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Using this space to say you s should really be listening to the new season of the Start Up Podcast. Image via Facebook

You should really be listening to the StartUp Podcast. Photo taken by Charlotte Christophervia Facebook

Suck it Silicon Valley! (The place, not the TV show) Brooklyn has the highest percentage of tech start ups with female heads in the country. According to a recent analysis done by Crunchbase, the national average for start up tech companies with at least one female founder is 15%, Brooklyn on it’s own is thirteen points higher at 28%. (more…)

08/12/14 11:44am
brooklyn industries

That could be you, telling people, “Hey, put that back.” via Facebook

So you saw all the BuzzFeed jobs, but shrugged, because media isn’t really your thing, fashion is. Usually we’d tell you not not to be picky, but what do you know, it’s paying off for once because Brooklyn Industries is having a job fair for management on Thursday at their Union Square store. Make sure you’re good as bossing people around, but doing it in a Brooklyn way, which we guess means shrugging while you tell someone to do something. (more…)

These colors come cheap. This time anyway. Via Flickr's J Cruz.

These colors come cheap. This time anyway. Via Flickr’s J Cruz.

Clothes! Can’t afford them, can’t live without them or you get a very lengthy jail sentence if you leave the house. Which is why it’s always nice to come across people selling their wares for dirt cheap. How cheap are we talking? Brooklyn Industries’ DUMBO store (70 Front Street) is having a sample sale Wednesday and Thursday with items starting at low as $10. $10! There are cocktails that cost as more than that! (more…)

04/24/13 1:53pm
We're so pretty oh so pretty

We’re so pretty oh so pretty

[UPDATE: 4/25: Brooklyn Industries’ CEO and co-founder weighs in in the comments below] Hey, remember the Vogue fashion shoot that put models in $40,000 dresses next to first responders who actually, y’know, helped the city recover from the storm? And how it felt kind of icky? Surely no one would be so shortsighted as to make that mistake again, right? Clearly we’ve underestimated the amount of people that look at a destroyed and still recovering neighborhood and think “Man, how like, artistic,” proven today by Brooklyn Industries using the Rockaways as a backdrop for their summer fashion line. (more…)

04/18/13 2:17pm
I scream, you scream, we all scream for zines. But hopefully you don't eat them after you get them

I scream, you scream, we all scream for zines. But hopefully you don’t eat them after you get them

1. Insane movie number one: The Story of Ricky, which features someone exploding a person’s head with their bare hands (Friday)

2. Insane movie number two: The Demon Lover, the story of when your occult party stops being polite and starts getting real and a demon starts murdering people (Friday)

3. Need 4/20 plans that don’t involve frisbee golf? We’ve got you covered, brah (Saturday) (more…)

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Do it with your shirt off for added authenticity.

Do it with your shirt off for added authenticity.

1. Honor Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream at BAM’s tribute to him (Monday)

2. Or by laughing along with Richard Pryor (Monday)

3. OR by learning improv. Little known fact: MLK was big on improv (Monday)

4. Check out some culture trivia sponsored by HuffPo. Make sure you know what time the Super Bowl starts (Tuesday) (more…)

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Does this design scream library lover to you?

Our feelings about Brooklyn Industries are forever mixed, particularly because of this very non-Brokelyn priced travesty, but this is a bit of karma for the company in a positive direction: the trendy clothier has started selling a shirt to support the Brooklyn Public Library. From now through May 7, 20 percent of the $28 shirt sales of the limited-edition shirt design for men, women and children will go to the library to help buy new books, DVDs and eBooks. It’s the company’s second of shirt collaboration with the library; other “for a cause” shirts available right now include this America The Beautiful one celebrating gay marriage to benefit a group that works with homeless LGBT youth and this “Jobs Forever” one that helps a group that helps bring technology to under-priveleged school kids (which is on sale for the downright cheap BI price of $10). The library, in case you didn’t know, is always in need of money for more books. If this whole shirt scheme strikes you sour, you can always donate to the library directly here.

02/23/12 9:05am

Via Flickr's J Cruz.

We’re conflicted about Brooklyn Industries: they make damn fine snuggly cotton hoodies, and I like a company that offers a lifetime warranty on its bags. The clothes on the other hand, can be pretty pricey (and then there’s this awful rip off). But if you like em’ you are in luck this week: Brooklyn Industries is having a huge warehouse sale through the end of the month at its Chelsea Manhattan location, and online. The in-store sale features 40 percent off already reduced sale prices on clothing, and an additional 20 percent off outerwear. Last night, I found a wide variety of both men’s and women’s sizes, and the store was mostly empty allowing me to shop without any other fellow bargain hunters grabbing the last in MY SIZE seconds before me.  (more…)

03/02/11 12:38pm

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