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Borel is no bed bug. via Twitter

via Twitter

Brooke Borel, a science reporter living in Park Slope, knows a thing or two about bed bugs. The “Bed Bug Queen,” as Business Insider called her, Borel has had bed bugs three times in New York City, and those experiences led her to write her first book, Infested: How the Bed Bug Infiltrated Our Bedrooms and Took Over the World, which came out last year. In their review, Library Journal said it’s “For anyone who wants to replace their fear of bed bugs with knowledge.”

Since it’s now the fall, the time a lot of people move in and out of apartments, hunt for sidewalk furniture and start wearing bed-bug attracting coats everywhere, we spoke to Brooke to hear more about what she learned going deep on New York’s most feared pest. (more…)

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What are New York City's pests plotting?  Find out tonight!

What are the pests of NYC plotting? Find out tonight!

Welcome to Tuesday. It’s…well you know, it’s a Tuesday. It’s fine, it’s not that exciting but it could also be worse. At least we’re a day closer to the weekend. Also at least you’re not heading to jail for the rest of your natural life like Sheldon Silver. Man, imagine that. In jail forever for selfish crimes of corruption, never able to enjoy the Brokelyn Events Calendar ever again. Take it from me kids, don’t do selfish crimes of corruption and don’t hang around politics for 50 years. Instead hang around Brooklyn do some fun stuff tonight. Maybe hang around politics for 20 years though, we need some decent leadership. (more…)

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Come learn about ! via Flickr user Azi Paybarah

There is a war going on, no not the one overseas and no, not the war on drugs, this war is much more disgusting; we’re talking about the war on bed bugs. After a peaceful few decades bed bug free, the city has been invaded by tiny little creatures that hide in your bed, bite you constantly and don’t even have the consideration to pay rent, or ask if biting is your thing. They have infested our homes and our trains; one brave soul is trying to find a solution to the bed bug problem, allowing herself to be bitten 18,000 times. Friday at the Brooklyn Brainery in Prospect Heights, come hear stories of how bed bugs have taken over everything from our bedrooms to the rock opera, as they host a reading, talk and Q&A with Brooke Borel, author of “Infested: How Bed Bugs Infiltrated our Bedrooms and Took Over the World.” (more…)