11/16/15 11:02am
You are going to make so many new friendsicles. via Facebook

You are going to make so many new friend-sicles. via Facebook

Just this past Friday, we told you a catlady craft night was coming to Brooklyn. And while you were Sunday brunching, something magical happened: Brokelyn got its hands on on two shiny tickets to Brooklyn Craft Company’s feline affair — and naturally, we’re giving them away to one lucky reader!

ICYMI in our last post, Catlady Craft Night is a themed DIY crafting party for cat-lovers. Projects will include cat rings, tote bags, needlepoint and more, as well as a kitty-cuddling and adoption lounge hosted by Brooklyn Animal Action. You can socialize with your fellow catladies alongside cocktails and music (Careless Whiskers, anyone?). All crafting materials are provided.

This is a pretty sweet giveaway, since the tickets are valued at almost $200. All you’ve got to do to enter is sign up for our mailing list between now and midnight on Thursday. We’ll pick a name by lottery and announce the winner first thing on Friday. (more…)

11/13/15 2:08pm
Okay, it's pretty cute. via FB

Okay, it’s pretty cute. via FB

Well, hope you’re happy. You made a fuss over Brooklyn’s first cat café, and then you went and cuddled those kittens so hard,  and you deemed cats the true spirit animal of the anti-manspreading movement. And because of all that, Brooklyn Craft Company has seen it fit to bring back its Catlady Craft Night next Saturday. Hope you’re satisfied.