05/13/15 9:19am
anyway cafe

Lambchops at Anyway Cafe? Do it, they’re 15% off. via Facebook

Now that the summer is here and you have to factor things like outdoor drinking, beach trips and sunscreen into your budget, you might be thinking that going out to eat might have to fall by the wayside. No sense in worrying about that next week though, because the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce wants everyone to go check out the borough’s huge selection of Russian and Eastern European restaurants, so they’ve established Brooklyn’s first Russian Restaurant Week. That means even you, the humble brokester, can spend a week eating out, since participating restaurants are offering prix fixes and discounts on your meal. (more…)

12/01/14 2:14pm
Just skip to the happy ending

Just skip to the happy ending

With all these shiny new rich people moving in to town, Brooklyn’s ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future are already pretty overworked guilting people into being kind and generous and toning down their bah humbugs. These poor ghosts may not have time to make it to you this season, what with weekend subway service and all. To give them a hand, we’re here to remind you now is the time to help out some of the folks in the city who don’t have enough to get by.

The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce has teamed up with six food banks and soup kitchens for Brooklyn Eats Cares, a fundraiser to to help out people who are having a tough time putting food on the table, so there’s one way to do it. Even better, you just have to open your wallets and don’t have to leave the house. (more…)

07/01/14 10:08am
brooklyn made badge

Hint: You want to shoot for gold. Gold is the best. via Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce Tumblr

Everyone wants in on the whole “slap Brooklyn on the name and everyone loves you” phenomenon, whether we’re talking about bars in foreign lands or children. There’s nothing like the real thing though, so in the tradition of “Made in the USA” stamps and “Kosher” symbols, the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce will now slap a fancy “Brooklyn Made” badge on your product. Well, they’ll do it as long as you actually make the thing in Brooklyn. (more…)

05/12/14 12:30pm

Sponsored By Explore Brooklyn.

All of Brooklyn in one place.

Created By BlankSlate

The hottest borough in NYC finally has the tourism website it deserves.

On May 9, 2014, at the BKLYN Designs fair, the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with Brooklyn technology firm BlankSlate, officially launched Explore Brooklyn, Brooklyn’s first dedicated tourism site. ExploreBK.com brings together a dynamic, front-page directory of every business and attraction in Brooklyn, an events calendar, and a blog about don’t-miss destinations written by the area’s best local writers — all designed to serve as an invaluable resource for visitors and residents alike.

Explore Brooklyn kicked off its blog with the post “What to do after you walk across the Brooklyn Bridge,” a question many of you may have answered for visiting friends, or tourists wandering around Brooklyn Heights and Dumbo. This is followed by posts telling visitors where to find great coffeeoutstanding museums, and souvenirs that are actually cool.

“We don’t want all those visitors walking across the bridge to turn around and go back to Manhattan,” explained Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce president and CEO, Carlo Scissura. “We want them to stay a while and get to know the Brooklyn that we know and love.”

12/03/13 9:46am
food drive

Let’s put this one to shame. via Flickr user Jinx!

It can be hard to remember sometimes, but the holiday season is about more than buying crap for your friends and family and drinking yourself into oblivion with your co-workers. After all, if you’re privileged enough to be able to do things like that, it couldn’t hurt to give back, whether by volunteering or, in a much simpler act of kindness, donating to a food drive. The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce has set up Brooklyn Eats Cares, a food drive with food banks and companies around Brooklyn, so stop by any one of them and donate something. Something good, not those possibly Soviet-era string beans you found when you moved into your apartment. (more…)

05/01/13 1:30pm
Is a loan all that's holding you back from being the next Bedford Cheese Shop? (via flickr user A.J. Candy)

Is a loan all that’s holding you back from being the next Bedford Cheese Shop? (via flickr user A.J. Candy)

If you’ve been sitting on a brilliant plan for a bike-thru craft beer bar ‘n shop for the past couple of years (RIGHT THOUGH??), maybe now’s the time to get it off the ground. Today, the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce announced they’re launching something called “The Brooklyn Fund” with the New York Business Development Corporation, and it’s designed to help small business owners in the borough get better loans. Get your bikes and growlers ready, folks, BECAUSE THIS CHICK’S GETTING A LOAN. (more…)

01/18/13 1:09pm
Be the person who makes brunch or who serves it. And one day, be the person who eats it and finishes all the mimosas. Photo via RunawayBrit.

Be the person who makes brunch or who serves it. And one day, be the person who eats it and finishes all the mimosas. Photo via RunawayBrit.

Someone wants you to find a job. We know that sounds kind of unbelievable, especially if you’ve already spent your whole morning scrolling through pages and pages of Craigslist ads waiting for someone to finally email you back about that bartending job that you’re not actually qualified for. But it’s true. Good Help, brought to you by the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, has been hooking up the unemployed with Brooklyn-based businesses since March of last year, and so far it’s been going pretty well. You can find a whole bunch of stuff here, whether you’re an electro-mechanic or a TA or a CHEF THAT LOVES TO COOK BRUNCH! But those aren’t the only jobs out there. (more…)

12/20/12 1:00pm
Not just a biscuit, but a driver of our economic engine. Photo by Sarah Gainer

Not just a biscuit, but a driver of our economic engine. Photo by Sarah Gainer

Those lengua tacos that you and your foodie friends found out about from the people who know those things is just the tip of iceberg in Brooklyn. A new report from the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce shows that the borough’s “Food Chain”—the sum total of all of our groceries, restaurants, cafes and food manufacturers—makes up for a whopping 12.5% of BK’s private jobs. That means that one in eight of the businesses in the borough is dedicated to bringing you gustatory bliss by way of bone marrow, vegan comfort food and Counter Culture coffee, along with every other conceivable ethnic and regional specialty and cuisine. (more…)

04/26/12 10:09am

Yes, it really is Poem in Your Pocket day. How about one by this handsome guy?

• Vinegar Hill: Party with Poets at powerHouse Arena

• Gowanus: Record a podcast with The Voice of the Gowanus, others

• Downtown: Find out if Brooklyn is really sustainable with the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce

• Park Slope: Explore your unconscious mind with the Secret Science Club

• Park Slope: Party like it’s 1948 at Jonathan Safran Foer’s congregation

• Bed-Stuy: Get your P-funk on at an old-school listening party at Bedford Hill

There’s gobs more on our Brooklyn Events Calendar, where you can also post your own event.