10/10/16 9:43am
Time for some Bayou Bingo fun via. Instagram

Time for some Bayou Bingo fun. via Instagram

Ahh, bar bingo. It’s not just your granny’s game anymore. These days, bingo is just a great way to gamble, drink beer, and swear a lot when the person next to you screams out their win as if an alien is erupting from their chest cavity.

Bar bingo took Brooklyn by storm around ’08, but has sadly died down with new fads like bar trivia and the never-ending comeback of karaoke. And while many local spots like Union Hall and Bell House do host bingo-related events once in awhile, demonic websites like Yelp and other internet info sources are usually out of date.

Now B4 you freak out, we here at Brokelyn dug deep into the ball basket and found out where you can still feed your bingo addiction on a weekly basis! So grab your bingo markers and remember the ‘ole saying: Try not to take your bingo too seriously, because at the end of the day you will find that it’s just a load of balls. (more…)

09/17/14 8:34am
bedford hill

Mmmm…oysters. Photo by David Colon

Upset because you didn’t make it to the beach? That’s your own fault and nothing we  can do about it. However, while summer is drawing to a close, Brooklyn keeps it real by providing a taste of the sea with multiple $1 oyster specials. Here’s the scoop on where to go if you want to pinch pennies and still have a sexy* good time eating everyone’s favorite summer aphrodisiac. (more…)

07/17/13 8:17am
DuMont comes in at number ten. But who else is on our list? Photo via Danny Gotleib

DuMont comes in at number ten. But who else is on our list? Photo by Danny Gotleib

Any brunch-goer worth his weight in french toast knows the true hero of the weekend is the bloody mary. More than just a cure for your hangover (although its benefits in that arena are not to be overlooked), a good bloody mary can be a delicious meal in itself. But you don’t want to waste your money on just an average bloody mary, do you? To save you from such a fate, I sampled nearly 30 of Brooklyn’s most-talked-about bloody marys in a mere week and a half — heartburn and day-drunkenness be damned! — in search of the ten best the borough has to offer. (more…)

05/07/13 9:45am
The wealthy fellow this lady thinks she's messaging is really a 23-year-old female freelancer who lives in Bushwick. (via Nick Douglas' flickr)

The wealthy fellow this lady thinks she’s messaging is really a 23-year-old female freelancer who lives in Bushwick. (via Nick Douglas’ flickr)

Online dating sites are a dime a dozen these days, and in this day and age there’s no shame in OKCupid-ing your way to romance a free dinner — even Martha Stewart’s doing it! But with so many eligible lovely ladies and lusty bachelors out there, the online dating profile’s become part art, part science, and unless you’re just hot-or-not-ing the selection on Tinder, it’s hard to sift through all sludge to find Mr. or Ms. Right. For one “successful entrepreneur,” the online dating world has become so dense and difficult, he needs someone to do it for him – and for $100 a week, that person can be you! (more…)