02/27/14 8:53am
daft punk

Pay tribute to the unappreciated robots of Daft Punk at Union Hall on Saturday night

1. Kevin Corrigan sits down with Jonathan Ames and Michael Rapaport at Over the Eight. Hey, Rapaport has worked with Spike Lee, maybe he’ll talk about the rant heard ’round the world Brooklyn (Friday)

2. Beast is turning nine years old, and like every good nine-year-old’s birthday, there’s gonna be free beer and hors d’oeuvres (Friday)

3. Hey there Browncoat, Videology is showing a couple episodes of Firefly, so why not go nerd out with your fellow Filliacs (Friday)

4. LoftOpera is performing La Boheme for one more weekend, so it’s now or never if you’re gonna pretend you’re a mature, cultured individual (Friday, Saturday) (more…)

02/12/14 4:01pm
piper kerman

She’s real, and she has stuff to say.

On Saturday, March 15, Piper Kerman, the real-life version of fictional blonde and perky Piper Chapman, will appear on a panel, ”Sentenced to Change” at the Brooklyn Museum as a part of the three-part series open to the public,  “States of Denial: The Illegal Incarceration of Women, Children, and People of Color.”

Kerman, author of the memoir Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison, the basis for the Netflix series we all binged watch in one sitting, will lead a conversation among an inspiring group of formerly incarcerated women. (more…)

01/30/14 8:09am

You don’t have to dress like this, but it helps.

1. Duke’s Liquor Box is holding a tasting of a 10-year-old rye whiskey from Masterson’s, and it’s not like we’ve ever known you to turn down a drink (Friday)

2. Head into Black History Month by going to a talk on the book The Invention of the White Race. In this instance, the answer isn’t “Yakub did it.” (Friday)

3. See Eli Smith and Peter Siegel perform the songs of the American labor movement at the Jalopy Theater, because the unions deserve your support more than the plutocrats (Friday)

4. A pop-punk and emo dance party at Glasslands is a perfect place to feel a bunch of feels and sweat them out with vigorous dancing (Friday) (more…)

12/19/13 10:00am
the slackers

These nice young men would like to play you some ska music. via Facebook

1. Drop in to a writer’s clinic to get some real talk on your terrible manuscript and how to make it a little better (Friday)

2. Head to this Christmas party at Radio Bushwick, where if you bring Christmas lights you’ll get $2 off admission. Finally, they do something for you other than tangling you up in knots (Friday)

3. The Slackers’ annual holiday show features all the ska you can fit in a fedora, along with balls out reggae weirdo Uzimon (Friday)

4. It’s a burlesque/dance party/art exhibit called Dick the Halls and it promises orgasms. If you skip this, it’s your own damn fault (Friday) (more…)

11/11/13 2:59pm
"Altitude 304" French Soldiers in July 1917.

“Altitude 304″ — French Soldiers in July 1917.

Today is Veterans Day, a holiday to honor the men and women who have fought in combat while serving in the armed forces. Woodrow Wilson officially declared it a holiday to “be filled with solemn pride in the heroism of those who died in the country’s service,” and was originally designated Armistice Day, the first anniversary of the end of World War I (the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month).

Armistice Day was changed by law to Veterans Day in the 1950s after the Korean War once we realized that “the war to end all wars” failed to do just that. But why lump all veterans under one holiday? The new exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum (200 Eastern Parkway), WAR/PHOTOGRAPHY: Images of Armed Conflict and Its Aftermath, offers insight. (more…)

08/01/13 9:30am
Beck! At Prospect Park! via Facebook

Beck! At Prospect Park! via Facebook

1. Point Break is already a cult movie, so of course it’s also a cult stage show coming to the Bell House. Warning: you WILL get wet (Friday)

2. It’s Shark Week at the Rock Shop! No, not the Discovery Channel thing, they’re a garage band from DC. They should be just as fun as the cable Shark Week though (Friday)

3. It’s time for a mystery screening and mystery drinking game to go along with it at Videology’s “Bartender’s Choice Night“. You trust the bartender, don’t you? (Friday)

4. Greenwood Park is kicking out the kids and turning their big ‘ol yard into a big ‘ol dance party. Gonna be a lot of people making out in the graveyard after this one (Friday) (more…)

06/17/13 9:00am
Questlove, always looking towards that bright future

Questlove, always looking towards that bright future

1. James Bond is flying in all the way to the Huckleberry Bar From Russia with Love and boy are his arms tired (Monday)

2. The Secret Science Club is hosting a discussion on the future of robots and their terrifying future in our society and how they’re going to replace bartenders. But probably not Lena Dunham (Tuesday)

3. The Book Report is a game at the Beauty Bar where you make up whatever you can about a book you’ve never read. So basically like the third through eighth grade (Tuesday) (more…)

06/12/13 2:47pm
It's all gonna break. (via flickr user Planetgordon.com)

It’s all gonna break. (via flickr user Planetgordon.com)

Citi Bike is all sorts of terrible things, they some crazy people say, but it is quite the jobs creator. The ever-embattled bike share program’s got lots of open positions available in Brooklyn, from checkers to dispatchers to “outreach ambassadors,” so screw all those college kids who got full time jobs before they even graduated, eh? We’ve rounded up a few other available gigs that are ripe for the picking, too, so you can spend summer fighting your landlord for lower rent money in financial peace. (more…)

05/06/13 12:31pm
Via flickr user Loozrboy

Via flickr user Loozrboy

If those not-so-subtle emails from your mother with links to Kindle covers haven’t tipped you off yet, this Sunday is Mother’s Day, and it would probably behoove you to do something nice for the woman who birthed you, lest she spend the rest of the year reminding you she didn’t even get a sappy Hallmark card from you. Luckily, there are lots of things going on in Brooklyn this weekend, so if your loving matriarch’s headed over to these parts, you can celebrate her in style. Here are a few ideas. (more…)

04/08/13 3:16pm
Yeah, this job doesn't look too bad. (via flickr user Goosefriend)

Yeah, this job doesn’t look too bad. (via flickr user Goosefriend)

Oh hello, job hunters! Now that you’ve gotten off Craigslist, you’ve no doubt shut your computer and are going door-to-door begging some poor sucker to give you a job, ANY job, seriously, LOOKIT MY FACE, HOW CAN YOU REFUSE THIS FACE. We’ve been there, don’t worry. Luckily, there are a whole bunch of jobs opening up this season to get your summer rent in place — check them out below: (more…)