07/20/15 12:48pm
The event for crazy cat ladies is finally here. Image courtesy of The Infinite Cat Project.

The event for crazy cat ladies is finally here. Image courtesy of The Infinite Cat Project.

First they took over the stage, in London and then here on Broadway, thanks to the work of Andrew Lloyd Webber. Then, after over a decade of  weirding out countless people through the magic of song, the creatures set their sights on something bigger, something with even more reach than the stage: the world wide web. Is there anyway to stop these furry, cute animals from taking over the information super highway? No, there isn’t, because they have already won. From memes, to gifs, to YouTube videos, to just about everything that makes up the Internet, cats run things, not Google, or the Illuminati. You are wrong, for it is cats that have taken over the web and The Museum of the Moving Image will have a special exhibit starting August 7, “How Cats Took Over The Internet” showing exactly how this happened. (more…)

12/04/14 1:48pm
meow parlour

You’ll have to show more energy than this though. via Facebook

Do you love cats, but can’t get paid for said love because you lack a veterinary license? Well, hold off on printing that bootleg one off, because beyond getting you in to a ton of legal trouble, there’s another job out there for you. Meow Parlour, New York City’s first permanent cat cafe, is hiring cat-loving staff to work both their bakery and their cat cafe. Finally, a job that combines the frustration of baking with the frustration of cleaning up cat shit! (more…)

05/23/14 2:51pm
cat adoption brooklyn

Most like, it’ll be a cuteness overload, just like this. via Flickr user Charles Huss

Feeling a bit lonely lately? Desperately want to save a doomed relationship with an injection of cuteness? Really love cats? Just realized that cats aren’t just a thing made up by the internet and now you want one? Well, there’s good news if you fall into any of those four groups: the Silent Barn (603 Bushwick Avenue) is holding a free cat adoption event on Sunday where you can find the furry feline friend you’ve always wanted. (more…)

05/21/14 4:01pm
saving room for cats

It all makes sense now! via Saving Room for Cats

Men on the subway who decide to stretch out and take up two spots is always a go-to subject for ridicule that everyone can get behind. Silence your #notallmen. No one ever knew why men did this though, beyond some macho “I own everything I see” attitude that some guys have. No one knew that is, until a Tumblr user recently came up with a brilliant theory: they’re saving room for cats. And so, Saving Room For Cats, a Tumblr dedicated to Photoshopping cats in between the legs of men spreading out on the train was born, and was brilliant and we all laughed. Except for r/mensrights. A couple more favorites after the jump. (more…)

coney island cat

Just because this cat is homeless doesn’t mean it has to be miserable. via Flickr user Mingo Haven

Coney Island has a lot of cool things to offer, like the Cyclone and the Cyclones and a beach and Nathan’s. But it also has a fair number of feral cats, which are being scattered thanks to development along the boardwalk. Now, cat rescue non-profit Brooklyn Rescue Umbrella is determined to help those cats, and is holding a meeting tonight in Coney to lay out their plans and find volunteers to help them implement it. If you love cats, and hate suffering, this could very well be the place for you. (more…)

01/22/14 3:30pm
subway cat

Subway Cat knows what’s up. via A Fine Line

Even though by this point we’re all endearingly used to BuzzFeed’s particular style of writing, we still have some expectation of journalistic accuracy. Right? Among piles of “Facts you Learn in Your Twenties” and “Reasons These Animals are Winning,” yesterday the site dropped a “Definitive Ranking of NYC Subways.” At the bottom of the pile was our beloved C train, and at the top was the Q, which just this weekend decided to not have service at all between Brooklyn and Manhattan. So, we figured, we’d let some cats tell you what BuzzFeed got wrong about their subway rankings. (more…)

That suitcase could be your keyboard, but only when you really need to use it.

Are YOU the future owner this cat is ignoring? via Craigslist

Update: The Craiglist poster says she found homes for both this cat and a second one that magically appeared where she had found the first one. If you were ready to welcome a new cat into your home though, check out places like Brooklyn Animal Action or Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition. They’re almost always overflowing with pets looking to be your new owner.
Someone with terrible cat karma abandoned an adorable kitty after moving out of a Lefferts Gardens apartment last week. Shannon, a resident of the building, created a Craigslist ad hoping someone will help kitty out after she found her in the lobby. Shannon the Cat Rescuer called animal control but was told the cat would have to be euthanized within 72 hours if she wasn’t adopted. There’s no room in any of the city’s no-kill animal shelters and Shannon can’t keep a pet in her apartment, so things are getting desperate.

This is where you come in. We know you need someone to watch the Girls premier with this Sunday, and this cat needs someone to snuggle with and ignore simultaneously. The Craigslist post describes the cat as super affectionate, so she might not openly resent you for speaking to her in a patronizing baby voice while making her wear little hats. A cat that doesn’t bite you for dressing her in dumb outfits is pretty rare, so this master-human relationship is alive with pawssibility. Email Shannon the Cat Rescuer if you’re ready for a new best friend or have any ideas of how to help out.

Now we know what we have to look forward to. via Flickr user rockmixer

Now we know what we have to look forward to. via Flickr user rockmixer

After some namby-pamby liberal egghead judge threw stop-and-frisk in the judicial toilet and flushed it without a second thought, New Yorkers knew crime would go up. Mayoral hopeful Joe Lhota even helpfully suggested getting rid of it led to the recent motorcycle gang beating on the West Side Highway. But little did we know that the criminal mindset would filter down to our animal friends, as Park Slope, under seige from a feral bully cat, is now finding out. (more…)

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There’s nothing like a good cat lady joke, but behind the laughter, there can be a terrible truth: hoarding cats isn’t just gross and weird, it’s cruel to the cats. How is a a person supposed to legitimately take care of ten, fifteen, thirty cats in even the best conditions? You can’t, and it only gets worse when something like Hurricane Sandy comes along. The ASPCA rescued thirty cats from a hoarder in the wake of Sandy, and after giving them the proper medical care, the cats are ready for someone nice like you to take them home this weekend. Won’t you help? (more…)