stay for the jerk chicken. Image via Facebook

Come for the jerk chicken, stay for the jerk chicken. Image via Facebook

One of the great pleasure of living in Brooklyn is that we are awash with great Caribbean food options. Whenever you get the craving for curry goat, jerk chicken or ox tails, you’re no further than a few blocks/train stops away from getting your Caribbean fix. So what can make having Caribbean food on a hot summer night even better? Having Caribbean food on a hot summer night for cheap. For the next seven days (June 22 – June 29), as part of Caribbean Restaurant Week, select Caribbean favorites will be having lunch and dinner specials throughout Brooklyn. (more…)

02/05/15 3:11pm
meatball shop

Look at all those balls. via Facebook

There’s bad news all around, whether we’re talking about the rent or about balls. So fine, we’ll give in and share at least a little bit of good news with you, at least on the ball front. The Meatball Shop has managed to stick around for five whole years, which almost qualifies for a miracle at this point when it comes to beloved New York restaurants. So, as a thank you to people for keeping them alive these years, you can get a $5 dinner at the Lower East Side location (84 Stanton Street) Monday. (more…)

11/07/14 9:39am
the saint catherine

Mmmm…sliders. via The Saint Catherine

Hey, not to be nosy or anything, but how’s your Beer Book adventure going? You’ve got less than 60 days to finish one, or both of them off, so if you’ve ever wanted to really push your casual alcoholism, now is the time. Especially if you haven’t used your coupon for The Saint Catherine (660 Washington Avenue), because beyond being a cool bar to spend time at, they now have $1 meatloaf sliders during happy hour. Don’t have a beer book coupon for the Saint Catherine? Go anyway, it’s $1 sliders! (more…)

06/25/14 11:18am
Caribbean Restaurant Week

It’s a good idea to eat at Ideya during Caribbean Restaurant Week. via Facebook

Food is good and necessary for your continued biological function and all that, but sometimes you just don’t want to be the one who makes it. The problem is, that adds up eventually. Not this week though, because as DNA Info reports, it’s Caribbean Restaurant Week, and that means awesome deals on Caribbean food around Brooklyn. Also in Manhattan and Queens, but there’s enough deals here to keep you from traveling too far. (more…)

06/19/14 1:42pm

It’s already good food, but it’s even better when its so cheap it’s practically free. via Facebook

[UPDATE: It’s happening! Wednesday, July 23 from 6pm to 6:54pm, per Veselka’s Twitter account]

Keep some change in your pocket after those nickel cocktails, because we’ve got more throwback prices for ya. East Village staple Veselka is celebrating their 60th anniversary with a throwback to 1954, [h/t New York Observer] featuring their original menu and prices!  And back in the day, nothing was priced over $1.60 (the highest item being bigos and mashed potatoes), a big change from a $14 brunch plate accompanied by an infamous wait on Sunday mornings… (more…)

05/03/12 6:53am

Bitchin' sombrero shot courtesy of Jack Woo on Flickr.

The time has come again to celebrate everyone’s favorite Pueblan holiday. Nope, not the feast of patron Saint Augustine–it’s Cinco de Mayo, which means bar and restaurant specials galore. As luck would have it, May 5 this year also marks the 138th running of the Kentucky Derby, bringing together the best in bluegrass and Benito Juárez. We’ve got you covered on cheap booze and grub, so all you have to worry about is combination costuming to cover your bases. Tulle-trimmed sombrero, anyone? (more…)

11/29/11 1:44pm

We just came across this super helpful flow chart from the good folks at GOOD. It shows you step by step how to cook cheap food that’s tasty and easy to make but gives you more variety than your usual pasta dish: you start with the basic onions and work your way out to other simple ingredients until you’ve got a minestrone, chili con carne or risotto. Before you know it, your menu has more interchangeable parts than a Mr. Potato Head, who, incidentally, would fit in nicely with that beef stew recipe.

09/22/10 6:27pm

Nicky's banh-mi

Sandwiches: some form of tastiness stuffed between two layers of shock absorbing material. As New Yorkers, we’re surrounded by endless classic and innovative takes on this edible form. As Brokelynites, though, we have to be a little picky. Google ‘cheap sandwiches Brooklyn,’ and you’ll find some good sandwich joints or a guide to some credible spots, but there’s no comprehensive list of the best and the cheapest sandwiches around. So we’ve put one together ourselves. Inspired by this little list a few months back, here are the first few of our best $6-and-under sandwiches in Brooklyn, from banh mi to B.L.T. (more…)

03/08/10 12:06pm
Cathy Erway

Cathy Erway. Photo by Amber Marlow Blatt

Brooklyn may be on the verge of its annual 10-day restaurant fest/dining-out extravaganza, but not eating out is a pretty big part of the borough’s foodie ethos too–Crown Heights food blogger Cathy Erway made her name from it. In September 2006, Erway, up to then a frequent restaurant-goer, became fed up with the expense of restaurant dinners and the sameness of the weekday, store-bought sandwiches. So she gave them up: Anything that went into her mouth, Erway was going to make herself.

And so was born Not Eating Out in New York, a popular blog. Then came a radio show on “food, dating and everything in-between,” and now a memoir about her two-year experiment. (She returned to the world of restaurants in 2008, but not like before). We asked Cathy, 28, what we should make for dinner tonight with only $5, and a few other questions. (more…)