08/12/15 4:25pm
Not shown: Death, the most likely option

Not shown: Death, the most likely option

Part of living in New York involves realizing that basically any highly touted public or even private project is probably going to involve delays and waiting. Second Avenue subway? Citi Bike? The Brooklyn Barge Bar? Atlantic Yards? These and many other projects have failed to open when we thought they were going to open. So obviously color us shocked, just shocked, that we can throw the reopening of the Squibb Bridge and the debut of C trains that weren’t used during the Wagner administration on that list. Even if we’re not surprised, it raises the question: Will you see progress on either project before you take your final breath on this planet? (more…)

07/13/15 3:43pm
c train

It’s time for this to be better. via Flickr user The All-Nite Images

Hey there, C train rider. Are you feeling beaten down by life? Maybe it’s not life beating you down so much as it is the fact that you constantly have to ride the C train, which is the new G train when it comes to people rather hitting their hand with a hammer than walking down and waiting for a train. Put that hammer down slowly though, because we have something that will help: transit advocates the Riders Alliance are trying to figure out how to get a better C train this week, and they want your help in coming up with a plan. And in return, you get free pizza (and possibly a better C train, who knows?). (more…)

06/22/15 2:28pm
Be prepared to think of this exact image if you're trying to take the A/C train this summer. Flickr image via MTA

Be prepared to think of this exact image if you’re trying to take the A/C train this summer. Flickr image via MTA

We told you that this day would come, seriously we did, back in November. Today, we learned that the hilariously named Cranberry Tube (which connects Manhattan and Brooklyn via the A/C lines) will be shutting down for 40 non-consecutive weekends starting July 11. According to the Daily News, “there will be 12 weekend closures through November 14, diverting the trains to the F train tracks between the Jay Street-MetroTech and W. 4th Street stations.” So if you happen to be traveling on the two of three blue line trains any given weekend, you should check your transit app, so you don’t end up going through the East Village, when you actually want to go to Tribeca. (more…)

02/03/15 2:30pm
c train

Make it a better C train. A C train that doesn’t accidentally wind up at Carroll Street. via Flickr user Julian Dunn

The C train this, the C train that. Our beloved rickety subway line has been the subject of much chagrin, and all of its coming closures aren’t helping the situation any. But since MTA officials are continuing to use the excuse “because Sandy,” it’s hard to decide which shortfalls in service we should chock up to natural disasters, and which ones are just plain unacceptable. Well, if you want to get some rant out of your system in the presence of people who might actually be able to do something about it, then head over to Bed-Stuy’s Brooklyn Movement Center (375 Stuyvesant Avenue) Wednesday at 7pm, where the Riders’ Alliance is hosting a C train think-tank with free pizza! (more…)

11/20/14 3:10pm
The A/C shut down on the weekends will be the new topic to bitch about at brunch come this spring. (via Flickr user Adam Fagen)

The A/C shut down on the weekends gives you a new topic to bitch about at brunch come this spring. (via Flickr user Adam Fagen)

Add this to the list of hexes you’re putting on your MTA-inspired voodoo doll: Gothamist reports that the tunnel that ferries A and C trains between Brooklyn and Manhattan will be closed for a whopping 40 non-consecutive weekends starting next spring. Hurricane Sandy is the gift that just keeps on giving. (more…)

11/19/14 11:26am
c train

One of the MTA’s many modern C trains that everyone hates for some reason. via Flickr user Mike Knell

Given how tired everyone is of making G train jokes, because come on that’s so 2006 (and the MTA has finally committed to doing something about it), it’s time we all get tired of another train. The Riders Alliance suggests we focus our demands for better service at the city’s second-worst train line, the C train. Obviously some Brokelyn writers might object to the idea, but for the rest of us who’ve stared down the tunnel wondering “Where the fuck is this thing?” as four A trains zoom by on the express track, it seems like as good a time as any to ask the MTA to fix the C. (more…)

06/23/14 10:11am
c train

Hmmm… You know, maybe there are more problems than we thought. via Flickr user Julian Dunn

Coming on the heels of successfully getting the MTA to study the G train and come to the same conclusion (well, some of them) that New Yorkers could have already told them, the Riders Alliance announced in an email that the transit authority will study the C train to find out if it’s as bad as people make it out to be. Also the A train, but anyone who’s totally dependent on the C who sometimes watches two A trains speed by before on C comes doesn’t really see what people on the A train have to complain about. (more…)

04/01/14 3:48pm
c train

Well, so much for our attempts to make you love this train. via Flickr user Mike Knell

We’ll say this much for Hurricane Sandy: it’s like the houseguest who not only is a terrible guest, but one who leaves terrible messes that you only find months, maybe even years later hidden around your apartment. For instance, even though the repairs on the R train‘s Montague tunnel are going well, the MTA dropped the bomb today that later this year tunnels connecting the A, C and F trains to Manhattan would be shut down on weekends. This will not help our pro-C train propaganda push, will it? (more…)

01/22/14 3:30pm
subway cat

Subway Cat knows what’s up. via A Fine Line

Even though by this point we’re all endearingly used to BuzzFeed’s particular style of writing, we still have some expectation of journalistic accuracy. Right? Among piles of “Facts you Learn in Your Twenties” and “Reasons These Animals are Winning,” yesterday the site dropped a “Definitive Ranking of NYC Subways.” At the bottom of the pile was our beloved C train, and at the top was the Q, which just this weekend decided to not have service at all between Brooklyn and Manhattan. So, we figured, we’d let some cats tell you what BuzzFeed got wrong about their subway rankings. (more…)

10/08/13 10:03am
It doesn't look like much, but let's see you look this good in your 50s. via Flickr user Mike Knell

It doesn’t look like much, but let’s see you look this good in your 40s. via Flickr user Mike Knell

With a 4-year reign as the Straphangers’ “Worst Train Service in NYC”, it’s not easy to understand why anyone would want to live off the C train. And when I first moved from living off the L to living off the C, I thought I knew what I had coming: mechanical breakdowns and long waits. Loud, rickety commutes populated by the fringiest of neighbors. Businesses I would only frequent out of necessity. But after 8 months of calling this little caboose and its territories home, I’m inclined to set the record straight. The C is AWESOME. (more…)