01/03/17 4:11pm
You could work with this guy to stop Trump in your own stomping grounds of NYC. via Flickr user GirlRay

You could work with this guy to stop Trump in your own stomping grounds of NYC. via Flickr user Girl Ray

2017 is looking up so far (read: no movie stars are dead yet), but there’s still a big orange-haired elephant in the room. And come Jan. 20 that orange-haired elephant is going to go galumph into — as a friend of mine put it so eloquently —  “the china shop of foreign diplomacy” and wreak havoc on our national security.

That is, unless we can set up our own system of checks and balances to prevent him doing so. New York City may remain fairly immune to Trumpism during the president-elect’s germ term. But just in case you’re still looking for a way to fight the power (and we really hope you are), check out this cool job posting for one lucky Brooklynite:

New York City Council Member Brad Lander is seeking a Communications Director to oversee and implement the Councilmember’s communications and media program – in order to serve the people of the 39th District, to resist the threats of the Trump regime to American democratic values and vulnerable constituencies, and to build a more just, inclusive, and sustainable NYC.

You heard right, kids! Councilman Brad Lander, who represents Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens, Columbia Waterfront, Gowanus, Park Slope, Windsor Terrace, Kensington and Boro Park, most recently notable for mediating negotiations between residents and developers during the Park Slope Key Foods controversy, is now seeking a full-time anti-Trump activist to help make shit happen.


11/21/14 10:26am

Your high-rise here. via Flickr user Moretso

Now that the Williamsburg waterfront is about all filled up, and the owner of Junior’s refuses to sell, Brooklyn’s poor beleaguered high-rise residential buildings don’t seem to have anywhere to go. Well, it looks like that’s about to change, because according to DNA Info the Bridging Gowanus plan is set to clear the way for high-rise residential buildings up to 18 stories high. The good news for the residents of Gowanus, is that said rezoning is supposed to come with things like NYCHA fixes, manufacturing protection, more park space and other things that are always promised and seem to lag behind precious glass high-rises. (more…)

06/25/14 2:15pm
gowanus canal

Eh, just put some condos right on the edge and be done with it. via Flickr user gigi_nyc

Hey Gowanites (Gowanusians? Gowanese? Gowanians?), now that you’ve saved the Kentile Sign through the power of collective outrage, do you feel like continuing to kayak the filthy waterways of civic engagement? You’ve got a chance to tonight, at the third and final Bridging Gowanus meeting, an effort by the neighborhood’s elected officials to get input from the public on a plan for the area to make sure it doesn’t become another Williamsburg. That and making sure we’re not paying to bail out condo developers who are flooded with sewage ten years from now after the next superstorm. (more…)

06/13/14 9:23am
kentile floors sign

Coming soon to somewhere else. via Flickr user Wieland van Dijk

In the kind of quick victory rarely seen in New York, preservation activists have been able to save the Kentile Floors sign. Kind of. It’s still coming down from its present location on Ninth Street and Second Avenue, but instead of being thrown into the scrap heap of history and into a literal scrap heap, it’s being donated to the Gowanus Alliance, who will find a new home for the sign, according to the New York Times. Where exactly? Hey, how about on your roof? (more…)

06/09/14 2:05pm
kentile floors sign

Brad Lander isn’t ready to let go. via Flickr user Julia Manzerova

Judging by the social media impact of the news the other day, everyone is heartbroken or angry about the imminent demolition of the Kentile Floors sign. You might be feeling powerless to stop it, but you’ve got a powerful-ish ally in the fight to save the sign in Councilman Brad Lander, who’s got a petition to save the sign up on his site, and some harsh words for Gowanus developers. (more…)

02/05/14 11:27am
brad lander

Brad Lander, explaining for what he hopes is the last time that he doesn’t have the power to deport Justin Bieber. via Facebook

Politics in America is a funny thing, because as much as we claim we want our voices to be heard, attempts to expand the reach of voters’ voices seems to result in things like petitions to deport Justin Bieber or separate Williamsburg and East Williamsburg. Which is already a thing. But hey, we’re in a new touchy feely era of New York politics, so progressive macher Brad Lander, city council representative for Park Slope, Cobble Hill and Gowanus,  has agreed to join a new website that lets any brain-dead slob with an internet connection lob a question his way and get the rest of the internet riled up about it. (more…)

12/03/13 1:35pm
gowanus canal

What is the future of the Gowanus, other than hotels and dolphin carcasses? via Flickr user Wally Gobetz

Do you live adjacent to the rockinest Superfund site in South Brooklyn? If so, come join your fellow Gowanus residents (Gowanusites? Gowanai?) at Bridging GowanusCommunity Planning Meeting on Monday, December 9 from 6:30pm-8:30pm, at PS 372 (512 Carroll Street). What makes this meeting special is the focus on land-use and long term planning on the neighborhood of Gowanus, not just the usual laundry list recitation of STIs found in the Canal itself. (more…)

08/20/13 9:58am
Say what you will about the Edge, but at least they actually built some of their affordable units. via Facebook

Say what you will about the Edge, but at least they actually built some of their affordable units. via Facebook

The problem of what to do about New York’s stock of affordable housing is one that’s bound to vex the next mayor, no matter who they are. That’s because if we don’t want large swathes of Brooklyn to become creepy ghost towns (not) populated by oligarchs with deep pockets, we’re gonna need a lot more of it. One suggestion to the problem comes from City Council member Brad Lander’s office, who recently released a report showing that for all of Brooklyn’s awesome new construction and re-zonings, basically nowhere outside of Williamsburg has gotten any affordable housing. (more…)

06/25/13 10:48am
More of this, less raw sewage. via Flickr user Aaron Plewke

More of this, less raw sewage. via Flickr user Aaron Plewke

We all love the free pools in Brooklyn. But nothing puts a damper on enjoying them like having to close a pool to to clean up a Superfund site. Which, to be fair, isn’t normally an issue. But a part of the plan to clean up the Gowanus Canal involves putting a tank to catch raw sewage under the site of the Double D pool in Gowanus, which would mean closing the pool for the summer. So Gowanus residents and anyone else who cares about them having a pool are having a rally on Saturday to try to save it. (more…)