10/10/16 9:43am
Time for some Bayou Bingo fun via. Instagram

Time for some Bayou Bingo fun. via Instagram

Ahh, bar bingo. It’s not just your granny’s game anymore. These days, bingo is just a great way to gamble, drink beer, and swear a lot when the person next to you screams out their win as if an alien is erupting from their chest cavity.

Bar bingo took Brooklyn by storm around ’08, but has sadly died down with new fads like bar trivia and the never-ending comeback of karaoke. And while many local spots like Union Hall and Bell House do host bingo-related events once in awhile, demonic websites like Yelp and other internet info sources are usually out of date.

Now B4 you freak out, we here at Brokelyn dug deep into the ball basket and found out where you can still feed your bingo addiction on a weekly basis! So grab your bingo markers and remember the ‘ole saying: Try not to take your bingo too seriously, because at the end of the day you will find that it’s just a load of balls. (more…)

03/11/14 11:44am
royal palms shuffleboard bingo

Murray Hill and Linda Simpson will make you feel like you’re in Palm Beach, even while it’s snowing

As struggling artists/freelancers/corporate cogs in Broketown, despite our individual goals, it’s safe to say we all share one common dream: early retirement. And while it is highly unlikely that Gowanus’ Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club (514 Union Street) will in any way provide you with the financial security to flip off your boss or landlord and move to sunnier skies, you’ll be able to get a preview of your future golden years (though we all know potable water will be the REAL currency of the future) at their newly announced bingo and Mah Jong nights. (more…)