11/17/15 4:15pm
tk. All photos by Maria Travis

For now it’s not, but wait until someone shows up with a big enough briefcase full of cash. All photos by Maria Travis

“How about uptown funk?”

A young woman stands holding a trumpet by her side, asking her bandmates what they’d like to play to kick off the Brooklyn Anti-Gentrification Network (BAN)’s protest of the 6th Brooklyn Real Estate Summit, which took place inside the Brooklyn Museum this morning. The band laughs. They tune their instruments, playing a few notes together and then trailing into mindless chatter as folks start gathering in front of the museum.

They, along with other placard-toting hopefuls, are in generally good spirits at the BAN’s bright-and-early 7:30am protest call. Signs provided by the group tout gripes ranging from affordable housing, to gentrification, to #BlackLivesMatter. Some people are just holding Bernie Sanders campaign posters. (more…)

11/13/15 9:12am
These boxes are made for juggling (# ) (pic by Kirk Marsh)

These boxes were made for juggling (#18) (pic by Kirk Marsh)

1. Find out how long your love line is at Tarot Society Gallery’s High Five Salon, with palm-reading, dancing, and a ritual at midnight. (Friday, FREE)

2. Show your ’90s love at Videology with Clarissa Explains It All Trivia in celebration of the new Clarissa book by the show’s creator Things I Can’t Explain. (Friday, FREE)

3. Go Judy crazy at Morbid Anatomy, with a re-staging of a Judy Garland screen test, a talk on the cultural legacy of the Wizard of Oz, and a queer dance party called Judy. (Friday, $8) (more…)

11/12/15 3:03pm
OPERA FIGHT! via Facebook

OPERA FIGHT! via Facebook

Thursday night’s alright for fighting, so get a little action in. That’s the old song they sing, right? So anyway, you could stay home and watch the new Missy Elliot video on repeat the whole night, and I could respect that. On the other hand, it really would be good if you looked on the Brokelyn Events Calendar, called some friends and decided to do something. They miss you. (more…)

11/12/15 2:06pm
No, thank you. via Flickr user Bonnie Natko

No, thank you. via Flickr user Bonnie Natko

Unbeknownst to you, moments after you threw off your coat in your new apartment and sank into the couch thinking, “This is the last time I’ll ever have to move,” Brooklyn’s luxury realtors were already planning their revenge. You thought no one could possibly hike the rent on your 5th floor walkup, a 20-minute from the nearest G train stop? Think again.

The very terrible executives-only brand RealInsight is hosting their 6th annual Brooklyn Real Estate Summit on November 17 at the Brooklyn Museum, where the elite retail, condo and multifamily brokers will gather to eat the bones of children discuss ways in which they can further capitalize on the booming market.

Now if, like us, you don’t want to keep seeing folks get priced out of their homes, and you’ve got a vested interested in not being priced out of one yourself, then check out Brooklyn Anti-Gentrification Network (BAN)’s rebuttal: they’re picketing the event on November 17. And you can, too! Here are ways to get involved.  (more…)

11/06/15 8:58am
Ahhh, the underappreciated pennyfarthing (pic by Flickr user elisabet.s)

Ahhh, the underappreciated pennyfarthing (pic by Flickr user elisabet.s)

1. Start off Cider Week NYC at 61 Local, where Descendent Cider Co celebrates their first anniversary by launching a new cider. (Friday, FREE)

2. Show your bookish delight at the Bushwick Book Club’s Literary Love Fest, featuring new music inspired by Book Riot Live’s authors. (Friday, by donation)

3. See a very unique adaptation of Sleepy Hollow at Cloud City, done by Drama of Works with a half-dozen different types of shadow puppets. (Friday through Sunday, $15) (more…)

10/02/15 8:50am
Is it getting hot in here...? (Pic courtesy of Flambeaux Fire)

Is it getting hot in here…? (Pic courtesy of Flambeaux Fire)

1. We are very excited about the Parks Department’s outdoor October movies, which begin tonight at McCarren Park with Fright Night. (Friday, FREE)

2. Get trippy at the Rock Shop’s Electronic Music and Visual Experience, with performances by DJ/VJ TM5, redgreenblue, and I, Synthesist. (Friday, $10)

3. The whole weekend is full of Bushwick Film Fest, with screenings, panels, and more—plus use code BFF2015 to get 20% off. (Friday through Sunday, $12) (more…)

09/17/15 8:00am

She’s here to teach you a lesson for making fun of the 90s

So, what are you doing this weekend? Got anything big planned? Oh wait, before you think about the answer to that, figure out what you’re doing tonight, since it just wouldn’t be right to forget all about Thursday. After all, it does so much for you, like uhhh…be the day before Friday. Which come think of it isn’t all that great. Still! Here’s some fun things to do that have been found on the Brokelyn Events Calendar, so go out and do one and make your Thursday a great one. (more…)

Pie potentate Pels poses for a pic

Pie potentate Pels poses for a pic

Hey folks, welcome back to the second installment of Brokelyn’s newest profile series: Perfect Summer Sundays. Each week, we bring you a local personality from the borough. They tell you how they like to spend a Sunday in their neighborhood. Then, you try it on for size. Tourists, too! Gone are the empty brags of having “been to Bushwick,” or the misguided attempts to hang out where the locals do. This way, you get a taste of what the neighborhood’s all about from someone who actually lives there, and you can leave satisfied.

This week we’re taking you to Prospect-Lefferts Gardens with Alison Pels, newly-crowned pie potentate of central Brooklyn. Since opening her own shop in the area, Pels has discovered all there is to know about this unassuming little neighborhood tucked in next to Prospect Park, and she’s brought all her “secrets of the garden” to Brokelyn! (more…)

06/19/15 7:01am
Coney Island-Brooklyn-Brokelyn-Summer Guide

Looks much more fun than watching Netflix all summer. Image via Flickr user gigi_nyc

Put on your jorts, slather yourself in sunblock and cue the Ella Fitzgerald; it’s summer time, kid, and the living is easy. We-e-ll, okay, that’s not entirely true. Summer can be as expensive as any other season, unless you know how to pace yourself. After all, you’ve gota whole 94 days (plus one bonus day we’ve determined the calendar gave us) to enjoy the warmth and the good feelings that come from being outdoors Between co-workers, a significant other, social gatherings and me-time, you might find yourself a little overwhelmed.

Not to fear. Through vigorous research at the Brokelyn offices, we’ve gathered not one, not two, not 39, but 95 things to do—one for each day of summer. They range between the splurge-worthy and the completely free, so you don’t have to shell out every day to make memories. Use this guide as a go-to for how to spend your summer daze, and keep your bank account flush. First up, we’ve got June and July. So strap on your summer shoes (which might just be your shoes) and get ready to get out there. (more…)

05/14/15 11:38am
So it's like your morning commute, but it smells better and you won't get kicked in the face. Via flickr user Dan Nguyen

Like your morning commute, but smells better and you won’t get kicked in the face. Via flickr user Dan Nguyen

It’s the worst catchphrase in Brooklyn. “It’s showtime!” You’ve practically choreographed a signature eye-roll for every time it happens. And with good reason: because here you are, just trying to get from A to B on a quiet train ride, and all of a sudden someone is blasting music and nearly kicking you in the face on a speeding suwbay train. But this weekend, you can watch a bonafide subway performance from a safe distance! DNA info reports that the Brooklyn Museum’s latest exhibit will feature live showtime dancers on Sunday, in an exhibit called “Public Disruption/Private Powers.” (more…)