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Boy do we ever have your back this week, did you notice? We fixed the Times‘ oversight-ridden coffee map for you, invited you to sit with us at lunch: heck, in the spirit of all that sweet charity, we even went and found you a bunch of new apartments to live in. Here they are, okay? (more…)

12/12/12 10:05am
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Don’t cry, you can still afford to live in Brooklyn. For now. Photo by Rachel DeLetto

BREAKING! More people want to live in Brooklyn, so rents are going up. This according to a muckracking report from the New York Post. Median rental price in Brooklyn is up 10.1 percent from 2011 as compared to Manhattan which saw a a 1.4 percent increase. Yes that’s a big difference. But the rental market in the City has been pushing the boundaries of insanity affordability for decades. It’s still cheaper to live in Brooklyn, at least for now.  (more…)

Winter is a time to stay inside. Check out some of the best Brokelyn Real Estate listings right now to find your winter hibernation station. Up first, a taste of home in Greenpoint. Sure, no matter what you do, your apartment never feels as homey as mom’s house, but head to Diamond St., a peaceful, quiet block in Greenpoint, and feel like you’re Upstate, far away from the rough and tumble city lifestyle. This 1BR for $1850 Diamond St. includes heat, hot water, and even electricity. Snuggle up and bake cookies during the holidays with your boyfriend (or whatever) and then wash all the dirty batter bowls in your DISHWASHER!


• Moving right around the holidays seems pretty awful, but maybe that’s the secret to finding a good deal on awesome spacious pad because there are some great looking apartments in the Brokelyn Real Estate listings right now. First up we found this 2BR in Kensington for $2,100. With enough counter space for an artisanal buffet and a roomy living/dining room combo, plan on hosting the New Years party. A few blocks from the F & G at Church Ave., there’s even a little porch where you can sip hot toddies. (more…)

11/09/12 7:37am

Yesterday we told you about housing resources for folks displaced by Hurricane Sandy. If you escaped her wrath but are still in the market for a new place, here’s a few good deals from the Brokelyn Real Estate listings.

• First up, we found a 2BR in “true” Prospect Heights for $2,000. According to the broker, who admits that it sounds too good to be true, the apartment is equipped with a washer/dryer in the unit and it’s just a block away from Vanderbilt. With one master suite and one smaller room, the space would work for a share or a couple with a small child. Cats are welcome.   (more…)

• This week’s apartment roundup begins with a modern 1BR in Crown Heights for $1,922.  The images appear to show the same apartment as the MARK PLUS building promo video, so this may not be the exact layout of the unit, but it is described as a loft duplex. Located on St. Marks between Classon and Franklin, the space would be a good starter home for a newlywed couple looking to settle in to an up and coming neighborhood. The building boasts a long list of amenities we old, dilapidated warehouse and brownstone dwellers have long forgotten exist such as video intercom, on site gym, common court yard, parking and an elevator. (more…)

• We begin today’s apartment hunt with a 3BR in Kensington for $2,500, which has a cute private balcony off the living room. Looks like the kitchen and bathroom were recently renovated with nice shiny new tiles and appliances. Parquet wood floors, ceiling fans, and at least one of the bedrooms has a double door closet… This place is a find for couples recently inducted into the stroller-pushing club but not fancy-pants enough for the Slope. (more…)

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Today’s real estate highlights begin with one of the bolder renovations we’ve seen. This South Slope 3BR, a relatively affordable $3,200, comes with five flat-screen TVs and 360 degrees of glossy white tiles. The decor may not appeal to BK’s woodsier types, but throw in a club promoter, a medical student and a Russian spy and we’ll definitely come to your first house party, so long as you avoid the temptation to play only Skrillex. More photos here. Other finds in our Brooklyn apartment listings:


08/17/12 1:29pm

But the interior remains a mystery.

It’s not easy to find a bedroom for under $800 in Brooklyn, so that’s why this crop of listings in our Brooklyn apartment rentals caught our eye. There’s a newly rehabbed building at 879 Dekalb (near Marcus Garvey) that’s having an opening this weekend, and they’re advertising 10 — count ’em — 3BR apartments for under $2,000 / month in our listings. No fee, new everything… check ’em out: (more…)