09/20/16 3:47pm
Doomocracy: A terrifying real-world political haunted house is coming just in time for Halloween

Make America horrified of real-world scenarios again. Via this Photoshop design challenge at DesignCrowd.

You’ve already felt like this election cycle is a nightmare situation. Now you get to experience it up close, just in time for Halloween. Mexican artist Pedro Reyes – with the help of needed Kickstarter backers – is working on (what he considers) a terrifying exhibition set to debut at Brooklyn Army Terminal this October, the subject of which he hopes will instill fear in even the most relaxed of citizens: politics.  It’s a terrifying tour of “the haunted house that already exists in our minds,” exposing us to “a new kind of monster, this is a monster that is actually chasing us in real life,” according to the campaign.

Doomocracya new immersive installation, will see the blending together of two events “haunting the American cultural imagination: Halloween and the nightmare that is the U.S. presidential election,” according to its Kickstarter page.

The installation, done in collaboration with public arts nonprofit Creative Time, is planned to run from Oct. 7 and through days before the election, and promises to “shock, amuse, provoke, even disturb.” (more…)

10/06/15 4:21pm
Maybe you'll end up here one day? If you're lucky, of course. Image via Dr. Karl-Heinz Krauskopf, via OHNY

Maybe you’ll end up here one day? If you’re lucky, of course. Image via Dr. Karl-Heinz Krauskopf, via OHNY

New York City has plenty of secrets hiding behind the walls of its buildings and in its marshy areas where you usually don’t feel too much like venturing in deeply. For one weekend a year, Open House New York allows you to peek behind the walls and learn about some of the city’s most interesting buildings and landmarks. There are plenty of tours to see around the city on October 17 and 18, and plenty to see in Brooklyn, but you only have so much time. So, here are the tours we think look most interesting right here in BK (tours that require $5 reservations, which open October 7 at 11am, are noted as needing them). (more…)

sunset park army terminal

Fortunately, you won’t have to walk through an x-ray machine to see the art. via chashama

Brooklyn, a culmination of creative minds from all over the world, supported by the city and its people, creative thinkers and doers alike have come together and have proudly built a community of exquisite taste, a culture of art and artists of all different kinds, and next weekend you can get a peek into this world and the processes along the way to creating this world of art, for free, on a tour of artist studios in Sunset Park’s Brooklyn Army Terminal. (more…)

sunset park

Go up Sunset Park’s hill a bit and play ball with all the locals, while they still exist. Photo by Dave Rosado

Following through on his campaign promise to do so, Mayor de Blasio is ready to funnel $100 million into some heavy duty development in Sunset Park, planned for the Brooklyn Army Terminal, Industry City and Liberty View Plaza which includes high-budget sequels to DUMBO and the Chelsea Market.

Affectionately known at one point as Gunset Park by those who grew up there (like me), and slapped by those who lived in neighboring sections of Brooklyn with the derogatory moniker Gunset Park, it’s is still a place where you can get some of New York’s best bahn mi and tacos, and where you can enjoy an amazing view of Manhattan from the highest point in Brooklyn, in the actual park itself. Sunset Park is, for now, still known as an affordable place that’s just barely resisted the fast moving gentrification of Murray Hill East, Park Slope and countless other neighborhoods. Now though? It’s on the fast track.

In case you haven’t visited Sunset Park before, might I suggest you do so now, while it’s still in its twilight days? This way, when the transformation to Sunset Park 2.0 is complete and nobody will be able to afford to live there anymore, you can at least say that you saw it before the change over to yet another place people write stupid hacky lazy hipster-related jokes about. Make sure to hit up some of these old local favorites now, before they’re bulldozed to make room for luxury housing. (more…)

sunset park ferry

Thanks, de Blasio! via Facebook

What with the R train still closed forever while the MTA tunnels into Narnia or whatever it is they’re doing, the people of Sunset Park have relied on the East River ferry from the Brooklyn Army Terminal to get them into Manhattan for work. And after getting a previous extension into January, the de Blasio administration has announced yet another extension of the ferry until at least May. Best of all, the city’s also going to study the feasibility of making the ferry permanent. (more…)

The news has us grinning from ear to ear

The news has us grinning from ear to ear

Though the Navy Yard has been getting a lot of attention lately, what with the new film school campus and super cheap apartments, Brooklyn’s other abandoned armed forces hub is getting some love now, according to NY1. Jacque Torres, a choclatier with factories around the city, is bringing chocolate production to the Brooklyn Army Terminal. Even better, it’s slated to open before Marty Markowitz leaves office, so we can definitely look forward to pictures of him at the ribbon cutting showing up on Marty Markowitz Eating. (more…)