02/17/17 2:35pm

2016 ended its reign of terror by taking one last icon from us: BookCourt, the beloved Cobble Hill bookstore closed its doors after 35 years on New Year’s Eve. But packaged with that gloomy cloud was a tantalizing silver lining: author and former BookCourt employee Emma Straub announced she and her husband would pick up the mantle and open a new bookstore in the neighborhood. And now it’s really happening! Straub posted on Instagram yesterday that the new store, Books Are Magic (aw), will open at 225 Smith St. at the corner of Butler this spring. There’s no official opening date yet but construction is well underway according to Instagram pictures. We’ll keep you updated on an official date when we hear more. (more…)

12/21/16 11:17am

Living room decor, anyone? via Craigslist

The announcement earlier this month that BookCourt was closing its doors after 35 years in business came as a blow to book lovers and Cobble Hill residents alike (and a lot fit into the center of that Venn Diagram). But all hope of retaining a piece of the beloved bookstore’s history is not lost, because they’re selling their shelves on Craigslist! For a sizable sum of money ($500), you could be the proud owner of one of BookCourt’s commercial grade bookcases. If you’re super wealthy and have a chateau or something, you could even buy ’em all. (more…)

12/06/16 10:59am
We'll miss these shelves. Via Facebook.

We’ll miss these shelves. Via Facebook.

BookCourt announced today it’s closing after 35 (!!) years as the literary heart of Cobble Hill and surrounding neighborhoods, and it feels a particularly spiteful match thrown onto the already gasoline-drowned 2016. The press release the owners sent out didn’t cite a specific reason other than they were ready to move on with their lives. The store survived the gentrification and yuppiefication of the neighborhood, and seemed to stand strong even as a Barnes and Noble opened just a few blocks away. Its last day will, fittingly, be the last day of 2016: New Year’s Eve.

BUT, this is one piece of 2016 news that has an actual good news clapback. The spirit of BookCourt won’t be gone forever because two of the store’s acolytes, wife and husband duo Emma Straub and Michael Fusco-Straub, also announced today they’re opening a new bookstore somewhere nearby.

“Books are magic, and we want to make sure that this neighborhood is positively coated in bookish fairydust for decades to come,” the couple wrote in their announcement. Details on when and where their store will be are still to come, but Straub worked at BookCourt for years so we imagine the store will live on in some form in her new shop. Still, people are taking the BookCourt news particularly hard. (more…)

12/05/16 11:11am
Get into the spirit at the Roots n' Ruckus Fest (#5) (pic by JMS Art & Photo)

Get into the spirit at the Roots n’ Ruckus Fest (#5) (pic by JMS Art & Photo)

1. Listen to comedians answer tough / ridiculous questions at Would You Rather?, featuring Peter Bandyk, Amanda Xeller, Jed Resnik, and Shen Liu. (Monday, The Experiment Comedy Gallery, $5)

2. Work out all your angst at the launch of a new monthly emo party, Taking Back Mondays, with all your favorite ’00s screamers plus $2 beer all night and food from Strange Flavor Burger Shack. (Monday, The Johnsons, FREE)

3. Get moody at the final Little Cinema screening of the season: Edward Scissorhands, with dancers, aerialists, DJ’s, live music, and immersive effects incorporated into the film. (Tuesday, House of Yes, $15) (more…)

05/27/16 8:00am
Queer up your Friday with Sydni Deveraux (#4) (pic by Ben Trivett)

Queer up your Friday with Sydni Deveraux (#4) (pic by Ben Trivett)

[Note: We have a whole separate roundup just for Memorial Day events!]

1. Get graphic at the launch party for New York Review Comics, which will publish new editions of old masterpieces and translations of books that have never been published in English. (Friday, BookCourt, FREE)

2. Mellow out at the Halcyon Chamber Series, performing works by Ridout, Saint-Saens, Rossini, Hovahnnes, and Bernstein. (Friday, Scholes Street Studio, $15)

3. Support lady culture at the fundraiser for Suffragette City, a DIY intersectional feminist zine, while listening to tunes from Crazy Pills, Hard Nips, Fruit & Flowers, and Decorum. (Friday, Aviv, $8) (more…)

12/28/15 9:11am
Rock the mic tonight, the way you've always wanted to. via Flickr user Nev Brown

Rock the mic tonight, the way you’ve always wanted to. via Flickr user Nev Brown

Hello out there, and welcome to another Monday Funday. It’s the very last Monday of 2015, so you’re probably taking stock of what kind of year you’ve had. Have you gone out and gotten drunk enough this year? Have you taken in enough culture? Sang your lungs out enough at karaoke or at shows? If you haven’t, you probably haven’t been paying close enough attention to the Brokelyn Events Calendar. You can still fix it by checking out some great things listed on it tonight, so get out there and make the last Monday a great one. (more…)

12/03/15 8:16am

Let art take you to some weird places in DUMBO tonight. Painting by Nadine Boughton, via Facebook

Alright, we did it, we made it to Thursday. Just get through this day and the weekend awaits. You love the weekend, it’s where you can do whatever you want with your time. During the week, things are a bit more limited, but the Brokelyn Events Calendar has a few things that are good for weekday entertainment. Take a look below and pick one, you won’t be disappointed. (more…)

11/10/15 9:03am
This is the new way standup comedy happens. Photo by Matt Lief Anderson, via Facebook

This is the new way standup comedy happens. Photo by Matt Lief Anderson, via Facebook

Oh no it’s raining and kind of cold today. Let’s forget all about that nice weather we’ve all been having and moan about the everlasting darkness in our lives from now until April probably. It’s all over, all over. Well, that’s fine, that doesn’t mean there isn’t fun stuff to be found on the Brokelyn Events Calendar, so you should still get out there and enjoy yourself. It’s good for the soul. (more…)

11/05/15 11:13am
What are they planning? Find out tonight

What is the robot menace planning? Find out tonight

“Thursday, Thursday, gotta get down on Thursday,” sang Rebecca Black in her viral shame hit from a couple years back. You kids should follow her advice and go out and do something crazy today. Or at least something fun, which the Brokelyn Events Calendar can help you with. (more…)

10/29/15 10:16am

He’s got some fishy tales for you tonight

Last night’s baseball game didn’t go so long that it should have kept you up last night, but I get it if the result did. That being said, there’s no baseball tonight, so you may as well put your bad feelings about this Wolrd Series aside in a little box, consult the Brokelyn Events Calendar and go to something fun. Like one of these five events, maybe. (more…)