12/03/12 10:00am

The Vegan Holiday Shop-Up runs Dec. 8, 15, and 22 at Pine Box Rock Shop.

If you’re like me, you get stressed out when when December rolls around and its time to buy gifts for Hanukkah and Christmas. It seems like I have to buy for everyone– my parents, friends, bosses, boyfriends, girlfriends, secret crushes, the friendly neighbor that dog sits when you go away, kind people that do favors for me, etc. And, in case you forget someone, my trick is to have an extra gift handy because you never know when you’re going to need it. Luckily for us Brooklynites there are lots of ways to shop locally and support Brooklyn based artists, and keep away from the Manhattan tourists who want to see the tree and walk slowly down the sidewalks. Here are the best holiday markets in every neighborhood to keep your holiday season stress (and crowd) free. (more…)

10/19/12 7:31am

It’s cool, nothing ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING waiting for you on the other end. via DumboNYC

I know – you’re getting inundated with too much Halloween stuff right? No. Of course not. You should love Halloween and want to hear more about all the awesome stuff to be done. There are costume contests, carving contests, trivia contests, scary movies, scavenger hunts and murder theater and so, so many drink specials. To help navigate Brooklyn in October, here’s a list with ideas all laid out for you. So breathe, get it together, get ready and go forth. Prepare to play Frogger with the slutty pirates and nurses in order to make it from one party to the next. Take notes, make an itinerary and don’t stop until the candy corn vomit spews forth. I’m know I’m ready – I’ve been living in my Halloween costume for the past three months. Oh Nic Cage dressed up like sushi, this is your most delightful roll yet. (more…)

03/23/12 10:10am

From last year's Mutt Show, via Petside

If there ever was a pet show that speaks to our own Brokelyn hearts, it’s got to be the Brooklyn Mutt Show at the Lyceum this Saturday and Sunday. Billed as the “fun alternative” to all-too-huffy-and-stuffy, 1-percenty Westminster, the event will judge dogs on categories like “curliest tail,” “looks most like owner” and “Mayor Mike look-alike.” And of course, it’s open to an egalitarian mix of canines, from adopted pups to breeder pedigrees,  honoring this great melting pot of a nation that we love, because who is some fancy judge to tell you that your puppy rescued from the shelter isn’t as handsome as a $500,000 lhasa apso? Entering the competition costs 25 bones ($30 at the door), but you only need to make a $5 donation to attend. It’s sponsored by Brooklyn Bark Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Services, who will also be teaching classes on pet First Aid and CPR, along with other fundraising. Get the full details here.

03/01/12 3:40pm

If you’ve ever wanted to experience life in a ghost town (honestly, who hasn’t?) but don’t have patience or time to travel, the good people at the experimental theater company Ugly Rhino Productions are bringing a ghost town to Brooklyn. Starting tomorrow (March 2) and running every Friday for four weeks at the Brooklyn Lyceum, Ugly Rhino will present “Centralia: A Nice Place to Live,” a play about a real-life Mordor in the midst of the Middle Earth that is Pennsylvania. Since it’s experimental, admission includes six signature cocktails to pull you deeper into the story. And the best part for Brokelyn readers?  You get $5 off the price of the $25 admission for the shows tomorrow (3/2) and March 9 when you mention Brokelyn at the Centralia box office!

Background on Centralia: An underground mine fire began raging in 1962, and a network of old mines kept firefighters from putting it out. The fire continues to burn today. Almost of the residents fled when the government condemned the town, but nine hearty souls remained, and they’re the subjects of the play. (more…)

12/07/11 5:17pm

The Brooklyn Lyceum holiday market/Photo by Flickr's groundsel

As if Amazon’s anti-small-business tactics weren’t enough to convince you, here are more than a dozen reasons to ignore e-tailer spam and shop locally in Brooklyn. This year, holiday markets are popping up around Brooklyn like Swedish espresso shops, with added inducements like concerts, performances and booze. At Dekalb market, Santa’s even posing for photos in a shipping container. Beat that, internetz. Markets are free unless otherwise noted. (more…)

Warriors of Wrestling 2ITEM LAST UPDATED TUESDAY, 12:21 AM: We have no idea what Warriors of Wrestling is, but from the looks of this video, it’s a bunch of cheeseball amateurs of varying ages/day jobs/BMIs doing reverse pile drives at the Brooklyn Lyceum at 227 4th Ave. (Union Street) tomorrow night. Anyway, we could be all wet on this one, but the “Empire State Death Match” looks charming in a slightly-embarrassed-for-these-guys kind of way. Tickets are $15 (or $20 for front row, God help you). Doors open at 7 and the bell rings at 8. Click here to see the whole promo video in all of its low-rent glory. (more…)

01/25/10 5:27pm

Picture 11We’re not Park Slope Parents or anything, but give us a family show that costs $5 to see and we’ll pretend. That’s the very recession-friendly ticket price for the latest in Brooklyn Lyceum‘s ongoing children’s theatre series. “Robin Hood: Prince of…MONSTERS!” is a spooky twist on a classic tale, written by local playwright Daniel John Kelley. Second in a series dubbed Monster Literature, the show is performed by muppet-esque characters, runs about 35 minutes and is good for kids ages 5 and up. Performances Saturday & Sunday Feb. 13 & 14, and Sat. & Sunday Feb. 20 & 21. (We know we’re a little early, but with prices like these…) Tickets are available online at www.brooklynlyceum.com or at the door.

Brooklyn Lyceum 227 4th Ave., Park Slope, 718-857-4816. R train at Union Street.