02/04/16 1:17pm
Cecil would like to be your man (#)

Cecil would like to be your man (#3) (pic by Jen Houston)

1. Get in the Black History Month groove with the kickoff of the monthlong Black Artstory series: Meet Me at the Gym, an evening of cultural expression and community building featuring the Ingersoll Youth Drumline, Gospel Group Manifest, Sophia Dawson and her Roller Skating Crew, and more. (Friday, Ingersoll Community Center, FREE)

2. See a new side of the Boys in Blue at To Protect, Serve, and Understand, a series of semi-improvised monologues and scenes performed by a group of both civilians and police officers. (Friday & Saturday, Irondale Center, FREE)

3. Fall goofily in love at Griff & Joe’s Valentine’s Day Lovetacular, with comedy and performances by ventriloquist Carla Rhodes and her paramour Cecil, “how-to” expert Matt Beacon, and musician Andy Shernoff. (Friday, Union Hall, $10) (more…)

01/20/16 10:00am
Free! Free! Free! via Flickr user Kent Wang

Free! Free! Free! via Flickr user Kent Wang

Brooklyn is a land of so much culture, with the beating heart of it found in the Brooklyn Museum (seriously though, they don’t tell you this, but there’s a literal giant beating heart pumping culture into the borough in a secret sub-basement in the museum). All that culture takes money, but sometimes you don’t have the cash to see it. Well, leave your squeamishness about giving tiny donations at the door behind, because starting Jan. 21, every Thursday night at the Brooklyn Museum will have free admission from 6pm to 10pm, per a press release from the Museum. (more…)

12/31/15 9:49am
Fire up the new year (#2) (pic by Remi Pann)

Fire up the new year! (#2) (pic by Remi Pann)

1. Start the new year with a new adventure: head to Videology to watch the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy back to back. (Friday, FREE)

2. Or start it off weird at the Coney Island Sideshow New Year’s Day, featuring sword-swallowing, contorting, nails in noses, and more delights. (Friday, $10)

3. Or start it off laughing at Picture This!, where illustrators animate comedians’ jokes in real time. (Friday, $8) (more…)

12/10/15 8:37am
Bye, Greg!

Bye, Greg!

Welcome to Thursday, or as I like to call it, “Workweek Friday.” It helps the week go by faster if you dumb names for the days of the week instead of what The Man wants you to call them. I could go over all the names with you, but I think it’s better use of both my time and yours to just present you with a bunch of fun things to do tonight on Workweek Friday Night, things found on the Brokelyn Event Calendar. It’s useful! (more…)

11/17/15 4:15pm
tk. All photos by Maria Travis

For now it’s not, but wait until someone shows up with a big enough briefcase full of cash. All photos by Maria Travis

“How about uptown funk?”

A young woman stands holding a trumpet by her side, asking her bandmates what they’d like to play to kick off the Brooklyn Anti-Gentrification Network (BAN)’s protest of the 6th Brooklyn Real Estate Summit, which took place inside the Brooklyn Museum this morning. The band laughs. They tune their instruments, playing a few notes together and then trailing into mindless chatter as folks start gathering in front of the museum.

They, along with other placard-toting hopefuls, are in generally good spirits at the BAN’s bright-and-early 7:30am protest call. Signs provided by the group tout gripes ranging from affordable housing, to gentrification, to #BlackLivesMatter. Some people are just holding Bernie Sanders campaign posters. (more…)

11/13/15 9:12am
These boxes are made for juggling (# ) (pic by Kirk Marsh)

These boxes were made for juggling (#18) (pic by Kirk Marsh)

1. Find out how long your love line is at Tarot Society Gallery’s High Five Salon, with palm-reading, dancing, and a ritual at midnight. (Friday, FREE)

2. Show your ’90s love at Videology with Clarissa Explains It All Trivia in celebration of the new Clarissa book by the show’s creator Things I Can’t Explain. (Friday, FREE)

3. Go Judy crazy at Morbid Anatomy, with a re-staging of a Judy Garland screen test, a talk on the cultural legacy of the Wizard of Oz, and a queer dance party called Judy. (Friday, $8) (more…)

11/12/15 3:03pm
OPERA FIGHT! via Facebook

OPERA FIGHT! via Facebook

Thursday night’s alright for fighting, so get a little action in. That’s the old song they sing, right? So anyway, you could stay home and watch the new Missy Elliot video on repeat the whole night, and I could respect that. On the other hand, it really would be good if you looked on the Brokelyn Events Calendar, called some friends and decided to do something. They miss you. (more…)

11/12/15 2:06pm
No, thank you. via Flickr user Bonnie Natko

No, thank you. via Flickr user Bonnie Natko

Unbeknownst to you, moments after you threw off your coat in your new apartment and sank into the couch thinking, “This is the last time I’ll ever have to move,” Brooklyn’s luxury realtors were already planning their revenge. You thought no one could possibly hike the rent on your 5th floor walkup, a 20-minute from the nearest G train stop? Think again.

The very terrible executives-only brand RealInsight is hosting their 6th annual Brooklyn Real Estate Summit on November 17 at the Brooklyn Museum, where the elite retail, condo and multifamily brokers will gather to eat the bones of children discuss ways in which they can further capitalize on the booming market.

Now if, like us, you don’t want to keep seeing folks get priced out of their homes, and you’ve got a vested interested in not being priced out of one yourself, then check out Brooklyn Anti-Gentrification Network (BAN)’s rebuttal: they’re picketing the event on November 17. And you can, too! Here are ways to get involved.  (more…)

11/06/15 8:58am
Ahhh, the underappreciated pennyfarthing (pic by Flickr user elisabet.s)

Ahhh, the underappreciated pennyfarthing (pic by Flickr user elisabet.s)

1. Start off Cider Week NYC at 61 Local, where Descendent Cider Co celebrates their first anniversary by launching a new cider. (Friday, FREE)

2. Show your bookish delight at the Bushwick Book Club’s Literary Love Fest, featuring new music inspired by Book Riot Live’s authors. (Friday, by donation)

3. See a very unique adaptation of Sleepy Hollow at Cloud City, done by Drama of Works with a half-dozen different types of shadow puppets. (Friday through Sunday, $15) (more…)

10/02/15 8:50am
Is it getting hot in here...? (Pic courtesy of Flambeaux Fire)

Is it getting hot in here…? (Pic courtesy of Flambeaux Fire)

1. We are very excited about the Parks Department’s outdoor October movies, which begin tonight at McCarren Park with Fright Night. (Friday, FREE)

2. Get trippy at the Rock Shop’s Electronic Music and Visual Experience, with performances by DJ/VJ TM5, redgreenblue, and I, Synthesist. (Friday, $10)

3. The whole weekend is full of Bushwick Film Fest, with screenings, panels, and more—plus use code BFF2015 to get 20% off. (Friday through Sunday, $12) (more…)