10/24/16 9:28am
Watch the Love Show dancers' glitzy costumes get real bloody (#)

Watch the Love Show dancers’ glitzy costumes get real bloody (#3)

1. Learn some important borough history at the book launch for A History of Brooklyn Bridge Park, which recounts the “grassroots, multivoiced, and contentious effort” to transform the park since the 1980s; the event will include a panel discussion and book signing. (Monday, powerHouse Books, FREE)

2. Or go back even further in Brooklyn history at a lecture on Samuel Gumpertz, King of the Coney Island Sideshow, a turn-of-the-century impresario who ran bathhouses, wax museums, chambers of horrors, and many more crazy Coney creations. (Monday, Morbid Anatomy Museum, $8)

3. Expect a good deal of blood at Little Cinema’s immersive screening of Carrie, complete with Love Show dancers, a live cellist, fire performers, an audiovisual DJ, and surely plenty of telekinesis. (Tuesday, House of Yes, $10) (more…)

09/06/16 11:00am
Don't be too tied up to see Nelson Lugo the Charming Trickster (#10)

Don’t be too tied up to catch Nelson Lugo the Charming Trickster (#10)

1. Have a damn fine cup of coffee, some cherry pie, and breakfast for dinner at Twin Peaks Tuesday, when Butter & Scotch transforms into the Double R Diner. Free Jell-O shots for anyone in costume! (Tuesday, Butter & Scotch, FREE)

2. Listen to an international roster of virtuosic singers at the Resonant Bodies Festival, three nights of innovative contemporary vocal artists. Opening night features soprano Julia Bullock, Ethiopian-born Swedish improviser Sofia Jernberg, and lyric soprano Alice Teyssier. (Tuesday, Roulette, $20)

3. See such stuff as dreams are made on at Torn Out Theater’s all-female, mostly nude production of The Tempest: “a celebration of body freedom and freedom of expression.” (Wednesday to Saturday, Prospect Park, FREE) (more…)

08/24/16 11:30am
Smash the patri-art-chy! A year-long feminist art exhibit is coming to Brooklyn Museum

The yearlong feminist art show will include Marilyn Minter’s Blue Poles, Via Brooklyn Museum.

Good news, everyone! We finally killed sexism. According to this Pew study out this week, most men thing sexism is over and thank god someone finally asked men about that, because both being in the patriarchy and trying to fight it is exhausting. So now that sexism is over, what are we all supposed to do with our time?

One idea is to take a break from the realm of Dead White Guy art and go to the Brooklyn Museum, which is kicking off a yearlong feminist art exhibit starting in October. According to DNAinfo, the “Year of Yes” will be stocked with female-centric artwork and programming with the goal of “reimagining feminism.” Luckily, they don’t mean reimagining it this way(more…)

08/08/16 9:56am
Jasmine Solano is gonna soundtrack a dance party in a museum (#8)

Jasmine Solano turns the tables for a dance party in a museum (#8)

1. Celebrate an incredible two decades of an NYC institution at 20 Years of Rooftop Short Films, a showcase that includes “Under the Roller-Coaster,” “Warriors: The Bike Race,” and the US premier of the YouTube sensation “Las Palmas.” (Monday, Coney Island, FREE)

2. Listen to some fantastic authors at the Franklin Park Reading Series, this month with Roxane in a rare NYC appearance, fiction writers Garth Greenwell and Jensen, award-winning poet Dorothea Lasky, and filmmaker and nonfiction author Alex Mar. (Monday, Franklin Park, FREE)

3. Cheer on your favorite at the Society for the Advancement of Social Studies’ Badass Novelist Battle, pitting Gustave Flaubert, James Joyce, and Louisa May Alcott against one another for the title “Most Badass.” (Tuesday, The Bedford, FREE) (more…)

08/04/16 4:49pm
Barstool sports: 6 spots to watch the Olympics in Brooklyn, while drinking

Celebrate the Olympics with your own rings…beer glass rings on the bar. Photo via @olympics2016_rio on Instagram.

Tonya Harding taking out Nancy Kerrigan’s knee with a crowbar in 1994. Kerri Strug, nailing that one foot landing dismount off the vault in ’96 in Atlanta. Jackie Joyner-Kersees’ speed, and nails! These are just a few of my most vivid memories of watching the Olympics as a youth, before I knew anything about the rampant corruption and doping scandals on an international scale.

The Olympics are not just for kids. As an adult, you can sit back and get drunk and be entertained, and impressed, while thankful you’re not the one putting your body through that kind of physical, or chemical strain. The 2016 Rio Olympics are upon us, and here are five places you can passively partake of the games while actively drinking beers in Brooklyn, from Friday night’s opening ceremonies through the final day of competition on August 21: (more…)

08/04/16 2:30pm
Get your thrash on at the Latinx Punk Fest (#1) (pic by Walter Wlodarczyk)

Get your thrash on at the Latinx Punk Fest (#1) (pic by Walter Wlodarczyk)

1. Thrash around como una locura at the 2016 Latinx Punk Fest, three days of bands from all over the world, from Colombia to Spain to Minneapolis. (Friday through Sunday, Don Pedro and Aviv, varies)

2. Watch some strange theater at The See Throughs: A Musical, about weirdos making a band, sock puppets, baths, and more. (Friday at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church; Saturday at Restoration Tabernacle, $12)

3. Immerse yourself in This Is Nothing Without You, art collective Hewman’s interactive performance on perspective and persona. (Friday & Saturday, LightSpace Studios, $15) (more…)

06/13/16 1:00pm
Make like a woodsman and chop something (#)

Make like a woodsman and chop something (#8)

1. Channel all your weekend fun into something lyrical at the Brooklyn Poets Yawp, a monthly workshop and open mic. Tonight’s workshop leader is the poetically named Sampson Starkweather, and one of the evening’s readers will be declared Poet of the Month by audience vote. (Monday, 61 Local, $5)

2. Freak yourself out with some throwback paranoia at Fear-Indexing The X-Files, a presentation by artists Steve Warwick and Nora Khan on their ongoing project documenting the groundbreaking series’ “conspiracy theories, urban legends, and endless figurations of bogeymen” and how they relate to the psychological anxieties of ’90s internet culture. (Monday, UnionDocs, $9)

3. For a second day in a row of otherworldliness, head to a lecture on Mysterious Beast Monsters by Brooklyn Brainery co-founder Jonathan Soma, who promises to talk not just Loch Ness but also modern-age dinosaurs, child-stealing birds, and more. Ticket price includes a beer from Threes Brewing. (Tuesday, Berg’n, $12) (more…)

06/02/16 4:59pm
North Coast: basically the Brokester's Hamilton (#5)

North Coast: basically the Brokester’s Hamilton (#4)

1. Hear your queerest questions answered at 1 Girl 5 Gays, hosted by Mr. Lady Simon, where the gal asks a panel of gay folks 20 questions about love, sex, and life. (Friday, Macri Park, FREE)

2. Exchange some culture at the opening of By Us For Us: A Month of Black & Asian Futurity, with performances by Holographic BBy Bangz, Moon Bear, Sakuradaijin, and more. (Friday, BUFU Studios, FREE)

3. Bring a date (or find one!) at Is This Love?, an evening of romantic shorts presented by the inimitable Rooftop Films. (Friday, Old American Can Factory, $15) (more…)

05/05/16 3:40pm
Take a dramatic journey into the park (#2)

Take a dramatic journey into the park (#2)

1. Honor the legacy of urban activist Jane Jacobs by taking a Jane’s Walk: there are 200+ on offer, from “Hipsters & History in Greenpoint” to “The Brownsville Experience” to “Go Dutch in Flatlands.” (Friday through Sunday, FREE)

2. Find the light at Tunnel Odyssey, an immersive dance-theatre production combining the Odyssey and The Oregon Trail, with folk music by the Oshy Annas. (Friday through Sunday, Grand Army Plaza, FREE)

3. See some tunes at the NYC Soundpainting Festival, three days of multidisciplinary live-composing performances and workshops. (Friday through Sunday, Firehouse Space, $10) (more…)

03/31/16 2:00pm
Noah Levine will magic up your April Fool's Day (#2)

Noah Levine will magic up your April Fool’s Day (#2)

1. Start drinking early at Mission Dolores’ sixth anniversary, which starts at noon and goes all night long, featuring a whole bunch of fancy bottles and drafts. (Friday, Mission Dolores, FREE)

2. Don’t get tricked at Brooklyn Historical Society’s Free Friday: April Fools Edition, with magician Noah Levine, Coney Island sideshow stories, and Brooklyn Bridge hoax trivia. (Friday, Brooklyn Historical Society, FREE)

3. If you’re a fashionista who likes to laugh, check out Comedy Fashion Variety Mashup Show, where comedians and character performers tell stories inspired by onesies — while wearing onesies. (Friday, Jill Lindsey Clothing Store, FREE) (more…)