01/23/17 4:12pm
March on: Keep the momentum going with these anti-Trump events and fundraisers this week

Signs of protest at the Women’s Marchers in DC on Saturday. Photo by Tim Donnelly/Brokelyn.

You were in pretty good company if you marched in DC, Manhattan, Antarctica or just your own living room on Saturday. The trick now is to roll that energy and momentum into continued action to keep up the pressure on the Trump administration, and on other lawmakers to keep it in check. The good news is, NYC is continuing to give you plenty of chances to protest and raise money for causes like Planned Parenthood, which bodes well for the next four years.

Here’s our latest roundup of anti-Trump events and fundraisers this week; we’ll keep updating it as more come in. (more…)

12/21/16 2:10pm
Breukelen is just one of the great black-owned businesses you can search on the map. via IG

Breukelen Coffee House is just one of the great black-owned businesses in BK you can find ou the map. via IG

There’s no scientific study we can cite off-hand to prove it, but we’ll say it anyway: supporting black-owned business in Brooklyn is one of the best ways to slow the effects of gentrification. Black folks make up the bulk of the borough’s veteran residency, and amidst all the “DoBro” developments and papa-riddled coffee shops, segments of the community we fight to retain can be found (and supported).

And if you’re a black-owned business in Brooklyn that’s been around for a while, you’ve maybe had at least one developer offer you a sizable sum of money to buy your property. And that may be a tempting way to go. But another thing you could do is add your business to this interactive map called “Backing Black Business.” As reported by Mashable:

The eponymous activist organization behind the Black Lives Matter movement is partnering with New York ad agency J. Walter Thompson to create a nationwide interactive map to show shoppers where to find restaurants, mom-and-pop stores and other small businesses owned by African Americans.


11/15/16 2:11pm
Transportation Alternatives supporters march. down Fifth Avenue. Photo by Konstantin Sergeyev via Facebook.

Transportation Alternatives supporters march. down Fifth Avenue. Photo by Konstantin Sergeyev via Facebook.

Solidarity is trending right now in this tough, weird new world order and we’re already seeing all sorts of people come together to fight back in the coming months and (gulp) years of the next administration. Here’s one issue we didn’t expect to see come out of last week’s election: the intersection (pun not intended I SWEAR) of racial justice and traffic safety. Yesterday, Transportation Alternatives, the pro-cycling and pedestrian advocacy group that fights against the ugly tyranny of cars on our streets, issued a statement aligning itself in support with Black Lives Matter.

“Transportation Alternatives stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement,” the group’s statement said. “Because we fight to protect New Yorkers in every community, our fight for Vision Zero must also be a fight against institutional, individual and implicit racism.”

The data on traffic crashes back this up: People of color are disproportionately harmed by traffic violence. Research has shown that drivers are less likely to yield to pedestrians of color. For the group, this means identifying that racism has long played a part in the transportation planning of the city, and fighting to correct those inequities. But some of its members are upset at the stance, and are stating they’ll cancel their memberships over affiliation with a “violent hate group.” (more…)

08/11/16 3:09pm
Rock out with Sharkmuffin (#4)

Rock out with Sharkmuffin (#3)

1. Buy yourself something nice at the Bushwick Night Market, with local vendors, live performances, DJs, and more. (Friday, Silent Barn, FREE)

2. See some musical art at Vinyl Vandals: Brasilian Edition, showcasing old record albums “remixed” into new art, with a half-dozen DJs sountracking the afterparty. (Friday, C’mon Everybody, $5)

3. Wish Pancakes & Whiskey a rollicking good birthday at their bash with The Skins, Sharkmuffin, and The Teen Age. (Friday, Rough Trade, $10) (more…)

07/07/16 1:08pm
The NYPD is expanding use of body cams, and they want your input on how to use them (really)

The NYPD is testing out body cams, like this one used in North Charleston, to improve accountability. Photo by Ryan Johnson, via Flickr user northcharleston.

Today is just the latest in a seemingly unending series of days where you wake up, look at the news and shake your head wondering what the fuck we’re going to do about anything. Technology surrounds all these events and consumes them — we get videos of the incidents now and have upgraded to Facebook Live streaming of the murder of black people by police and yet still it seems optimistic to hope that anything will change any time soon. Technology has promised accountability of these incidents but it comes in an inseparable box set with gruesome images, haunting voices and frustrating proof that maybe video evidence still isn’t good enough.

More of that technology will be coming to NYC soon: The NYPD will soon begin test program of installing 1,000 body cameras on its officers in several precincts throughout the city. Now it wants your feedback in this survey on setting the rules for how the cameras will be used — including when officers should turn them on, and who gets to see the footage. Seems like a good day to get your voice heard. (more…)

08/18/15 3:19pm
If you can get this hyped at 7am, we've got a party for you. via Instagram

If you can get this hyped at 7am, we’ve got a party for you. via Instagram

Last year, we marveled at the fact that early morning, drug-free raves existed and people were into going to them. Even in the face of light mockery, the early morning rave isn’t going away, and now activists are using its siren song to raise money for anti-police brutality efforts next month in Bed-Stuy. Is 7am too early to listen to “Early” out of a sound system designed for loud concerts? Guess there’s only one way to find out. (more…)