04/13/17 3:21pm
Photo by Sam Howzit / Flickr

Photo by Sam Howzit / Flickr

Break-ups: they happen to us all, and it happens to our besties. So what are we (as good friends) supposed to do? Distract. Nothing really heals a broken heart like time. So while they are counting down the hours to happiness, let’s bring in the fun (with optimal spaces to cry openly in public when needed)! (more…)

09/02/15 12:57pm
Shell bean is very big this fall, trust us. via the Brooklyn Bar Menu Generator

Shell bean is very big this fall, trust us. via the Brooklyn Bar Menu Generator

We obviously have plenty of love for a lot of the Brooklyn bars out there, but sometimes it feels like bar menus in Edison bulb-lit drinking holes are just pulling their combinations out from a random algorithm. If you’ve been thinking that you want to open a Brooklyn bar and make a menu that’s the toast of the food world, but lack that same algorithm, we’ve got great news for you. Some denizen of the internet has put together the Brooklyn Bar Menu Generator, which will help you figure out just how to combine your monkfish and your lime discs and your duck fat in such a way that you wind up with a two-star review in the Times. (more…)

04/05/12 3:33pm

Aulistar and Tim want to get drunk with you.

It’s time we got to know you a little better. So we came up with our first ever Brokelyn Reader Survey to find out your favorite ’90s TV show, porn star and Staten Island neighborhood. (Maybe.) Take a few minutes to fill out your Brokelyn Reader Survey by Monday, April 16, and you could be the randomly chosen winner (though you won’t feel like one afterwards) of a dive bar crawl with the good-time gang that we call Team Brokelyn. And there’s more! We’re giving one Brokelyn t-shirt away each weekday to one lucky survey filler outer. We know you probably have all sorts of big plans this weekend, but the earlier you complete our survey, the more chances you have to look sharp this spring. Like these guys. Thanks for reading, and on the survey, please double your income for marketing purposes. KIDDING!

03/09/11 11:03am

Pour that pooch a pint! Find the best bar prices to benefit both you and your pup

We’ve told you about the cheapest places to dine outside, bars with free grub, and the best BYOB spots, but what love does BK have for your pup? Instead of shivering while watching Fido circle a section of sidewalk for 20 minutes (or paying a dog sitter to do the same), try this: we’ve compiled 16 bars that welcome patrons of both the two and four-legged persuasion, and listed their best prices for brokesters. If you’re an owner looking to spend quality boozing time with your canine, or a dog lover jonesin’ for a fix, add these spots to your must-frequent list. Disclaimer: We make no guarantee that your pooch won’t be walking you home at the end of a a long evening. (more…)

01/13/11 12:59pm
alligator lounge pizza sign

The pizza-or-beer dilemma, solved

Alcohol is mankind’s fourth greatest accomplishment, behind indoor plumbing, the 1986 Mets and Ava Luna. But for all of its miraculous properties — like keeping us warm and encouraging us to recall that embarrassing childhood story —  it contains no essential vitamins and minerals. Try subsisting on a liquid bread diet: you’ll end up a drunk emaciated husk like one of those starving zombies at the end of 28 Days Later. So what are you supposed to do if faced with the nightmarish choice of either drinking or filling your body with life sustaining nutrients? You consult the Brokelyn guide to beer and food specials is what. (more…)

Picture 61This is the latest is our series on the venues featured in the Brokelyn Beer Book. Brooklyn Bowl needs little introduction, but the Willliamsburg fixture turns one this week, so raise your glass in a happy birthday salute.


61 Wythe Ave. between N. 11th and N. 12th Sts., Williamsburg, 718-963-3369 (more…)

04/30/10 8:44am

Picture 62This is the latest in our series on the venues featured in the Brokelyn Beer Book. Brooklyn Brewery in Williamsburg needs little endorsement. When you’re out and about on a warm weekend, stop in for a drink or for a brewery tour to see what’s behind the beloved label.


79 N. 11th St. at Berry, Williamsburg, 718-486-7422 (more…)

chipshopinsideThis is the latest in our series on the venues featured in the Brokelyn Beer Book. British to the core, and with fried Twinkies on the menu, the Atlantic ChipShop is made for pondering the ins and outs of our health care system.


129 Atlantic Ave., between Clinton & Henry, 718-855-7775 (more…)