10/20/16 2:25pm
Get witchy with Reverend Mother Flash (#4)

Get witchy with Reverend Mother Flash (#4)

1. Booze it up at this month’s BHS Free Friday: Oktoberfest, with Brooklyn beer history from the archives, a beer tasting with Brooklyn Brewery, a screening of Beauty and the Beer, and more. (Friday, Brooklyn Historical Society, FREE)

2. Giggle demurely at LAWL: Ladies and Women Laughing, an all-gal comedy show with Jenny Nelson, Keisha Zollar, Rachel Joravsky, and Nayomi Reghay. (Friday, New Women Space, $10)

3. Go on an odd journey to Wonder Island: The Pointless Sock Pursuit, which promises capers, historical artifacts, tight coconuts, and more strangeness. (Friday, Cloud City, $5) (more…)

10/19/16 11:20am
unnamed (1)

Check out One More Bite, Brooklyn Based Kids’ first event, this Sunday in Gowanus.

Calling all foodies big and small! Brooklyn Based Kids is throwing its first-ever family food fair, One More Bite, this Sunday (Oct. 23), 11-3pm at The Green Building in Gowanus. Throughout the day you’ll be sampling good food together from nearly 20 food vendors, farmers, and entrepreneurs, many of whom will also lead hands-on activities for the kids, like tracking Monarch butterflies and “food coloring” with Private Picassos. Upon trying each new food and activity, kids will get a stamp in their One More Bite passbook, and pick a treat of their choice at the end for their efforts. (more…)

05/24/16 8:22am
Brooklyn Based's Immersion series comes to Long Island City on June 4.

Brooklyn Based’s Immersion series comes to Long Island City on June 4. Photo by Alison Brockhouse.

Long Island City is the next stop in Brooklyn Based’s Immersion series with Brooklyn Brewery, and like all of their neighborhood Immersions, it will be one of the cheapest days you’ll ever spend in NYC, drinking, eating and shopping.

The Immersion begins at LIC Bar at noon on June 4, where your hosts will be handing out free swag to those who check in before 1pm (and where the Queens Beer Book will be on sale too!). You won’t have to travel far for your next pint, as you head to Gantry Bar & Kitchen to Woodbines to Corner Bistro for all of your free Brooklyn beers (you get four in all). The restaurants where you can redeem your lunch are close and picturesque, too — you can eat in the backyard at L’Inizio, along the waterfront with drop-dead views at Anable Basin Sailing Bar & Grill, or at the new Gantry Bar & Kitchen.

Inside the envelope of “walking around money” you get to spend in Long Island City during the Immersion are bills that guarantee free gifts and discounts on sliders, souffles and other treats, jewelry, vintage finds, snowballs (yes, snowballs), and more goods at places like Sweetleaf, Pink Canary, and the outdoor LIC Flea & Food. The price for four Brooklyn beers, lunch, and all the deals below is just $25. (more…)

03/08/16 2:47pm
Bulleit is coming to Wedding Crashers on Sunday, to soothe every couple’s nerves. Photo: Bulleit Frontier Whiskey

Bulleit is coming to Wedding Crashers on Sunday, to soothe every couple’s nerves. Photo: Bulleit Frontier Whiskey

Remember when we compiled a list of 17 ways to save money on your Brooklyn wedding? Four of the vendors who offered up those ingenious tips are coming to Wedding Crashers, Brooklyn Based’s annual wedding show, this Sunday. We can’t promise that every vendor you meet at The Green Building and 501 Union on March 13 will fit your budget, but with nearly 80 wedding pros on site — including 14 caterers and food trucks — you will definitely walk away inspired (and full. Seriously, just skip brunch.) And if at any point you start to panic at the running total in your head, just belly up to the Bulleit bar for bourbon and rye cocktails to soothe your nerves. (more…)

10/30/15 8:39am
Expert panels abound at Indie Media Camp 2014. If selected, we'll send you to the 2015 conference for free!

Expert panels abound at Indie Media Camp. If selected, we’ll send you to camp for free!

It’s a tough professional cycle out there — in order to get experience you need a job, and vice versa. That’s why we’re proud to introduce our first-ever Indie Media Scholarship, which will send two upstarts to Brooklyn Based’s coveted Indie Media Camp on Wednesday, Nov. 4.

06/30/15 4:34pm
Get out there and...sit down and drink outdoors at Lock Yard. Via Facebook.

Get out there and…sit down and drink outdoors at Lock Yard. Via Facebook.

Summer is here and that means it’s time to wander around somewhere with a pleasant buzz and a full belly, right? Right. At least that’s what we like doing during the summer. It’s even better if someone lays out the stroll for you, because it’s too damn hot to think. Lucky for you, the Total Bay Ridge Immersion is coming up and that means that Brooklyn Based has laid out exactly where in Bay Ridge you should go to get that buzz and full belly, and it looks like they picked some good spots. (more…)

Who's got two thumbs and is ready to party with bloggers? via the Brooklyn Chem

The scene at last year’s party. Who’s got two thumbs and is ready to party with bloggers? via the Brooklyn Chem

So it’s bright and shiny outside when it isn’t gray and rainy. It’s still really close to Christmas, even if the weather thinks we’re in the middle of spring in Scotland. And there’s nothing better about Christmas than the parties. One of which is being held by ourselves and our bloggers-in-arms, Fucked in Park Slope, the skint and Brooklyn Based, Thursday at 7:30 at Littlefield. Oh, did you think I was gonna say the gifts are the best part of Christmas? Yeah, I’m Jewish, so I wouldn’t know. (more…)

03/20/12 1:57pm
$20 bill

Will you put your Jacksons into action?

File this under ideas we’re open to but not sure about. This Saturday (March 24) is National Cash Mob day, which is designed to get people to spend money at local businesses. Amy Cortese, the Brooklyn-based author of Locavesting, is spearheading Brooklyn’s first on-the-spot shopping spree at an as yet undisclosed Park Slope business. To join in, show up at Tea Lounge at 4 p.m. on Saturday with $20 in your pocket to spend at mystery shop, plus a few more if you want to go drinking with the crew afterwards. Our friends at Brooklyn Based have the whole story here.

12/20/11 10:01am

Merry boobsmas!

You’ve been reading lots of gift guides here, from gifts for foodies, gifts from Pinterest and gifts under $25. What about when you don’t have $25 to spend? Like, when you’re down to pocket change? Our friends at Brooklyn Based did some comprehensive scouring of 99 cents stores to find things you can actually give. The cool finds include painted carafes, cheap pots, margarita glasses, some “flesh colored, squishy boobies with hard pink nipples, as fun to hold and squeeze as the real things,” and much more. Put the right bow on it and no one will even know you shopped at a store with the price in the name.

12/19/11 11:48am

Santa knows you've been naughty. And he likes it.

Thursday’s No Office Holiday Party had so many highlights: those high-quality photos from Shootbooth and their 100-year old camera; Kurt Braunohler turning your workplace horror stories into comedy gold or the jams of DJ Colleen Crumbcake that kept everyone dancing way past curfew. For us, the highlight might have been the 10-person Team Brokelyn live-band karaoke rendition of Blister in the Sun, which might have shook the stage (and scared the band) a little. You can relive the freelance-fueled fun via these pictures from our friends at The Brooklyn Chemistry, who documented all the singing, dancing, sexy Santa (and Santa-ess) loving evening. A few of our favorites below! (more…)