05/31/16 11:41am
The nonprofit Bike New York is hiring instructors to teach kids like this how to ride. Via Facebook.

The nonprofit Bike New York is hiring instructors to teach kids like this how to ride. Via Facebook.

Summer means biking everywhere, summer jobs, fond memories of camp and mentally high fiving every school child you pass on the street because you know they are currently living their best no-school life. Here’s a job that combines all those things: The nonprofit Bike New York is hiring instructors for its summer program to teach kids how to ride a bike (so they can learn before they turn 27), plus bike handling and basic traffic skills so you can help breed the next generation of road warriors to help take back the streets from cars. It’s a part-time seasonal gig that pays $20 per hour, with 35 hours per week from July to August. (more…)

04/26/16 10:00am
How I learned to ride a bike for the first time, at age 27

All photos by Scott Steinhardt

I never actually learned to ride a bike as a kid. I spent many hours on a tricycle when I was a toddler; the trike just became less appropriate when I physically outgrew it. My friends, on the other hand, all received sparkling new Schwinns. They’d spend their summers cruising around New York suburbs’ sidewalks, weaving in and out of traffic as I watched from afar.

Simply put, it sucked. Hard. I tried and failed numerous times to balance on a beat-up girl’s bike at my grandparent’s house, but I always fell. For two decades, I attempted to ride on friends’ and family members’ bikes, but only ever moved a couple of feet before I’d nervously tip over onto the sidewalk and panic. After attempting and failing to balance on a friend’s bike in Prospect Park in 2009, I all but gave up on biking for good.

The idea of getting back onto a bike came to me five years later, when I lost my editing job in the summer of 2014. All my newfound free time as an unemployed adult came with a new determination to check off some major to-do’s in my life: applying to grad school, finishing The Wire, and, of course, learning how to ride a bike. (more…)

06/30/14 10:15am
bicycle roots

Learn to be safe while you ride at Bicycle Roots, (for free!) this month

If you hadn’t noticed, riding a bike is no longer just a cheap exercise option. What started out as a recreational trend has become the preferred method of transportation for thousands of Brooklynites due to its convenience and ease. The fact remains, however, that cycling in a city can be kind of terrifying, particularly if you are new to the streets. Luckily, Brooklyn has plenty of free bike safety classes, so take a look at a few of the best options for the month of July that will make you feel safe and secure in your (albeit hard, uncomfortable, and butt-numbing) bicycle seat. (more…)

Click photo to watch a video on how Learn to Ride classes work.

We were poking around for news on the Pop-Up Pool at Brooklyn Bridge Park — opening in July, oh yeah! — and stumbled upon this useful nugget: parents can bring their kids to bike-riding lessons at Pier 1 for several upcoming Sundays, starting with this one (5/27). Details: (more…)