02/12/10 5:34pm

brokenheartEver save an old cell phone because you couldn’t bear to part with an old love’s texts? Or maybe you’re still holding on to flowers, claw machine toys, crumpled love notes, mix tapes and other tokens from partners past? Well, here’s your chance to use your sentimental junk for something other than self-pity: Tomorrow, Saturday, Feb. 13, the Brooklyn Artists Gym will be hosting “BAGGAGE Claim,” a swap meet where you can “gain some closure and walk away emancipated”—and pick up someone else’s baggage too. The evening’s also the opening of  “Me and You and You and Me,” a relationship-themed art show by feistberger with Rylee Eterginoso. The 6 p.m. event is $3 and half of all proceeds go to the Doctors Without Borders effort in Haiti. So, suck it up on Valentine’s Day eve and head on over to 168 7th St.—you might even catch that special, comparably-damaged someone on the rebound. More info here.

02/01/10 1:17pm
Idiotarod 2010, photos by Brad Gilley

Idiotarod 2010, photos by Brad Gilley

It’s not the grueling race of sleds, dogs and their hard-driving masters through the frigid wilds of Alaska. It’s more like a bunch of costumed New Yorkers with pimped-out shopping carts racing their way for scavenger-hunt glory through the streets of Brooklyn and Queens. Saturday was the seventh annual Idiotarod, where over 400 fierce competitors braved 17-degree weather and raced in teams from Williamsburg’s Cooper Park to Rainey Park in Astoria. The point? Hit up all the checkpoints, avoid other teams’ sabotage attempts (a time-honored tradition) and finish the race. (more…)

01/26/10 12:41pm
Why not wire... some shoes? Pumps by Poly Verity.

Why not wire some summer shoes? Pumps by Poly Verity.

Annie get your glue gun: NYC Resistor, a hacker collective located in downtown Brooklyn (397 Bridge St., Floor 5), is saying goodbye to its old space with a 48-hour hack-a-thon starting Friday, Feb. 12, at 6 p.m. To those unfamiliar with the concept of a hack-a-thon, think cyberpunk knitting circle where you can end up with a wristwatch, new speaker, tricked-out Ham radio, mysterious brain wave machine or other novel gadget. (more…)

01/22/10 4:42pm

diego2Come for the lecture on Mexican Modernism, leave with free tickets to the Museum of Modern Art. Put on your listening shoes for the Brooklyn Public Library’s art appreciation lecture tomorrow, Jan. 23, at Grand Army Plaza; stay until the end, fill out a survey and you’ll receive a free five-person pass to the MoMA ($100 value, and good for the Tim Burton exhibition). Seems like a bribe, we know, but the lecture itself does sound pretty cool.

Tomorrow’s free 4 p.m. talk will be with MoMA’s Diana Bush on art created during and after the Mexican Revolution of 1910-1917. Bush will cover the works of Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo and others. And next Saturday, Jan. 30, also at 4, Bush’ll be back (as will the free ticket opportunity) for the multimedia work of Gabriel Orozco. If the talks whet your appetite for a trek to the museum, the pass will soften the blow of the subway fare. Info here.

"W" by Karen Eve Friedland will be part of the tour

"W" by Karen Eve Friedland will be part of the tour

Sure, we’re just a little partial when it comes to the neighborhood, but how could we not be when it’s such a perfect place for a fall stroll… and that’s without any art. We’re more than justified then in putting in a word for this weekend’s Flatbush Artists Studio Tour, at which 23 local artists will display their creations in homes, stores and other spaces around “Victorian” Flatbush. The second annual tour will include everything from sea urchin necklaces to anatomical glass paintings to some good old realist still-life. You also can use the two-day, self-guided event to catch up on any new goddess creations at the year-round studio of our favorite iPhone-app guru, Kris Waldherr. The tour is free (unless you buy something, of course), and it’s from 11 to 4 on Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 7 and 8. Tour map and more info here. On your way home, check out the manse featured in the just-launched Albemarle Renovation blog from Brownstoner. All considered, those pre-Edisonian electrical panels look like enviable problems to have.

Photo by Nocturnetable

Photobucket image by Nocturntable

With Halloween checked off the ’09 holiday list, our fake blood and platinum wig put away, the culinary bounty of Thanksgiving is fast approaching. To help prepare for the meal of the year, Brooklyn Events is presenting fall-themed cooking classes all month in Park Slope. Soups are next week’s theme, followed by Thanksgiving sides and, finally (naturally), desserts. The $25 pricetag might be harder to swallow than those free squash soup instructions online, but an oil-smeared recipe from Epicurious can’t match the camaraderie of a class (or tell you what, exactly, a “slow simmer” means). And it’s way cheaper than all those Manhattan cooking schools. (more…)

flying machine

Flying contraption broken? Help is available.

If necessity is the mother of invention, then poverty is the abusive stepfather of home repairs. And don’t we know it—you can’t afford to buy new speakers in this throw-away culture, so you ghetto-rig your old ones back to life with paperclips, clothes pins and enough masking tape to preserve an Egyptian king (yes, this totally worked); or you resort to staples to get a few more days out of your rapidly degenerating jeans (not that we’ve ever done that). But DIY chic is, well, tres chic in Brooklyn, and two upcoming events seek to help you realize that, like in those dark ages when people’s hands were used for something beyond a touch-screen phone, You Have the Power to fix it, make it, hack it or rehab it (and maybe keep some of that hazardous E-waste out of the landfill). (more…)