07/15/14 11:32am

Like this, but in front of the museum

We can never have enough farm stands. Well, probably we can, but we haven’t reached capacity yet, whatever it might be. So let’s give a big neighborly welcome to the newest farm stand in Brooklyn opening on Thursday, located right in front of the Brooklyn Museum and run by Project EATS. What’s so special about this one? Well, for one, the food will come from farms in Brownsville and East New York. And eventually from the grounds of the Brooklyn Museum itself, so there’s that. (more…)

07/03/14 9:03am
4th of july fireworks

AMERICA. via Flickr user Ann Althouse

1. The fireworks are back on the East River after their hiatus on the Hudson. Here are the best spots to welcome them home. (Friday)

2. We’ve rounded up the best ways to be patriotic and frugal this 4th of July. (Friday)

3. Celebrate all kinds of art and flop around in a kiddie pool at Artwork$ Festival. (Saturday) (more…)

06/23/14 2:33pm
brooklyn museum fountain

You know, like this. Except with music playing too. via Flickr user Howard Brier

Y’all know the super rad fountain in front of the Brooklyn Museum? The high spurts of water make you feel giddy and full of hope about the romantic possibilities of life…and very jealous of all the little kids who get to run up and try to fuck with them without reprimand. Well, if you’re musicially inclined, here’s a way for you to have more fun with the fountain than even the kiddos: The Brooklyn Museum is calling for submissions from composers and music producers of any genre to make a soundtrack to accompany the fountain’s water blasts. Any genre whatsoever, so if you’ve been saving up that electroclash/grindcore composition for you the perfect occasion, this might be it. All you have to do is email a link to your composition to adult.programs [AT] brooklynmuseum.org by July 30. The final selections will then be performed for the general public Thursday, August 14 at 6:30 pm.

06/18/14 7:00am
louis valentino park

Lunch, with a view of forever. via Flickr user Gene Krasko

With sunlight hours at their peak, it feels depressing and outright cruel to eat your lunch at your desk, whether you’re stuck in an office or working from home. Sure, there are plenty of outdoor restaurants and cafes but you don’t always want to spend $20 for lunch. You’re also not interested in jostling for a spot in more crowded, well-known parks like McCarren Park, East River Park and Brooklyn Bridge Park. So, in order to help you get as much sun as possible this summer, we picked a few public outdoor spots where you can relax and enjoy some fresh air, along with some nearby places to grab some cheap, tasty food if you don’t feel like brown bagging it. (more…)

05/08/14 1:07pm
the subtlety

You can see where you stack up to compared to this giant Sphinx on Saturday. via Facebook

1. Rosie Perez is gonna be at Bed-Stuy Restoration Plaza, talking her new book, and she’ll be joined by new City Council speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito. Maybe she’ll bring her gavel! (Friday)

2. Bring your instrument and just suddenly start playing with some buskers at Villain at this kind of odd-sounding concert that apparently “has no rules” (Friday)

3. You can try all of Videology’s food while watching Death Race 2000, as we all know nothing gets the appetite going like watching David Carradine wreck some fools (Friday) (more…)

Just look at that eye contact

Just look at that eye contact

So I know that outdoor movies, outdoor movies and yeah, outdoor movies, are already giving this summer a run for its money. But if you’re looking for a little higher-brow cinema to kick off your lazy June daze, consider this kick-ass event coming to the Brooklyn Museum. On Sunday, June 1, the Brooklyn Symphony Orchestra is going to do that thing you always wanted for your own dating life: they’ll be performing a live soundtrack for a romance film

05/08/14 10:03am
brooklyn half marathon

This could be you, handing out drinks. via Brooklyn Half Marathon

Are you into jogging? We don’t quite understand why, but hey, do you. And since you spend all that time jogging, you may as well make it work for you by getting out there and winning the Brooklyn Half Marathon, happening May 17. Except whoops, it’s already sold out. You could still support your fellow runners though by volunteering at this year’s race. Not into helping people because it’s a nice thing to do? Good news then, because every volunteer gets an automatic entry to the 2015 Brooklyn Half. So, there’s that. (more…)

02/27/14 8:53am
daft punk

Pay tribute to the unappreciated robots of Daft Punk at Union Hall on Saturday night

1. Kevin Corrigan sits down with Jonathan Ames and Michael Rapaport at Over the Eight. Hey, Rapaport has worked with Spike Lee, maybe he’ll talk about the rant heard ’round the world Brooklyn (Friday)

2. Beast is turning nine years old, and like every good nine-year-old’s birthday, there’s gonna be free beer and hors d’oeuvres (Friday)

3. Hey there Browncoat, Videology is showing a couple episodes of Firefly, so why not go nerd out with your fellow Filliacs (Friday)

4. LoftOpera is performing La Boheme for one more weekend, so it’s now or never if you’re gonna pretend you’re a mature, cultured individual (Friday, Saturday) (more…)

02/12/14 4:01pm
piper kerman

She’s real, and she has stuff to say.

On Saturday, March 15, Piper Kerman, the real-life version of fictional blonde and perky Piper Chapman, will appear on a panel, ”Sentenced to Change” at the Brooklyn Museum as a part of the three-part series open to the public,  “States of Denial: The Illegal Incarceration of Women, Children, and People of Color.”

Kerman, author of the memoir Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison, the basis for the Netflix series we all binged watch in one sitting, will lead a conversation among an inspiring group of formerly incarcerated women. (more…)

01/30/14 8:09am

You don’t have to dress like this, but it helps.

1. Duke’s Liquor Box is holding a tasting of a 10-year-old rye whiskey from Masterson’s, and it’s not like we’ve ever known you to turn down a drink (Friday)

2. Head into Black History Month by going to a talk on the book The Invention of the White Race. In this instance, the answer isn’t “Yakub did it.” (Friday)

3. See Eli Smith and Peter Siegel perform the songs of the American labor movement at the Jalopy Theater, because the unions deserve your support more than the plutocrats (Friday)

4. A pop-punk and emo dance party at Glasslands is a perfect place to feel a bunch of feels and sweat them out with vigorous dancing (Friday) (more…)