02/22/17 5:16pm
Margarita pug

If you do not have a margarita today these pugs will cry and it will be your fault.

Today is National Margarita Day! So, friends, ask not what tequila can do for you, but what you can do for tequila: namely, consume it in large amounts with lots of salt and lime.

For naysayers who believe margaritas to be a thing for summer and only summer, this elderly talking puppet puts it best, “In the darkness of winter we need the citrus vitality and joyful fellowship of National Margarita Day all the more.” Also, it kind of feels like spring outside right, which is the next best thing to summer. (more…)

12/17/16 11:00am
Be a bud to your friends who love Bud. Screencap from Bad Santa.

Be a bud to your friends who love Bud. Screenshot from Bad Santa.

You’ve read enough Encyclopedia Brown to be able to figure out that the likely culprit in The Case Of The Disappearing Alcohol, including even your peanut butter cheesecake flavored vodka from 2013, is the person who lives in your apartment with you. This is probably the same person who still uses those hideous glass marble bongs and still values their flip-cup trophy. They might never outgrow their frequently intoxicated state of being, but at least you can steer them from beer pong to beer flights. Help them put the high in high brow with these gifts from the unique vendors at Williamsburg’s Artists & Fleas, open Saturdays and Sundays from 10am until 7pm. (more…)

03/16/15 1:35pm
tk. Photos by Daniela Ramos

What’s better than gummy bears? Gummy bears full of vodka! Photos by Daniela Ramos

St. Paddy’s Day is synonymous with pub crawls, Irish car bombs, and drunken good times. Or a nauseous green blur. Either way, we face the very real struggle of getting piss drunk without breaking that annoying open container law or burning holes in your already shallow pockets.

The answer to your tipsy Saint Paddy’s Day needs are drunken edibles, easy to make liquor-filled treats that will probably lead to a mouthful of cavities. But it’s so worth it. Eat responsibly. (more…)

tom's resturant

Prospect Heights’ hot new nightlife spot (haha, just kidding CB8!) via Flickr user Carl Collins

If there’s one thing we love here at Brokelyn, it’s a good diner. Sitting down for a cheap, unpretentious plate of eggs benedict or pancakes is one of the simple joys in life, and one place that excels at providing that experience is Tom’s Restaurant in Prospect Heights. We didn’t think there was a way for the neighborhood mainstay to get any better, but now DNA Info is reporting that they’re going to start serving beer, so that shows what we know. Oh, they’re going to serve dinner seven days a week now too, for those of you who care more about dinner than drinking. (more…)

10/03/14 2:42pm
williamsburg starbucks

We can’t imagine why

Ever since the first Williamsburg Starbucks opened, people have been wondering when there was gonna be a second Williamsburg Starbucks. Keeping to the Illuminati plot to watch Williamsburg’s shopping habits from afar under an assumed identity, the second Williamsburg Starbucks applied for a liquor license but not under the Starbucks name. However, DNA Info reports that Starbucks’ was rebuffed by Community Board 1, who voted to deny recommending the chain their liquor license. (more…)

08/09/12 3:39pm

One of these people will get busted. Guess which one? Via.

First of all, let’s just say that this late in the summer, if you’re getting busted by the 5-0 for drinking in public, you are a roooooooooookie who has never heard of such clever tricks as putting your booze in a soda bottle. That said, Gothamist has uncovered what appears to be a loophole that could save your ass should you get nabbed for stoop drankin’. The so-called “Brand Loophole” requires that a police officer write down the specific brand of booze you are drinking, so they can confirm it contains an illegal amount of alcohol. For instance, simply saying “beer” isn’t enough: the ticket must say “Budweiser beer.” Gothamist even cited the case history that solidified this loophole and confirmed with a lawyer [Top-Gun-style windmill high-five for journalism!] (more…)

12/23/09 1:44pm
Smith & Vine in Carroll Gardens.

Smith & Vine in Carroll Gardens.

A holiday party without good wine is like… well… enough said. With the sheer number of get-togethers on most folks’ calendars this time of year, bringing a bottle to every gathering can get a little out of hand. But nobody wants to leave their celebrating cohorts dry either. We called up some of Brooklyn’s best sellers for their affordable holiday picks, and here’s what they recommend. All bottles are under $10 a pop and available at a wine shop near you. (more…)

Mullane's photo by Anna Jacobson.

Mullane's photo by Anna Jacobson.

You walk in a bar some nights with more gainfully-employed friends, and the first thing you do is open your wallet to count the bills.  All the while, of course, you consult the price list and try to calculate that perfect (maximum) drunkenness/dollar ratio. Best to head off the math problem altogether by going to one of the many bars around the borough that offer beer-and-shot bargains. Here, a few of our favorite value-meal combos. (more…)