03/25/14 10:05am
Mikhail Prokhorov

Nets’ owner Mikhail Prokhorov shows 60 Minutes how he plans to convince the NBA to allow the Nets to be a Russian franchise

Since taking over ownership of the Nets, owner Mikhail Prokhorov has mostly kept quiet off the basketball court, allowing James Dolan to keep ownership of New York’s worst/most embarrassing owner. But while Dolan might be blessedly moving to the background with Phil Jackson coming aboard to try to fix the Knicks, Prokhorov is stepping in to fill the embarrassing owner hole by announcing his intention to make the Nets a Russian franchise right when U.S./Russia relations have moved from “frosty” to “retaliatory sanctions.” How’s your bandwagon now? (more…)

03/14/14 4:24pm
brooklyn nets

You know who ELSE dominated the Heat in the regular season? 2012-13 NBA champions 1st round playoff winners the New York Knicks. via Facebook

Ever since 2014 started, the Nets have been less of a dumpster fire and have been playing like you might expect a team with a $102,308,627 payroll to play. Which is to say, they’ve been winning basketball games. Hey, good for you guys. Meanwhile, the Knicks have remained in dumpster fire territory, with even their wins punctuated by some of the worst basketball in the Western world. Seeing that, Nets CEO/human made entirely of marketing catchphrases Brett Yormark told the Daily News that the team would welcome any unsatisfied Knicks fans at the House That Eminent Domain Built. (more…)

02/24/14 1:19pm
jason collins

An old washed-up fossil finds employment with the Nets. And on the right, Jason Collins. via @BrooklynNets

The Nets finally made news on the basketball court this season by signing Jason Collins, the first openly gay professional athlete in one of North America’s Big Four sports, to a 10-day contract this weekend. Unlike the Nets’ expensive haircuttery, fighting coaches or sports yak radio-themed food stands, this is news that could actually cause you to consider going to see a Nets game. But should you take a trip down to the Spaceship that Bruce Ratner Built just to get a glimpse of Jason Collins camped out in the paint? (more…)

01/23/14 2:20pm
jay-z nets

Yeah, he looks real concerned

The Nets have been playing well lately, much to the chagrin of certain local blog editors who made fun of their expensive haircuttery right before this hot streak. Still, that doesn’t mean everything is great in the Nets Land. Brook Lopez is still injured, they still have no draft picks in the future and now some lunatic is suing them for $600 million because he says he patented the name “Brooklyn Nets” ten years before they came carpetbagging across the river. (more…)

brooklyn nets sunset park

KG is so old he’s not gonna be around when this thing opens. via Facebook

Seeing as how Brooklyn is the reigning king of all things hyperlocal and only beloved if you can get there by bike, it’s shocking, shocking, that the Nets chose to keep practicing in Jersey after moving here. But not they’re taking steps to correct that, with new plans to open a giant training facility in Sunset Park’s Industry City, home or Jacques Torres chocolates and MakerBot. Who knows, maybe if they hadn’t had been tired from the back-and-forth between here and Jersey, they wouldn’t have opened the season with a loss to the Cavs. (more…)

07/25/13 3:00pm
You could work to help strikes. Ironic? Photo by Flickr user Mai Le

Next on Buzzfeed: 27 Fat Cats on Strike. Photo by Flickr user Mai Le

Remember how BuzzFeed realized they were running out of listicle ideas and decided to move into the news business? Well, now they’re looking for a lot of editorial employees. It seems incredible that the company that published Game of Cats is taking on serious journalism, but, hey, someone’s got to bring order to this changing media landscape, right? Bonus: they’re hiring. Check below for some neat gigs from them, the ACLU, the Nets, and more. (more…)

06/28/13 10:43am
Knicks fans know. via ESPN

Knicks fans know. via ESPN

In case you weren’t glued to the TV watching ESPN’s coverage of the NBA draft last night (which we get), you may have woken up to some big news: the Nets made a huge trade. They imported future Hall of Famers Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett from the Celtics, and all it took was some spare parts. Great trade, guys! Oh wait, also three first-round draft picks. A a long-suffering Knicks fan, I can tell you this trade is bad, because I know it from experience. Welcome to your Isiah Thomas era, Nets fans! Gosh, teams just grow up to make godawful decisions so fast. (more…)

04/10/13 1:55pm
We'll always have the memories

We’ll always have the memories

Despite their win last night, it’s been a rough few days for the Nets. The Knicks just clinched the Atlantic Division crown, Gerald Wallace is moping about being terrible and it’s looking more and more like they’ll play the Bulls in the first round of the playoffs, and no one wants that assignment. Now on top of all that, Jay-Z finally got bored being their public face and talisman of cool, and is selling his stake in the team so he can go be Arliss. (more…)

It's true: Fabolous really loves Brooklyn. via Dime Magazine.

It’s true: Fabolous really loves Brooklyn. via Brooklyn Nets.

The Nets want you to know that they’re in Brooklyn. They really, really want you to know just how Brooklyn they are, and so this Sunday, they’re going to prove it, not just with art, not just with fresh kicks, but with a sneaker-themed art contest judged by Brooklyn rapper Fabolous, songmaster of “You Be Killin’ Em” fame. (more…)