01/10/17 3:35pm
This could be your office headquarters in 2017. via FB

This could be your office headquarters in 2017. via FB

New year new you, sure, but what about a new job? If you’re still rubbing the gunge of 2016 from your eyes, quitting is a sure-fire wake up call. And whatever soul-sucking environ was keeping you semi-comatose for the better part of last year, we’re sure you can think up a good excuse for why you need to leave without upsetting that sweet severance pay/future reference.

This week’s job pile includes a few big name cultural institutions in the borough alongside low-key gigs in the backend of BK. We’ve got a gig in marketing, one in publicity, even beer-related crime fighting. Haven’t you always wanted to be a superhero who drinks a lot? Maybe you already are one. Anyway, read up and apply to what looks good: (more…)

01/12/15 1:44pm
Put down those drinks and get to work, millennials

Put down those drinks and get to work, millennials

What is to be done with millennials, that generation of lousy kids who won’t buy cars, Pepsi or T.G.I. Friday’s but still inexplicably demands to be part of the soul-crushing American capitalist machine? Some Olds think the best way to approach this mysterious tribe is to break their wills by taking to the pages of the New York Post and simultaneously blasting them as lazy entitled drunken dick pic addicts who are nonetheless great to hire as long as they come cheap. (more…)

10/20/14 2:19pm
susan shapiro

Listen to her

Susan Shapiro is one of the lucky ones, a person who actually makes money writing what she loves. We’re sure she’d dispute the “lucky” part, because  making money  freelancing takes hard, focused work. Along with publishing 8 books (most recently “The Bosnia List” Penguin 2014)  Shapiro also teaches  at  The New  School, NYU and in private classes and seminars  to pay her bills.  She originally shared her advice on how to actually make money as a freelance writer on Facebook, and she knows that if anyone needs the advice, it’s Brokelyn readers. So she was happy to share her keys to freelance success with us, and with you. – DC


04/24/14 2:11pm
kristy hurt

Kristy Hurt has done enough interviews to know what you shouldn’t say or do on them

As an executive recruiter in the fashion and retail industry, candidates often ask me for career advice, and I give a lot of it. Everything from how the resume and LinkedIn profile should look to how you should dress for an interview, what to say about your career history and education to how much preparation and research you should do on the company before going in to meet them. But probably not often enough do I tell people what NOT to say or do! Hopefully these tips will help you from making the same mistakes. (more…)

04/22/14 9:47am
chris hayes

Get the job being the person to make those graphics around Chris Hayes. Just don’t accidentally write “maternity” leave. via Facebook

Looking to break into the world of TV news? Oh, really, you are? Well, before you jump up to having your own shouty-head show, you’ve gotta do some background work. But where would you even get a job in TV production for cable news? Oh, look, there’s whole job fair happening next Tuesday with representatives from cable news channels of all ideologies that’s happening in Midtown. We know, this means you have to balance a desire for a job with your shit idea of having to go to 34th Street. (more…)

04/15/14 9:07am
Diane von Furstenberg

Make no mistake: Diane von Furstenberg is smiling because she’s planning to destroy you, the competition. via Facebook

Have you ever wondered what the most popular job in New York State is? By which we mean jobs disproportionally held by people compared to the state’s population. If you’d put us on the spot, we’d have picked “corrupt state legislator” or “finance creature reeking of self-satisfaction.” It turns out though, that when you do the math like Business Insider did, the most popular job by population here is “fashion designer.” We bet corrupt politician is probably up there, though. (more…)

02/19/14 7:00am
david chang

Why is David Chang smiling? Because he’s realized the futility of culinary school

So, you want to be a chef in New York City?

First off, don’t.  The hours are usually absurdly long, with the overtime just barely making your obscenely low pay livable. The stress of the job is usually said to be on par with surgeons and airline pilots, and it goes on for a large portion of the night. The hours strand you in a world where you’re wandering the city while everyone else is working, and you’re working when they’re having fun.

So, despite my warning it still sounds worth it? Well OK, here’s a tip to start: Don’t go to culinary school. (more…)

12/11/13 1:50pm
subway musicians

Look at these couple of thousandaires. via Flickr user InSapphoWeTrust

It can be tough making a go of it as a musician here in the big city, what with everyone and their mom in a band. But you could always retreat to the subway, like one musician did, and is now explaining on reddit how he made $100 per day entertaining subway riders. After all, if you can’t get people to come to your shows, bring the shows to them (and  make sure they’re trapped in a fast-moving underground tube)! (more…)

12/05/13 11:08am

Want to have a job making sure Biolite stoves don’t explode when people use them? A new website can help. via Facebook

Technology: it’s hot (as you can see above)! Everyone’s trying to get down with internet companies and small manufacturing jobs, and the includes the people of Brooklyn. The only difference between us and some wannabes is that we have ourselves a genuine tech triangle made of Downtown Brooklyn, the Navy Yard and DUMBO, where startups and light manufacturing are incubated like so many fluffy baby chicks. Wanna get in on this sweet warm incubated action? A new website has collected all the jobs offered up in the tech triangle. (more…)

11/14/13 1:51pm
starving artists

Liars! via Flickr user Lorenzo G

It’s very easy to poke fun at people for having art degrees. “Four years in college and you studied pictures? Why didn’t you learn something useful like ‘business’ or radical queer theory, ya dummy?” your friends tell you. Well, in an Upworthy-level twist, it turns out that Everything You Thought About Art Degrees Making You Poor Is Untrue, because a new study shows people with art degrees have both jobs, and jobs that pay them a decent living. Now who should have spent four years staring at pretty pictures, huh political science majors? (more…)