04/26/13 2:55pm
Just like our hearts

Just like our hearts

1. Go to the Gowanus Yacht Club, because summer (Friday)

2. Head to Brooklyn Fireproof, will they will take you back in time, to the 19th century. Steampunk attire encouraged (Friday)

3. You might think this reading at Unnameable Books is like any other reading, but there’s a twist: it’s outdoors

4. Brooklyn Skillshare will teach you anything from reclaiming vacant public land to making your own ricotta cheese, and it’s all free (Saturday) (more…)

04/11/13 1:46pm
Before you hop on, you might want to study up

Before you hop on, you might want to study up

More and more, people are reporting seeing bike share stations on the street. Great, awesome, we are fans of this news. Of course, just because one has the ability to ride a bike doesn’t mean they have the skill to navigate New York’s roads. It’s a jungle out there, in the sense that cars move as if someone gave a giraffe the keys to an Escalade after it’s had a few dozen beers. If you want to avoid resorting to an angry, desperate plea with New York’s drivers, Brooklyn Skillshare will teach you how to deal with the madness out there for free, this weekend. (more…)

09/11/12 7:31am

If you can identify this machine, you qualify.

A reader writes to us because he’s trying to hatch a video-y, comic-ish type business for brokesters and he needs to do a little research on the relative nerdinesss of Brooklyn, as if this alone weren’t evidence enough. Here’s what our enterprising young friend wants to know:  (more…)

Until you start your own Tea Lounge, remember that the Park Slope cafe has regular Tuesday night free Skillshare events every month, and tonight’s is one of particular interest to some of you. Tonight’s class is called How to Run a Business As an Artist, and is hosted by Yoshie Okabayashi of ramenandfriends.com, who teaches classes on business skills for artists at the Brooklyn Brainery. And if you don’t think “art” and “business” are ever supposed to meet, we’d like to visit the magical pixieland you live in to taste some of those gumdrop plants and walk down the rainbow boulevard.

02/16/12 10:55am
roberto gonzalez

Roberto Gonzalez, photo courtesy of TimeOutNY.

Like all New Yorkers, I daydream about how different my life would be if I didn’t have to fork over obscene amounts to my landlord for the privilege of living in the world’s greatest city. Roberto Gonzalez was one of us once too, but claims he’s learned to work the ins and outs of the real estate market to his benefit. He offers to share his secrets with you through a hugely popular Skillshare class “Life Hack: how to Live Rent-Free in NYC.” And, according to his former students, he delivers on his promise to inform and advise, starting the class with a tip that will save you at least $300 but up to $1000. (more…)

02/09/12 3:12pm

You too can make a taco book! Via acherryontop.com

One problem with Brooklyn is that there just isn’t anywhere to learn things. Fortunately, Brooklyn Skillshare and BIG THINGS, a Bay Area arts and culture blog, are joining forces for BIG CITY: Brooklyn, an afternoon of workshops to learn you a thing or two. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to make a confetti egg (or what one is), bookmaking or how to properly hold a Japanese tea ceremony, experts will be there to share their knowledge. If you think learning things is for nerds, you can still show up to browse the pop up art shop featuring local artists. It all goes down on Saturday from 10:30am to 3:30pm at LaunchPad, 731 Franklin Ave. There’s a $5 requested donation, and while they say no one will be turned away, come on. Don’t be a cheapskate.

One of the features of the free weekly Tuesdays at the Tea Lounge series is always the I Like You, Maude story slam, featuring five-minute tales from anyone willing to throw their name into a hat. But how do you get to the point where you can actually tell a good story in public without sending your crowd into a bored Words With Friends diversion? Try another one of the free events: the Tea Lounge and Brooklyn Skillshare will host a workshop on “How to Be a Great Storyteller and Other Useful and Humorous Public Speaking Techniques” next week. Then come back later in the month to try your storytelling chops. See the full schedule below.  (more…)

07/25/11 10:37pm

See you next Tuesday at the Tea Lounge!

Problem: Tuesday nights are boring and you’re poor. Solution: the Tea Lounge in Park Slope’s FREE Tuesday night events. Curated by Kerri Doherty of Fucked in Park Slope, the series features everything from beer making story telling. Here’s what in store: (more…)

07/14/11 12:55pm

Our roving bike tour correspondent has been giving you ideas for plotting your own splishy, splashy summer cycling safaris around the borough. But what if you’re the kind of person who wants to do one of those multi-day, vagabonding, zen-and-the-art-of-fixie-maintenance adventure-packed excursions? If you’re looking for some inside info on how, what and where to plan that super bike vision quest, there’s a sweet free Skillshare for you next week. Brooklyn Skillshare is hosting a workshop featuring two “seasoned veterans of vagabonding abroad by bike” talking about their past trips, why they like it, why you would like it, equipment you’ll need and what to expect. So there’s more to it than just packing tattered paperbacks and tubes of Benzedrine? Who knew? (more…)

10/08/09 12:52pm
Learn Henna body art from Kenzi at the Brooklyn Skillshare

Learn Henna body art from Kenzi at the Brooklyn Skillshare

Where can you learn the art of “uncooking,” how to brew kombucha and some new massage techniques? At the first annual Brooklyn Skillshare, this Saturday, Oct. 10, at the Gowanus Studio Space (166 7th St., between 2nd Ave. & 3rd Ave.) We’re also looking forward to DIY Electronics, infused-liquor-making lessons and the 13 other amazing skills being taught by local artists, teachers and students throughout the day-long sharing bonanza. The idea behind the share is to foster a reciprocal learning community in Brooklyn, and learning’s definitely the theme of the day. Admission is free, with a suggested $10 donation. Breakfast and lunch are included. The day starts at 9:30 a.m. and runs straight to the 7 p.m. closing party sponsored by Brooklyn Brewery. More info. here.