10/01/15 10:30am
Omni spiritus, Spike. via Pardon me for Asking

Omni furry-tus, Spike. via Pardon Me for Asking

If you missed His Holiness’s visit to the city but you’re still looking for a little spiritual communion, consider living vicariously through your dog. This Sunday, October 4, you can take your pets to Carroll Gardens to get blessed by church leaders from the neighborhood. Yes, you can even get your goldfish blessed by a priest.  (more…)

09/30/15 3:26pm
The West has everything a freelancer needs for success: free wifi, coffee, space AND beer. via Facebook

The West has everything a freelancer needs for success: free wifi, coffee, space AND beer. via Facebook

Working from home is hard. You get distracted by your roommates, your cat feels neglected and sits on your computer, you get the insatiable urge to catch up on the latest episode of whatever you’re binge watching, the next door neighbor is rehearsing with their experimental Satanic grindcore band and your walls are made of paper. So, you go to the local coffee shop, but how long can you really hang out in a coffee shop before succumbing to the caffeine jitters and going into debt from all that expensive fair trade coffee? Wouldn’t it be great if, instead, you could bring your laptop to a bar with a great happy hour? Somewhere where instead of getting distracted by your cat, you could take work breaks where you shoot the shit with a bartender, who are known to provide great inspiration?

GUESS WHAT? You totally can do that, because there’s a bunch of Brooklyn bars with wifi, happy hours that start early and best of all, plenty of space for you to get some work done. (more…)

09/25/15 11:27am
Shalom Japan LOOKS fancy, but you can still eat there without breaking the bank. via Facebook

Shalom Japan LOOKS fancy, but you can still eat there without breaking the bank. via Facebook

As they do every year, Michelin is about to announce what they consider to be the best restaurants in New York City. And while we all love a good meal out on the town, sometimes you don’t want to take out a mortgage to be able to afford it. So that’s why we have the Michelin Bib Gourmands, which are the best restaurants the prestigious guide says you can get two courses and a glass of wine or dessert for $40 or less. Brooklyn is all over the list, with 32 restaurants to eat out at and look fancy and impressive, which is great. However, when it comes to choosing the dessert or the wine, don’t ask us what you to do. It’s your journey. (more…)

09/15/15 2:33pm
This sandwich from last year getting you hungry? Well, just hold out until Sunday. via Facebook

This sandwich from last year getting you hungry? Well, just hold out until Sunday. via Facebook

Who makes the best sandwich in Brooklyn? Wait, put down the bats and other implements of argumentation, we’re not actually here to debate that today. On Sunday September 20, however, you’ll have a chance to decide that question, because Carroll Gardens’ The Amazing Garden is having their annual fundraiser, The Best Sandwich in Brooklyn, in which you chow down on grilled sandwiches all day and hold in your hand the power to vote for which one you think is the best. Leave the bats and implements of destruction at home for this one too though, it’s a family event. (more…)

07/01/15 8:53am
Inglourious Basterds

It’s Hitler’s worst nightmare, after losing in the World Cup

Welcome to July, you did it! We mean, if that’s where you were trying to get to, you did it. We have a question though. If everyone is fucking off from work on Friday, is Wednesday still the halfway point of the week? Or is this one of those holiday weeks where by Thursday everyone has just decided they’re done with everything? Even the mayor already left town, do we even have laws anymore? Ponder our new lawless, half week thing as you enjoy the best nightlife Brooklyn has to offer, as found on the Brokelyn Event Calendar. (more…)

06/11/15 11:01am
citi bike

Where will they go? Photo by Mary Dorn

As you know, Citi Bike is coming to Red Hook, Gowanus, Park Slope, Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens. However, the clunky blue bikes don’t just magically appear, as if summoned there by a wizard. The placement of the bikes involves a good bit of community planning, and if you wan to be part of that planning, tonight’s your night, because the Department of Transportation is inviting everyone down to P.S. 58 to give their opinions on where the bikes should go. (more…)

11/24/14 1:45pm
Wear your eatin' pants for the Thanksgiving Mac

Wear your eatin’ pants for the Thanksgiving Mac

Thanksgiving can be tricky when you’re away from your family. You and your friends could try to cook a turkey, but your lavish banquet may end up being turkey-flavored ramen if you don’t know how to roast a bird, even if you try following these handy Thanksgiving cooking tips. If cooking consumes time you’d rather devote to drawing handprint turkeys and watching the National Dog Show, check out this list of Brooklyn restaurants that are delivering and serving meals this Turkey Day, updated for 2014. Most require advanced orders or reservations, so be sure to call early. (more…)

10/28/14 10:06am

Chicken, waffles, satisfied nap afterwards. All photos by Joanna Purpich

Chicken and waffles hold a strange place in the food pyramid. They’re neither a true breakfast dish nor a lunch item despite the role chicken and waffles separately play in our diets. Have we found the holy grail of brunch? Regardless of when you choose to stuff your face, chicken and waffles are wonderful. Unfortunately, they can just as easily empty your wallet as fill your stomach.

Armed with the belief that chicken and waffles can be both affordable and delicious, I checked out eight Brooklyn restaurants all offering the dish for $13 and under, and ranked them for each individual component and the value of the meal as a whole. (more…)

black gold records

They’re waiting for you. Photo via Jeff Ogiba

Say you just got a record player for your birthday, but the only record your jerk friends got you to go with it is Joe Piscopo’s “New Jersey.” Just hypothetically speaking of course. Don’t give up on your vinyl dream just yet though, because Black Gold Records (461 Court Street) is back with their biggest Gold Dig yet on Saturday, with over 5,000 LPs on sale for just $1. (more…)


Whoever this is, she’s very right about one thing: Don’t stand in the way on the corner. via Pardon Me For Asking

Someone’s been going around Carroll Gardens posting flyers with a special message for all yuppies and hipsters. Pardon Me For Asking spotted the above notice for those of you overrunning the neighborhood’s streets with your bicycles, cigarette butts and stoop sale flyers: “GODS WRATH IS UPON ALL OF YOU.”

Tell us something we don’t know! (more…)