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#neverenoughsauce. Photo via Chick-Fil-A

[Ed note: (Everything is vegetarian) (Everything is gluten-free except the bonus round) (The spicy cream sauce is vegan)]

Depending on the generosity of your local fast food chain, you probably have a fridge drawer full of assorted dipping sauces and condiments. My collection comes from ordering chicken nuggets on my way home from the bar, getting adventurous with the sauce choice, then forgetting entirely about the Sweet Chili while I eat my naked / unsauced nuggets in a sleepy haze. Somehow, I never remember the sauce collection the next time I have a post-bar snack; thus the collection grows.

In terms of sauce-use, I see myself as having three choices:
1) I can throw the packets away, helping destroy the planet almost as much as my nighttime nugget habit and putting (semi) good food in the garbage.
2) I can eat the sauce straight out of the packet, which is fine on occasion, but really not very filling.
3) I can take a long look at the condiments acquired and decide to make my next meal into a spring cleaning effort.

In the spirit of condiment appreciation and innovation, here’s what to do with your 67 ketchups. (more…)

05/11/16 1:45pm
Here's where you can find 5 Brooklyn bands eating and drinking after their shows

Follow Aaron  Frazer to Red Hook, or just eat cheap eggs with him at Country House Diner

At the end of a night out, the goal of most normal people is: to find something – anything – to eat. But where? Ask any thriving musician in Brooklyn and more often than not, regardless of genre, they’ll be able to help you out. Often keeping irregular hours, and in constant need of refueling, these guys have played shows all over Brooklyn, and in turn, have scoped out the best places to grab a bite to eat.

We caught up with five Brooklyn music makers— Jeff Rosenstock, No Nets, Aaron Frazer, LOVER and DJ Run P—who shared their favorite late-night spots to eat, drink, and hang all over the borough. Take their tips on where to find your next late-night or post-show meal, and let the local celebrity-stalking stakeouts begin. (more…)

02/25/16 1:00pm
Slow that Brooklyn hustle to a crawl and savor these fresh Caribbean eats

Slow that Brooklyn hustle to a crawl and savor these cheap Caribbean eats on Flatbush. Photos by Will Widmaier.

Flatbush Avenue cuts through the entirety of Brooklyn, stretching from the Manhattan bridge, down to the Gil Hodges Memorial bridge. It’s almost 10 miles long and touches about 12 different neighborhoods, defining borders for at least eight of those ‘hoods. One could start at the southern end, near Kings Plaza Mall, or at the northern end, frolicking around Fort Greene Park for a totally different experience. There’s a lot of culture and history in the heart of the avenue, too: the thoroughfare’s namesake ‘hood, Flatbush, is home to centuries-old churches, brand-new theaters and a huge Caribbean population.

Maybe you’ve just scored tickets to see an awesome show at King’s Theatre. Maybe you’re getting ready to lounge around Prospect Park for the day, and you want to pick up some goodies before you smoke too many joints in the park and end up eating a chicken sandwich from an overpriced Park Slope deli. Or maybe you just like adventure and you want to take in some of the incredible history along with a cultural experience. Either way, come to Flatbush Avenue hungry, and get ready to take a Brokelyn’s Caribbean Culinary Journey (TM) in the stretch of blocks between Parkside Avenue and Avenue D. Forget leaving the borough for “authentic” food; you won’t even need to turn off the street. (more…)

The Sandwich Shop-Grand Street Restaurant Week-Brooklyn-Brokelyn-Cheap Eats-001

Looks good, huh? Image via The Sandwich Shop

Grand Street Restaurant Week has returned! After a very successful restaurant week this past February, the Grand Street Business Improvement District is setting up a summer week for you to fill those bellies with great deals on delicious food from various Grand Street restaurant in Williamsburg. From August 3-9, you can visit anyone of the 16 participating restaurants for lunches as cheap as $10 to dinners that will only run you about $30. We know, you’re probably drooling all over your phone, keyboard, or stranger on the train while reading this. So much so, you don’t know which ones to choose. You can’t go wrong with any, but let us offer some recommendations to help you out. (more…)

07/23/15 10:53am
Pierogies anyone? They're cheap! Photo by Bethany Bandera, via Facebook

Pierogies anyone? They’re cheap! Photo by Bethany Bandera, via Facebook

The good thing about living here and and eating cheap is you don’t have to be saddled with the same old cheap stuff you’ve been eating for a whole year. You can still be culinarily polyamorous even if you’re financially limited, because people are either opening new restaurants with good cheap stuff or just pointing out places you hadn’t known about before. Take New York Magazine‘s 30 best new cheap eats in New York, which is full of cheap new places you should try, with 9 of the of 30 places in Brooklyn. After all, why add long transportation to part of the opportunity cost of eating new cheap food? (more…)

Elope with this elote. via Facebook

Elope with this elote. via Facebook

You spent all dang winter staying indoors, avoiding restaurants and cooking out of a crockpot and braising cheap meats. It’s time to get out of the house and eat some food someone else cooked! Of course, you’re still broke, so going out to eat could be a slight problem. No. 7 North, a bar we’re quite fond of, has your back though, because they just introduced a new Tuesday Night Recession menu that has some good eats for as cheap as they come. Well, no, not free, but close to that. (more…)

03/17/15 2:26pm
How bad do you want one of these Luke's rolls right now? Via flickr user chopstix2steaknives

How bad do you want one of these Luke’s rolls right now? Via flickr user chopstix2steaknives

Guys, it’s almost sixty degrees outside today! The weather is probably giving you a heady buzz—not to mention a bunch of hallucinations about the weekend in Montauk you’re saving up for (is it just me, or did other people think/hope that the Hamptons episode of Girls was a broke person’s fever dream?). Warmer temperatures also mean more fish in the water, so your favorite seafood treats are back on restaurant menus. Not quite ready to splurge on a lobster roll? That’s okay, neither are we. But here’s some fun news: we got an email letting us know Luke’s Lobster will selling their lobster rolls at their Brooklyn Bridge Park location for just $10 this Friday.  (more…)

03/12/15 4:31pm
Paper plates, lunch trays, cue-card receipts and all— BK's scrappiest eats still rank among the best. Via flickr user Robyn Lee

Paper plates, lunch trays, cue-card receipts and all— BK’s scrappiest eats like Tortilleria Los Hermanos still rank among Brooklyn’s best. Via flickr user Robyn Lee

Forget everything you’ve read on Yelp: Brooklyn’s food scene is here to stay. In fact, according to this roundup on The Village Voice, our food scene is downright essential! Hey, we’ll be the first to agree about that. They’ve compiled a list 99 strong, with BK favorites new and old. The best thing about this map, though, is that it actually covers a large swath of the borough, as opposed to just hanging out off of one train line. You’ll almost certainly find a neighborhood spot on here that’s close to home, wherever home is for you. (more…)

pregame with some apropos food porn. (Via Flickr user yosoynuts)

Here, pre-game with some apropos food porn. (Via Flickr user yosoynuts.)

Pining for pita in Downtown Brooklyn after you’ve spent a night at drinking in culture (and wine) at BAM? Fear not, falafel addicts: you’re getting your own spot in Fort Greene, and it’s got all the fixings for you right near home. According to Fort Greene Focus, the new spot will be taking over the empty storefront at 711 Fulton Street, and will feature six different types of balls. Oh thank heaven.


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pok pok ny

If you can get a seat at Pok Pok, you can experience one of New York’s best cheap eats. via Facebook

As befitting Brooklyn’s reputation as a place for good food (for everyone but Vogue anyway), it’s been popping up in “Best Of NYC” food lists like New York Magazine‘s Best Cheap Eats more and more. After having 15 and then 18 spots the last couple years though, Brooklyn had 31 of the 100 Best Cheap Eats this year, with restaurants spanning from Brighton Beach to Greenpoint. While on the one hand this could mean longer waits at your favorite spots, on the other hand, more places on this list means a bigger cut of appropriations from the City Council. Or at least that’s how we understand it. So there’s that. (more…)