04/27/17 9:25am
Tumble around with the Golden Dragon Acrobats #16). Photo by Drew Pion

Tumble around with the Golden Dragon Acrobats (#18). Photo by Drew Pion

[Ed note: Reminder, we now have a separate roundup for activism-focused events, which we encourage you to check out here.]

1. Start your weekend off artfully at Greenpoint Gallery Night, with 11 art spaces across the neighborhood open late, from Jave Project to The Yard. (Friday, Greenpoint, FREE)

2. Eat some eats and tell some tales at the Beyond Bubbe Backyard Potluck, a dinner and storytelling event where everyone brings a food that evokes a memory. (Friday, City Reliquary, $2 with food / $9 without)

3. Get your twang on at the 9th annual Brooklyn Folk Festival, with 30+ acts, from Feral Foster to Tennessee Stiff Legs to Locust Honey String Band. Brokester exclusive: use code BFFBRK17 for 15% off tickets. (Friday through Sunday, St. Ann’s Church, $20–$35) (more…)

12/01/16 4:15pm
Catch the surreal stylings of Cheeky Lane (#1) (pic by Steven Menendez)

Catch the surreal stylings of Cheeky Lane (#1) (pic by Steven Menendez)

1. See some strange whimsey at The Winter Wonderland Blunderland Variety Show, starring Trixie Little, The Love Show, Samantha Sterman, Cheeky Lane, Poison Eve, and more. (Friday, House of Yes, $15)

2. Laugh for strong gals at The Fempire Strikes Back, with comedy, videos, and funny songs from sketch troupe American Candy. (Friday & Saturday, Actors Fund Arts Center, $25)

3. Spread some cheer at the Bushwick Starr Holiday Party, with free drinks, free food, dancing to DJ Avg Jo, a mistletoe photobooth, and more. (Friday, Bushwick Starr, $25)


04/28/16 4:48pm
Get colorful with the Brooklyn Gypsies (#4)

Get colorful with the Brooklyn Gypsies (#3)

1. Put on your diamonds and pearls and head to Prince Movie Night, pt 1, a double-feature of Purple Rain and Graffiti Bridge in a fancy loft. (Friday, Gemini & Scorpio, $10 suggested) (For our ongoing Prince events listing, go here.)

2. See some real weird cinema at the fourth annual Bad Film Fest: “the worst of the best and the best of the worst.” (Friday through Sunday, Cloud City, $8/film)

3. Take in some slick lyrics at Ghetto Hors D’oeuvres: Colors, a poetic theatrical performance by the Brooklyn Gypsies. (Friday & Saturday, Bushwick Starr, $15) (more…)

04/21/16 3:24pm
Justin Jay will get yo' body moving (#5)

Justin Jay is gonna get your body moving (#6)

1. Upset about this fraught election season? Check out Killing Republicans, a rock opera presented by Funhouse Philosophers. (Friday through Sunday, Shooting Gallery Arts Annex, $15)

2. Grab your wand and head to the Harry Potter Marathon part 2, screening Order of the Phoenix and Half Blood Prince in a fancy underground loft. (Friday, $10 suggested, Gemini & Scorpio)

3. Get philosophical at Persona Non Grata, an experimental music and dance theater piece inspired by William Burroughs’ song “Spare Ass Anny.” (Friday through Sunday, Cloud City, $5–10 suggested) (more…)

12/11/15 8:50am
The Schlep Sisters will light allll your candles (#13) (pic by Ben Trivett)

The Schlep Sisters will light allll your candles (#13) (pic by Ben Trivett)

1. Geek out at a night of Nerd Nite lectures: topics include supervillains, celebrity scandals from the ’20s, and sci-fi’s killer ladies. (Friday, $10)

2. Get funky with the Brooklyn Ballet’s Nutcracker Sweet!, a thoroughly modern take that includes LED-spangled tutus made by NYCResistor, hip-hop and Middle Eastern dance choreography, and projections of vintage Brooklyn. (Friday through Sunday, $25)

3. Go hybrid at the Bushwick Starr’s 5th annual Puppets & Poets Festival, co-produced with Alphabet Arts. (Friday through Sunday, $18) (more…)

Cynthia sings out about blacking out. Photo by Dustin Drankowski

Cynthia sings out about blacking out. Photo by Dustin Drankowski

Generally, autobiographical shows tend to err on the whiny, self-serving side, where the performer secretly just wants to use the audience as a kind of therapist. Not so in Cynthia Hopkins’ The Alcoholic Movie Musical, running thru November 6 at The Bushwick Starr, one of BK’s premier performance venues for live theatre.

Dubbed “an experiment in live musical filmmaking,” The Alcoholic Movie Musical is a multimedia romp through performance artist and musician Cynthia Hopkins’ struggle with her lifelong dependence on the drink. See it, and you might think twice about getting sauced. You might also decide to have a free cocktail at Heavy Woods afterwards (it’s included with your ticket).

Point is, this show doesn’t prescribe anything, and it doesn’t make you hate the person onstage. It just makes you feel better.  (more…)

10/26/15 8:38am

Emmy trying to remember where the show tonight is. Photo by Mindy Tucker

It’s Monday, and it’s a big day. Not because you want to shoot yourself into the week with energy or because Alberto Del Rio returned to the WWE last night, but because this is the last day of the week before you should let baseball take over your life and watch the Mets in the World Series. Fortunately thanks to the Brokelyn Events Calendar, you’ve got some options as to what your one non-baseball watching night out should be. (more…)

Fitzcarraldo will be at the Taste of Bushwick. Will you? via Fitzzcardo

Fitzcarraldo will be at the Taste of Bushwick. Will you? via Fitzzcardo

You know that annoying food dilemma where you want to make a meal out of a number of different dishes from a number of different places? It’s similar to the “having your cake and eating it too,” phenomenon but instead you want to have a slice of cake from every place that sells cake and also eat them, too. It’s eaters like you who are bound to be in foodie heaven at the Taste of Bushwick. (more…)

04/30/15 2:55pm
bushwick starr

This empty stage could be full of characters you created. via Facebook

We know what it’s like out there for a struggling playwright, vainly typing away on your typewriter while smoking cigarettes and adjusting your beret, wondering if anyone will read the work you’ve poured your heart and soul into. It’s the same conundrum facing any struggling creative around here. Lucky you then, that renowned Brooklyn theatre The Bushwick Starr wants to make things a bit easier for you by inviting you, the unknown playwright, to submit a piece for consideration in their Bushwick Starr Reading Series. Get picked, and you can see your script read in one of Brooklyn’s best small theaters. (more…)

cafeteria la mejor

In addition to being delicious, this Cuban supports theater. via Facebook

Trip on the sidewalk in Bushwick and the odds are you’ll find yourself sprawled out on the ground in front of a restaurant (and everyone will be laughing at you). Bushwick has so many restaurants that even if you live there you might not be able to afford to try all of them. Until now, because eight of Bushwick’s best food spots are inviting you out to a night to of gluttony in support of theater at A Taste of Bushwick on June 16. (more…)