12/10/12 1:16pm

It’s a game that requires intense concentration. via MetroMix

One nice thing about Chanukkah is that it’s not actually such an important holiday. Sure yes, Jews make a bit of a thing about it, but that’s mostly to keep kids from dashing off to Santa and Jesus as soon as they can walk. The lack of any super serious tradition though, lets those who celebrate the holiday do strange things, like say, turn an innocent game of dreidel into a Thunderdome-like competition where only one team walks away alive winners of fabulous prizes. In case you couldn’t tell already, this is a real thing, it’s called Major League Dreidel, and it’s coming to Full Circle Bar on Thursday. (more…)

12/20/11 2:09pm
Brokelyn: Major League Dreidel, Knitting Factory

Major League Dreidel. Photo courtesy of Gabi Porter, Metromix New York.

Hanukah starts tonight and continues until Wednesday, Dec. 28 — which means it’s one of those rare years where it coincides with Christmas. Maybe that’s why there’s so much going on this year, starting with not-so-beardy-dude Matisyahu’s three-night gig for a not-so-Brokelyn $35 a ticket. (Better roll gimmel!) If your only coinage this year is the chocolate kind, you can still party like a Maccabee, from the lighting of Brooklyn’s largest menorah to a couple of indie rock shows to a night of bubbe jokes and free beer. So get out there and save Chinese food and a movie (“Jewish Christmas”) for some other time. (more…)