01/26/17 4:44pm
BrunchCon in LA; it hits Brooklyn in March. Via Facebook.

BrunchCon in LA; it hits Brooklyn in March. Via Facebook.

There was a time when the question “is brunch good or for jerks?” was the biggest debate on our minds. That was 45 political years ago in the ancient time of 2014. Is brunch actually for jerks? It’s just a meal of food, but it probably is, only because most things that are fun are for jerks in one way or another. The culture of something does start to change, however, when there’s an actual convention around it: See Comic-Con, PonyConRomCon etc. Now NYC’s first-ever BrunchCon is on its way in March, and it’s got Brooklyn, possibly the brunch capital of America, in its sights. As TimeOut reports:

“Beyond bites, you can gulp down bubbly at an open mimosa bar, lay down in a dimly-lit hangover lounge or shop brunch-related products at a BrunchCon market. And for those that aren’t too hungover to socialize, there’s even speed dating.” (more…)

01/20/17 12:00pm
From the brunch offerings, a perfectly crispy bird that’d have Colonel Sanders himself lickin’ his digits. Photos by Ally Spier.

From the brunch offerings, a perfectly crispy bird that’d have Colonel Sanders himself lickin’ his digits. Photos by Ally Spier.

If you’re one of those lucky people with the luxury of time for a sit-down daytime meal during the typical work week (or just someone who’s underemployed, a la this girl) you now have another great option for your weekday #firstmeal.

Rider, the light-filled Williamsburg spot attached to non-profit music venue National Sawdust, has been serving dinner since it opened last March, and weekend brunch for almost as long. This past week, it debuted two new daytime menus, available Monday through Friday so you can snag award-winning chef creations no matter *when* you are.

Menu offerings are pricey, albeit deservingly so. But $1 gets you a cup of bottomless coffee (!) and a donut is just $2 (!!), so there’s something for every bank balance. Hey, every girl’s gotta eat.  (more…)

06/23/16 11:41am
Now serving: Piping hot memes. Via @NoMe_Simpatizas

Now serving: Piping hot memes, trending playlists. Via @NoMe_Simpatizas

“Brunch” and “Williamsburg” are two New York City things lots of people who have nothing better to argue about get irrationally passionate over. There was a time [he said, scratching his long and tangled gray beard] when “Williamsburg” was used synonymously with “hipster,” then the neighborhood changed, became scary to Omar from The Wire, got less weird, got more condos, and now when you say the word Williamsburg, it conjures up images of the neighborhood’s transition into becoming the new Soho.

So I’m not sure what scene is even meant to be invoked by calling a Spotify playlist “Williamsburg Brunch” any more, but it’s definitely a hit: The playlist, made by an arm of Sony, has more than 8,400 followers, a huge number that even President Obama’s playlists can’t match.  (more…)

04/21/16 1:34pm
Brunch at Forrest Point

Brunch at Forrest Point, via @SarahSandbach on Instagram.

If you’ve been good about budgeting on groceries and busting out your crockpot this winter, you deserve a little springtime splurging. Dare to deviate from your normal hang and head to these Bushwick brunch spots for some our favorite newcomers and oldies but goodies, to satiate all of your weekend (and weekday!) desires. We know brunch by nature is pricy, but read on to see where to get our favorite dishes (and still be able to afford eating the rest of the week). We broke it down by some of the best standbys in the neighborhood, some newcomers to the scene and where you can get brunch beyond usual brunch hours. Just make sure not to piss off your server.  (more…)

04/20/16 3:00pm
From pre-ordering the alcohol to groping, here are 11 ways to piss off your brunch server

Resting brunch face. via @hikeforsanity on Instagram

Are you tired of not leaving a lasting impression during your brunching endeavors? Are you looking to up your game from needy customer to full-blown sadist?

Greetings, and welcome to Pissing Off Your Brunch Waitress 101! I’m Hope, your attentive, friendly, ~attractive~ waitress. I’ve worked at a popular Cajun brunch spot in Crown Heights for about seven months now, and I’m here today to school you on techniques for ruining my entire shift. Within minutes of you exhibiting any of the behavior below, I’ll know that you’re out for blood (and I’m talking about my blood, because I just told you that we don’t serve Bottomless Bloody Mary’s).

By following my simple instructions, you’ll find yourself reaching levels of brunch assholery you never dreamt possible. I’m great at my job, but after dealing with you, I’ll start to doubt it. In just 11 easy steps, you’ll harness the power of making me cry at my service station as I beg the bartender for a shot to numb my pain. You’ll learn how to make me regret becoming a waitress so I that I would have time to “pursue acting.” And if you practice diligently, our brunch interaction might even inspire me to quit and look for a desk job instead. (more…)

01/12/16 1:00pm
j'eatjet? brunch

At j’eatjet it’s more like moremosa, Photo by Dave Rosado

[We updated this list for January 2016 and added some new spots so everything is up to date!-ed.]

Brunch: it’s that magical meal that’s somehow both over- AND underrated. It’s a great way to start a weekend or coast through a Sunday morning hangover, a meal where you can order a boozy drink and loudly proclaim “It’s five o’clock somewhere, right? Who cares? It’s brunch o’clock here!” to the hearty enjoyment of nobody, because come on. Brunch can also be expensive, as day drinking is apparently a fancy affair once you introduce a fruit cup to the occasion.

Still, there’s no need to be one of the five richest kings of Europe to get your boozy brunch on. Instead of buying a sixer of Milwaukee’s Best to drink alongside some hastily-made scrambled eggs at home, class it up by heading to these eighteen restaurants (!) which offer the best Brooklyn unlimited brunch drink specials.  (more…)

12/03/15 10:09am
The croque madame is a cheaper way to try the food at Le Barricou. Via facebook

The croque madame is a cheaper way to try the food at Le Barricou. Via facebook

Every morning, just checking my phone makes me hungry. I find myself me drooling over the latest additions to the Brooklyn restaurant scene, the Instas, the New York Times reviews, the chef cred … until I check the menu and see the kinds of prices that can really kill an appetite.

One trick I’ve learned for saving money when it comes to trying a new place: brunch. It’s a great way to test out the kitchen’s chops and it’s almost always way cheaper than a dinner bill. Plus, some places offer special drink deals in the morning. Just a note: brunch still gets kinda pricey, but once you do the math, all these meals come out the winner compared to their nighttime counterpart. And besides, it’s the weekend: treat yo’self. (more…)

Stop waffling, don't be chicken, etc. via Brooklyn Beso

Stop waffling, don’t be chicken, etc. via Brooklyn Beso

Ah, brunch. That age-old institution of midday eating that leads to an afternoon and evening of napping, and then more eating. If you love this fictional, all-day meal as much as I do, then get excited, because Bed-stuy is getting another brunch crawl, courtesy of the Bridge Street Development Corporation as part of the Bed-Stuy Alive! festival. The crawl will move along Lewis Avenue, stopping off at some of the greasiest, rib-sticking ma n’ pop shops this side of the bridge. Start stretching your stomachs for Sunday, October 11.


12/05/14 10:33am
arrogant swine brunch

This, but free. You don’t have to pay for this. No money down, no money at all actually. via Facebook

Love yourself some brunch but think it should be available as early as brunch, social “norms” be damned? That’s cool, we understand, and we’re thrilled to inform you that you can finally have the fat-laced barbecue brunch you’ve been waiting for. More importantly, the fat-laced brunch comes with FREE BLOODY MARYS.

According to DNAinfoArrogant Swine (173 Morgan Avenue), East Williamsburg’s new barbecue joint that was previously giving you free pig tattoos, is going introducing a brunch menu this Sunday. Brunch goes from 11am-4pm, and to celebrate the achievement, they’re featuring live music and yes, giving away free bloody marys courtesy of UBONS. As if brunch wasn’t enough of a drunken disaster. (more…)

10/10/14 11:00am
j'eatjet? brunch

You don’t want this? Fine. Photo by Dave Rosado

Brunch brunch brunch. The only thing people like more than eating brunch is arguing about whether Brunch Is Bad. Leave it to the New York Times though, to pay David Shaftel to do a sub-replacement level David Brooks impression on the subject of how Brunch Is Bad and is a sign of Our Society’s Moral Failures. Brunch is Bad and a sign of avoiding adulthood and is ruining New York City, says Shaftel, except not the awesome brunches he ate:

I admit that I’ve found myself among the hordes on plenty of occasions. A particularly memorable fondue brunch in Chelsea that began at noon and broke up in a dive bar 15 hours later comes to mind. And there was the hedonistic all-day affair in Dubai, where I topped off courses of Japanese, Chinese and Lebanese food with a full English roast beef dinner, all consumed while hovering above the desert in an air-conditioned five-star hotel restaurant and guzzling a jeroboam of Veuve Clicquot….But now that I have a young daughter, brunch is completely impractical

Oh sure, Dubai, everyone’s been there. For a guy who says his daughter brings him introspection, this column contains precisely zero self-examination.