02/06/17 3:15pm
Date night on a budget: A comprehensive list of Brooklyn's best BYOB restaurants

Enjoy the shinobi ramen at Shinobi Ramen with your own hand-selected booze. via Facebook

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could go out to dinner and be certain that your favorite alcoholic beverages were available, for around $3 per drink? Have we got news for you: Brooklyn has some awesome BYOB restaurants, so going out to eat and drinking cheap doesn’t have to exist only in your dreams.

A BYOB restaurant is a beautiful, cost-effective option often overlooked in a city where you’re constantly stuck $12 for something you already have in your fridge and could’ve poured into your own mason jar. We’re obviously not taking any kind of anti-bar stance here, but if you have a few odd beers at your apartment and want to get rid of them, why not take them out for a night on the town at at one of Brooklyn’s best BYOB restaurants? (more…)

02/27/13 9:29am
Now with alcohol! via Facebook

Now with alcohol! via Facebook

So after learning that their neighborhood was facing a potential jogging stroller invasion, the people of Bay Ridge could probably use a pick-me-up. Some sweet news to salve the bitter taste. Fortunately for them, that news exists: Hinsch’s, the 86-year-old ice cream parlor that was slated to be replaced by a national burger chain, is back from the brink of death. And among some of the changes is a key one: you can bring booze with you now! (more…)

08/24/10 11:30am
byob truck

Bring some wine. We have a big table.

As we’re pretty staunch proponents of imbibing on the cheap and, of course, we like good food, we’d be remiss not to highlight the perfect marriage of the two: BYOB restaurants. Here’s a guide to Brooklyn’s best, so you’ll no longer have to fork over an exorbitant sum for a carafe of “house red” that tastes suspiciously like Carlo Rossi.  And even better: It seems that pesky corkage fee is a rare animal in these parts. (more…)