01/11/17 12:28pm
'Show up. Dive in.' Obama's farewell speech last night contained some key advice for brokesters

Show the f up, America. Via screenshot.

Barring any sort of Crisis on Infinite Earths scenario that removes our world from the Darkest Timeline and returns things to their proper order, Trump becomes president in a little more than a week. The stark contrast between the outgoing and incoming administrations was in full HD display last night, as President Obama delivered his farewell speech full of calls for hope and the commonality of our purpose, while his successor had spasms of Twitter rage denying allegations that he and some Russian prostitutes created their own version of Wikileaks in a hotel room.

It can be hard to find any hope that things will get better in the near future, but for now we’ll point you to this section from Obama’s speech last night that we think can serve as a guiding light to any brokester who just wants to make something in the world or anyone trying to make a difference, or maybe just is trying to hold on to their little piece of New York City with all they’ve got: (more…)

03/02/12 12:53pm

For no other reason than it’s Friday and there’s not much else going on and this list tickles my pickle, please enjoy this rundown of the various types of vagabonds there are, as identified in a 1566 book, “A Caveat or Warning for Common Cursitors, vulgarly called vagabonds.” This is probably one of the first recorded history of modern brokester classification, which also leads to some anti-brokester hateration. Out of these 23 types, I’d probably be an Abrams or a common Rogue, though all I’ve ever wanted was to be a Palliard (once I meet a cute Doxie, that is). Which one are you?? (more…)