07/23/15 9:02am


It’s time to say goodbye to the real estate listings as we know them, brokesters. Shed a tear for the apartment days of yore. Oh, don’t worry, this isn’t a eulogy for the death of cheapness; you can still find reasonably-priced places to live without our help. That said, this week’s apartments are an epic send-off from here at Brokelyn headquarters. We’ve got Sunset Park to Bed-Stuy, Crown Heights to Coney Island. And these spots aren’t just light on the wallet—they’re featherweight. Take that, by-application-only affordable housing! (more…)

07/08/15 10:48am


We had a nice run, right? We saw week after week of decently cheap real estate. That was probably our first mistake: we were getting too comfortable. So this week brought the jaded blush back to our cheeks, as rent seems to have gone way back up. Maybe start signing away your organs; you don’t need that extra kidney, anyway. Our apartments this go-round are in Bed-Stuy, Bay Ridge, Brighton Beach, Bushwick, Crown Heights and Flatbush. Lots to choose from, so that’s nice. (more…)

06/24/15 2:00pm


It’s already almost July, which means that we’re moving into (hah, get it?) the season where everyone who ever went to college somehow has to move at the same time. Why? Because we’re all still clocked into lease turnovers that match academic semesters of days past. So get ready to claw at your fellow higher-educated man for these apartments—they’re pretty sweet. This week we’ve got plenty spots in Crown Heights, a few in Bed-Stuy and one shining gem in Dyker Heights. Have at it! (more…)

06/10/15 1:02pm


Oh, you thought renting an apartment was all a numbers game, did you? Or maybe you thought it was just literally a game. Either way, you’ll be pleased to hear that the churning corporate machine of city real estate has definitely found some humanity this week. Goodbye, low-pixel jpegs of plastic tile. Hello, high-fidelity photographs of sun-washed hardwood. We’ve got everything from Bed-Stuy to Flatbush to Crown Heights to Bensonhurst. We’ve got 2, 3 and (almost) 4 bedrooms. In short, we’ve probably got what you’re looking for. (more…)

05/13/15 9:56am


Word on the street is that we’re more expensive than Manhattan (again). Well, I call shenanigans! I call bullshit. I call my mom and tell her that I’m doing well. This week’s apartments are damn affordable, and I haven’t heard of any living situations below Harlem with prices like these. So enjoy browsing these spots in Crown Heights, Ditmas Park, Sunset Park and Bushwick. And thank your lucky thighs it’s shorts season again, so you can curb-shop for furniture without freezing to death. (more…)

04/29/15 1:50pm


Guys, I’m grumpy. I know it may seem out of character; after all, Brokelyn has long been known for its particular brand of naïveté and its irresistible joie de vivre. But today, finding cheap places to live was actually a nightmare. After fishing through listings for at least one whole Dandy Warhols album, we can certainly bring you places worth moving into in Crown Heights, Flatbush, Kensington, Bushwick and more. But be forewarned, the worst-season-to-move is imminent. The scarcity of this week’s listings is just the beginning! (more…)

04/15/15 10:31am


Now that your taxes are done—and boy, we’re hoping you paid them—you can forget about “intangible properties” and start thinking about the ones you can touch, and smell, and sleep in. As per usual, cheap real estate options are eking ever so slightly farther out into the borough. But follow our example: we’re not going to start worrying until real estate actually pushes us off the edge of Sheepshead Bay and into the water. (more…)

04/01/15 9:54am


If you’re lucky enough to have escaped the dreaded wintertime move, now is a great time to call it quits on the old place and sign a lease on a new one. The weather’s warmer, the days are longer and house-party season is heating up. Perfect time to warm a new house—if you’re a trained party host like some of our own, that is. This week’s apartments feature barf-friendly hardwood, cocktail-worthy kitchens and architecture that just screams “Let’s go to my bedroom and make out!” (more…)

03/18/15 1:28pm


Don’t believe the hype: even though all humanity will one day be replaced by scores of condominia, we’ve still got plenty of time to enjoy prewar brownstones and stuff. In fact, we didn’t have any trouble this week picking out a number places you can brag about! You might not even want to leave your house to camp out at coffee shops, since now listings are pushing things like “free wi-fi” and floors that “cater to you.” Sounds like your apartment is more than meets the eye. Finger sandwiches, anyone? (more…)