07/18/16 4:00pm
Get ready to be dazzled by Pearl Noire (#8) (pic by Clubesque)

Get ready to be dazzled by Pearl Noire (#8) (pic by Clubesque)

1. Have a lovely literary time at the kick-off to this year’s Books Beneath the Bridge, where a different bookstore curates writers each week. Tonight Word Books brings out Rumaan Alam and New York Times bestseller Emma Straub. (Monday, Brooklyn Bridge Park, FREE)

2. Galvanize your taste buds with the Masters of Social Gastronomy lecture series, which takes on a different food each month. Tonight is all about barbecue: Sarah Lohman delves into its culinary history, and Jonathan Soma tackles the science behind the meaty magic. (Monday, Old Stone House, FREE)

3. See another side of Africa at Celebrating African Film, curated by the collaborative project Afripedia. There will be a series of films followed by a discussion with Afripedia co-directors, Teddy Goitom and Senay Berhe. (Tuesday, BRIC, FREE) (more…)

08/10/15 10:47am
All right all right all right, free movies

All right all right all right, free movies

Welcome to the working week, I know it don’t thrill you, I hope it don’t kill you. Elvis Costello, everybody! Uh, anyway, yeah, it’s Monday and no one’s happy about that. It’s my sincere hope that Monday itself doesn’t kill you, and that nothing else does today. Also that you find some kind of thrill from one of these things to do I found on the Brokelyn Event Calendar. (more…)

07/27/15 8:01am
Let's talk about a book-free future. No, not as a goal, ya dummies.

Let’s talk about a book-free future. No, not as a goal, ya dummies.

“Monday, Monday” goes the old song, although I’m surprised to learn it’s actually about a relationship or something and not about someone complaining that the weekend is over. Well, you learn something every day! Like how you’re here to learn what wonderful things there are to do tonight that can be found on the Brokelyn Events Calendar. (more…)

07/20/15 10:03am
Don't get put in a corner! Let your week take flight with Dirty Dancing at SummerScreen

Don’t get put in a corner! Let your week take flight with Dirty Dancing at SummerScreen. (#5)

1. Never say die—head out to Coney Island to watch Goonies under the stars. (Monday, FREE)

2. Get literary in Dumbo with the Books Beneath the Bridge series, this month presented by powerHouse Books and featuring readings from Jami Attenberg and Kate Bolick. (Monday, FREE)

3. Join a NY Transit Museum discussion about the ways the MTA uses technology to accommodate the diverse needs of its differently abled ridership. (Tuesday, FREE) (more…)

07/20/15 7:00am

They never say die, so maybe you can learn to stop giving up too.

Welcome to the start of another week, R.I.P. weekend. If you didn’t melt into a puddle on account of the oppressively hot and thick air this weekend, congratulations! You deserve to celebrate, maybe by taking advantage one of these fun things to do that we found for you on the Brokelyn Events Calendar. And if you did melt into a puddle, hey go out and celebrate anyway because you’re a sentient puddle and what a weird miracle that is. (more…)

07/13/15 2:20pm
First question: Do they or do they not want scrubs?

First question: Do they or do they not want scrubs?

Things you’d like to be doing at the moment: sitting on the beach, drinking frosty beverages, eyeing cuties who walk by. You can’t do that because it’s Monday so that means you have to work. Unless you’re on vacation or work retail and have the day off, in which case get outside it’s nice out. For the rest of you, we’ve at least got some good things for you to do tonight, courtesy of the Brokelyn Event Calendar. (more…)

06/23/15 10:50am
books beneath the bridge

What a view for some words. Photo by Etienne Frossard, vis Brooklyn Bridge Park

Outdoor summer stuff, there’s so much of it! You’ve got your free concerts, your more free concerts, your free movies, your more free movies, your many locations to drink yourself numb under the stars. What about people who love to read though? Hey great news, you haven’t been forgotten, because Books Beneath the Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge Park’s free outdoor reading series, is back with another lineup curated by all of your favorite local book stores. (more…)

06/03/14 10:44am
books beneath the bridge

The Patti Smith appearance from 2012 still pretty much says it all. Photo by Julienne Schaer, via Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn is nothing if not literary, and we also love our parks. So it makes sense we’ve made Brooklyn Bridge Park’s outdoor summer reading series Books Beneath the Bridge successful enough the past two years that it’s coming back for 2014. So we’ve got another year of all your favorite local bookstores hosting readings at the park’s Pier 1 Granite Prospect. (more…)

08/12/13 9:17am
Don't need money, don't need fame

Don’t need money, don’t need fame

1. Say goodbye to Books Beneath the Bridge forever until next summer when Book Court hosts Ayana Mathis (Monday)

2. The Franklin Park reading series hosts a number of their favorite authors, according to them, one of whom is a carpenter. Maybe he can tell you how to fix that janky shelf after he reads his story (Monday)

3. Toni Braxton is playing a free show at Wingate Field. Be sure to look out for Nets’ rookie head coach Jason Kidd (Monday) (more…)

08/05/13 8:29am
Not a sight you want to wake up to

Not a sight you want to wake up to

1. Learn how to market the goods you make in your living room, so as to avoid editors deleting your pitch emails and consumers not buying them (Monday)

2. It’s Word‘s turn to host Books Beneath the Bridge, and they’re planning on giving a five borough literature tour of the city with authors from each borough. No walking required! (Monday)

3. Avengers, assemble! At Coney Island, where there’s a free screening of your cinematic adventures. Wait, why would the Avengers watch a movie about themselves? (Monday)

4. Revel in some nihilism, Oliver Stone-style when Mama Joy’s shows Natural Born Killers in their backyard (Monday) (more…)