04/04/16 2:43pm
The Faguettes are birds of a delightfully queer feather (#) (pic by Krys Fox)

The Faguettes: birds of a divinely queer feather (#6) (pic by Krys Fox)

1. Proving your M-A-S-T-E-R-Y of O-R-T-H-O-G-R-A-P-H-Y at the last-ever Williamsburg Spelling Bee, which is going out proud after 12 freaking years. Finale events include cake, a spelling cocktail, prizes, and party music by Yazan. (Monday, Pete’s Candy Store, FREE)

2. Dependably great comedy show Side Ponytail is going from monthly to weekly, to keep you laughing more often. Tonight’s jokesters will be Josh Gondelman, Carolyn Castiglia, Emily Winter, Adam Palmeter, and Chelsea Taylor. (Monday, Over the Eight, FREE)

3. Come hungry to Feast Bed-Stuy, a food crawl along Malcolm X Blvd with food and booze deals from a half-dozen restaurants and cafés, from pizza to tequila to “salmon Slavic sandwiches.” (Tuesday, Bed-Stuy, FREE) (more…)

12/10/14 11:08am
mta fare hikes

Artist’s rendition of how the meeting will probably go

Like it or not (most likely “not”), 2015 is coming with another fare hike courtesy of the MTA. At 4%, we suppose the pice hike could be worse, since it can always be worse, but you still might not be happy about it. If you’re not, you’ve got a chance to tell representatives from the MTA that you don’t, and they have to sit there and listen to you, because a public meeting on the fare hikes is coming to Brooklyn tomorrow. Practice shaking your fist at authority figures now, so that you have it just right at the hearing. (more…)

11/18/14 10:37am
Brooklyn College Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema

If you went to school here, you’d be in class by now. Also you’d be late to class, hurry up! via Brooklyn College

Many moons ago, we told you all about how a graduate film program was coming to the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and then fewer moons ago we told you about how the director of 21 Jump Street (the TV show) was going to be the president of said school. Now we can give you the most important piece of the news about the Navy Yard film school: They’re taking applications to be part of their inaugural class. Oh, and the Brooklyn College Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema, as it’s known as, is also way way way cheaper than other film schools around the country. Plus you get the added bonus of staying in New York, which is a great place! (more…)

mandela long walk to freedom

He walked, but you don’t have to.

Summer is (sob) ending, which also means the end of free outdoor movies (except you, Habana Outpost, we see you). If summer those series have to end though, they may as well go out with a bang, at least that’s what carribBEING seems to think, because they’re ending their summer movie season with a double feature. Not only do you get Idris Elba playing Nelson Mandela in Mandela: A Long Walk to Freedom, but before that, they’ll also show Project 2×1, a documentary about Crown Heights’ West Indian and Hasidic communities. All for free! All for you! Well, and the other people who show up. (more…)

04/23/14 10:10am
vision zero

“See, if we just rip up all the streets here, here and here, cars won’t be able to hit anyone.” via Department of Transportation

Out of all of Mayor Tall’s cockamamie ideas that he swept into office on, the craziest-sounding one might be Vision Zero, his insistence that the city can reduce traffic deaths to zero. Of course we’d all like that, but in this city of jaywalkers, red-light running cyclists and drivers that drive like going under 45mph will cause them to have a fatal brain hemorrhage, it seems unrealistic. Still, the mayor’s committed to it, so the Department of Transportation is holding a number of public meetings on Vision Zero, starting with this week and next week in Brooklyn. Because we’re the best. (more…)

12/21/12 11:12am
We can always use another Spike Lee.

We can always use another Spike Lee.

Brooklyn is stocking up on movie theaters, but what if you don’t just want to watch the movie, you want to make those ghostly haunting images yourself? Tired of those hotshot jerks from Hollywood grabbing all the celluloid glory, the city is supporting the opening of the Brooklyn College Graduate School of Cinema at Steiner Studios, in the Navy Yard.  (more…)

01/13/11 2:22pm

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Jay-Z secretly invests in downtown BK wing joint [TMZ]
C’MON! Arrested Development party returns tonight [Bell House]
BK College commits student to psych ward for two weeks [Gothamist]
Flatbush native helping rebuild school in Haiti [NBC]
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Higher art at Williamsburg bong gallery [NY Press]

Ben Lerman UkuleleWe’re big fans of Mr. Ben Lerman — crazy-talented ukulelist, comedian, Kensington resident and friend of Brokelyn in myriad ways. Now the recent NYMag approval matrix sensation is recording a new video — and you’re invited. Lerman is looking for volunteer “fashionistas” (people who would look at home in the audience of a fashion show) to populate the audience of his Brooklyn shoot Jan. 26. Here are the details: (more…)

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Photo by Stephen Baldwin

Update: Saturday’s safari has been CANCELLED due to the snow. Check back for the next safari in February (date TBA)

You’ve probably heard they’re here; you may have even craned your neck to catch a squawking flash of green up above. Brooklyn’s got parrots. As legend has it, the early avian settlers escaped from a container at JFK Airport back in the ’60s. Now, they’re practically a native species to the NYC environs, and Brooklyn’s become home to more than its fair share. This Saturday, Jan. 8, one of our local parrot ambassadors is leading a free Wild Brooklyn Parrot Safari to see the birds. Whether BK’s parrots are news to you and you’ve gotta get a glimpse, or you’ve just never known how to spot the famous flying Argentines, this weekend’s your chance. (more…)

03/10/10 11:02am

Picture 16If being able to type 90WPM is the most impressive computer skill you have, it may be difficult (i.e. impossible) to stay competitive in today’s hyper-digital workplace. Knowing how to use Photoshop, InDesign, FinalCut Pro and other programs can be beneficial when applying to jobs or landing freelance gigs. Though Pratt has an amazing list of computer graphics courses for the serious (and well-funded) student, some of us just want to dabble. So we did a price check to find the best rates on digital-design and video-editing classes around town. Got another lead? Please let us know in the comments. (more…)