12/20/12 1:00pm
Not just a biscuit, but a driver of our economic engine. Photo by Sarah Gainer

Not just a biscuit, but a driver of our economic engine. Photo by Sarah Gainer

Those lengua tacos that you and your foodie friends found out about from the people who know those things is just the tip of iceberg in Brooklyn. A new report from the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce shows that the borough’s “Food Chain”—the sum total of all of our groceries, restaurants, cafes and food manufacturers—makes up for a whopping 12.5% of BK’s private jobs. That means that one in eight of the businesses in the borough is dedicated to bringing you gustatory bliss by way of bone marrow, vegan comfort food and Counter Culture coffee, along with every other conceivable ethnic and regional specialty and cuisine. (more…)

11/13/12 7:00am

The Rockaways have been good to all of us here in Brooklyn, to the point that it’s easy to forget that they’re actually part of Queens. One of the companies that the Rockaways have been so good to is Roberta’s, who opened up surf shack Ripper’s with the Meat Hook last year. Now that the Rockaways look like something out of Katrina, Roberta’s is helping out the best way they know how: with pizza and beer. (more…)

08/14/12 3:17pm

Brooklyn, as read about in USA Today.

Brooklyn has definitively trounced Manhattan as the city’s hot spot for new restaurants, which is apparently a big deal if you’re into that sort of thing and not tired of hearing people talk about how much they can charge for kale. Bon Appetite magazine today released its list of the top 10 best new restaurants in America and (for the first time ever? Sure, why not) Brooklyn got two entries on there —Blanca and Battersby — while Manhattan got a big ugly zero. Add this to Brooklyn making it to the front page of the Applebee’s of journalism and we’re having a hell of a week! Let’s say you wanted to actually try one of these. Can you afford it? (more…)