06/02/16 10:03am

Brokelyn Last month, Brooklyn’s first permanent cat cafe opened in Brooklyn Heights where you can go snuggle with cats for $5 per half hour/pay $5 to have a historically violent 30-minute allergy attack. Now the Brooklyn Cat Cafe has upped the cute factor by installing a 24/7 kitten cam, which, according to DNAinfo, is focused on five-week-old kittens named Jem, Rumple and Jelly romping around their “kitten terrarium”with mother Grizbella until they’re eight weeks old. Gaze in catatonic wonder at the kitten cam and it’s soothing playfulness, no Claritin required.  (more…)

They're already fitting in purr-fectly

They’re already fitting in purr-fectly

As we all know, Manhattan has not just one, but two cat cafes. The nerve of that expensive borough hogging all the cat cafes in this city just makes our blood boil. But oh what’s this? A pop-up cat cafe is coming to Brooklyn starting this weekend, just in time for cuddling season. So long Manhattan, we don’t need you for a damn thing anymore (except most of your jobs we guess)! (more…)