10/17/16 10:17am
Why Juno, the would-be Uber killer, is already winning over lots of NYC drivers

Thanks to a more driver-friendly system, drivers are telling their fares to switch from Uber to Juno. Via Twitter.

When the car service app Lyft came to New York there were a number of people (myself included) who never thought they’d make a dent. Uber, that aptly named behemoth, was already a staple in most boroughs, especially in Brooklyn where, before green taxi cabs were lining the streets, private car companies like Arecibo and Evelyn were the best option to get around. Uber, “Everyone’s Personal Driver,” was just a few taps of the iPhone away, with an approximate arrival time, payment linked directly to your credit card and no worry that your pickup might be intercepted by a roving black car with a CB radio. Now, even with competitors like Lyft, Gett, Via and Way2Ride increasing in popularity, Uber has an estimated 35,000 drivers in New York alone and is making plans to put more on the road. Yet again, it would seem impossible for any new app to make a dent with riders who already have their share of options. But, what if a company was going after drivers first and riders later?

A new company called Juno, which launched its beta app model earlier this year, is trying to do just that. It avoided the traditional route of marketing to riders first; instead, reached out directly to drivers from Uber and Lyft to join the company and help build the customer rolodex from the ground up. And with a lower commission and other perks, it seems to be working.

“Uber is losing drivers. I am working with [Uber] only to pay my lease,” one driver told me, “Once I hit $400 for the week, I turn off the app” and turn on Juno.

While other ride share app companies have found success following Uber’s lead, none have been able to actually siphon off drivers for good. So, is Juno the company that could finally push Uber out? Drivers seem to think so. (more…)

11/01/12 11:45am

Just ride a bike instead. Photo by The New York Times

With limited subway service and waits for the bus bridge now apparently somewhere between “one generation” and “eons upon eons,” you might be thinking it’s time to get around with a car service. Of course, on a day like today, with limited gas supplies and everyone needing to get around, what are the chances of taking a car at all, much less into Manhattan? Oy vey. Here are what’s happening at some of the local car services that we could even get through to. (more…)

06/30/11 2:38pm

Getting everyone to the airport is tough, even for modern families.

Traveling for holiday weekends can be especially hard, and expensive if you have a whole family to ship to the airport. Did you know that car services could charge you extra for a car seat? Isn’t that like paying extra for safety? For your holiday weekend travel needs, A Child Grows In Brooklyn put together this fantastic price guide for getting you and your kids to the airport. They compare local car services, daily and hourly parking, and public transportation to JFK, Newark and LaGuardia. So Brokelyn mommas and poppas, this one’s for you. Major props, A Child Grows. But if you’re staying in town, don’t forget to keep an eye on our car-service price checks for Cobble Hill, Williamsburg, Park Slope, Ditmas Park and Bed-Stuy.

04/28/11 12:08pm

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06/14/10 8:48am

clown sharingWith subway lines sputtering, we’re always on the watch for new ways to find that cheap late-night trip home. Taxi-sharing’s a nice idea but a) it takes a village to make it truly cheap and b) the city-run version hasn’t made it across the bridge quite yet. So, where to look next? The App Store (obvs), for one of the latest necessary additions to your very existence. This one? Weeels is the name, and livery cabs the game. (more…)

03/31/10 10:34am
In case you don't find this beaut to take you home, you've got a few options. Photo from NewYorkShitty.

In case you don't find this beaut for your trip, you've got a few options. Photo from NewYorkShitty.

This week, our roving car-service eye honed in on Bedford-Stuyvesant. The rates here are pretty steady for the different companies, aside from some JFK-bound spikes and dips. Also, unlike car services in some of Brooklyn’s other parts, Bed-Stuy’s companies seem particularly averse to pets and car seats.

We gave the hypothetical starting point of Classon Ave. and Lafayette Ave. and asked for quotes to the following three destinations: 1) Bedford Ave. and N. 12th St. in Williamsburg, 2) Surf Av.e and W. 8th St. in Coney Island and 3) JFK Airport. (more…)

Baby's night out on Smith St.? Could run you $10 extra getting home.

Baby's night out on Smith St.? Could run you $10 extra getting home.

This week we turned our car-service lens on Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens. The area as a whole is pricey, with a trip to JFK invariably above $40 (why, we have no idea). And things get even more expensive when babies or pets are involved.

We gave the hypothetical starting point of Smith St. and Atlantic Ave. and asked for quotes to the following three destinations:  1) Flatbush Ave. and Eighth Ave. in Park Slope, 2) Delancey St. and Allen St. on the Lower East Side and 3) JFK Airport. (more…)

Take everything but a yellow taxi from Ditmas Park/Kensington.

Good luck finding one of these in upstate Brooklyn. But how do car services rate?

We’re on to the third stop of our ride through Brooklyn car service price-checks: Ditmas Park/Kensington. Some interesting results this time: While the rate to JFK was pretty constant—it seems like there’s a set borough-wide rate to that place—the prices for another of our destinations varied quite a bit: by more than 40 percent from the lowest quote.

We gave the hypothetical starting point of Cortelyou Rd. and Argyle Rd. (in the heart of Cortelyou’s happenings), and we asked for quotes to the following three destinations: 1) 9th Street and Prospect Park West in Park Slope, 2) Metropolitan Ave. and Bedford Ave. in Williamsburg and 3) JFK Airport. We called each car service within a 20-minute span on an early weekday afternoon, and we also compared rates with those of a metered yellow cab. Here’s what we found: (more…)