11/16/15 11:02am
You are going to make so many new friendsicles. via Facebook

You are going to make so many new friend-sicles. via Facebook

Just this past Friday, we told you a catlady craft night was coming to Brooklyn. And while you were Sunday brunching, something magical happened: Brokelyn got its hands on on two shiny tickets to Brooklyn Craft Company’s feline affair — and naturally, we’re giving them away to one lucky reader!

ICYMI in our last post, Catlady Craft Night is a themed DIY crafting party for cat-lovers. Projects will include cat rings, tote bags, needlepoint and more, as well as a kitty-cuddling and adoption lounge hosted by Brooklyn Animal Action. You can socialize with your fellow catladies alongside cocktails and music (Careless Whiskers, anyone?). All crafting materials are provided.

This is a pretty sweet giveaway, since the tickets are valued at almost $200. All you’ve got to do to enter is sign up for our mailing list between now and midnight on Thursday. We’ll pick a name by lottery and announce the winner first thing on Friday. (more…)

11/13/15 2:08pm
Okay, it's pretty cute. via FB

Okay, it’s pretty cute. via FB

Well, hope you’re happy. You made a fuss over Brooklyn’s first cat café, and then you went and cuddled those kittens so hard,  and you deemed cats the true spirit animal of the anti-manspreading movement. And because of all that, Brooklyn Craft Company has seen it fit to bring back its Catlady Craft Night next Saturday. Hope you’re satisfied.

10/28/15 2:24pm
And on the 7th day God said, 'leather be light.' Just kidding, he actually said, take these Coursehorse classes.

On the 7th day God said, ‘leather be light.’ Kidding, he actually said ‘take these Coursehorse classes.’ via BK Shoe Space

Okay, guys, it’s almost November. This is the big leagues; late fall isn’t for sissies. This is the time where you either nut up and lean into the season, or crawl into your bed and try to hibernate until May. Spoiler alert: the second one doesn’t work. In order to help you survive the madness, we’re bringing you a roundup of fall-core activities that are sure to raise you up as the crafty, autumn-savvy demigod you are.

Besides learning a new skill, signing up for classes through Brokelyn helps us keep the lights on. Lucky for you, we have good taste. This week, we’ve got crafts, crafts and more crafts.  (more…)

10/14/15 10:01am
You wanna be that free spirit snapping pics of trees? You should probably practice. Photo by Rula Sibai

You wanna be that free spirit snapping pics of trees? You should probably practice. Photo by Rula Sibai

It’s Fall, y’all. The leaves are changing, and so are you! This is a season of wistful endings and new beginnings, not to mention the gratuitous imbibing of pumpkin beer. And in order to help make sure you’re taking full advantage of the autumn hour, we rounded up 5 of the falliest fall courses worth checking out on CourseHorse.

In addition to teaching you valuable life skills like cooking, knitting and what-have-you, booking any of these courses through us helps keep the wheels on the Brokesmobile a-turning. Hey, it’s a karmic boost and a new talent all wrapped up in one! (more…)

04/20/15 2:16pm
This could be you, just making everything

This could be you, just making everything yourself.

Spring is here and we’re green with plans for change and personal growth, cutting our jeans into jorts, potting herbs on the fire escape again (despite having neglected them last year and every year before that) and designing our own swimsuits, or at least thinking about it. Well, here’s another opportunity to begin anew: Brooklyn Craft Company is giving away $250 to spend on classes and kits, exclusively to Brokelyn subscribers. (more…)
09/25/14 2:43pm
Clear out the crafts you don't use and make room for some that you will!

Clear out the craft supplies you don’t use and make room for some that you will!

Do you have a box in your room that’s overflowing with craft supplies you’ve never touched, or projects you never found the time to finish, you’re afraid to even open it? Well, it’s not doing you any good sitting there in a tangled heap. You’re never going to string together those sea glass beads, and that periwinkle yarn is not a color that you’d ever wear as a scarf around your neck. What if you could trade in your as of yet un-crafted craft stuffs for supplies that catch your more immediate fancy, relieving your guilt and making some putative lover-of-periwinkle’s day? Well, this Wednesday night you can exchange pins for needles and felt for denim, and the like, at Brooklyn Craft Company’s Craft Supply Swap. (more…)

brooklyn craft company

You could make one of those adorable dog things! via Facebook

Feeling the need, the need to create? It can strike at any time, and if you don’t have a bunch of doodads and bits and yarn to make things with, you could find yourself driven crazy by the urge. We’ve got an outlet for those urges though, because the Brooklyn Craft Company (61 Greenpoint Avenue) is having a crafting party with nine different kinds of crafting projects this month, where you can glue, embroider and knit to your heart’s content. (more…)

a shot from Greenpointers 2013 Spring Market

A shot from Greenpointers 2013 Spring Market

Get excited: this is the time of year when we all collectively slough off months of social dormancy and reacquaint ourselves with humanity by attending a million events and fairs and festivals all piled on top of each other. It might feel a little overwhelming but once it gets warm there’s nothing in the word that can touch us, right? In addition to the return of the Brooklyn Flea and Smorgasburg, our friends at Greenpointers have announced the vendors for their annual Spring Market Sunday, April 13 from 1 pm-7 pm at Greenpoint Loft.


01/16/14 8:00am
An interview with NY1's Pat Kiernan at Late Night Basement

An interview with NY1’s Pat Kiernan at Late Night Basement

Get your event featured here by listing it on our events page!

1. Get lucky at Poker Night at Branded Saloon. [Friday]

2. Repent, repent for all the live music you haven’t been seeing and check out Pixies cover band The Shitty Pixies play the Rock Shop. [Friday]

3. Hear from the creators of web series High Maintenance at Late Night Basement at Pine Box Rock Shop, a Brokelyn-sponsored event. [Friday]

4. Attend a monthly workshop for Black Female Tech Start-up Entrepreneurs at Launchpad, hosted by Founders of Beau Exchange, with food catered by Breukelen Coffeehouse. [Saturday]

5. Learn to knit for free at Come Get Stitchy With Us at Brooklyn Craft Company in Greenpoint. [Saturday]

6. Go see Brooklyn-based duo Isle of Rhodes play at Spike Hill Bar. [Saturday]

7. Celebrate David Bowie’s birthday at Feeling Gloomy’s Cheer Up, Bowie dance party at Grand Victory. [Saturday]

8. Read a story you’ve completed or a work-in-progress, throw back $6 beer-and-a-shot specials like a real writer for Literate Sunday at The Plank Bar. [Sunday]

9. Eat $1 oysters from Fishers Island, then learn about the history of NYC’s oysters at a talk by the Center for Investigative Research at The Diamond Bar. [Sunday]

10. See alt-country group The Nightmares of Nashville, plus Michaela Anne, Omega, Sirius Moon and Grundel Thunder at the Paper Box. [Sunday]

11. Practice figure drawing to a live model at at Macri Park Bar’s weekly Drink and Draw . [Sunday]

01/14/14 9:31am
NBD, just  some babes having a ball (of yarn)

You and your babe friends, in stitches.

If ever there were a time to pick up knitting, it would be this winter. But not everybody has a grandma in town, those knitting circles don’t actually exist, classes are expensive and you really have to be in the mood to watch instructional Youtube videos. What if you could just grab a pair of needles and have a go? This weekend’s your chance: Greenpoint’s Brooklyn Craft Company is hosting a free knitting open house this Saturday from 11 am to 4 pm. They’ll provide instruction, plus yarn and needles, so all you have to do is show up with your crafty, do it yourself, self. (more…)