10/04/16 9:00am
I kept a folder in my phone called #BiteThings before I knew what it was.

I kept a folder in my phone called #BiteThings before I knew what it was. All photos by Erin Scottberg

Of all the questionable places I’ve spent the night — dingy apartments in Bushwick, shady hostels in Cambodia, cut-rate motels on cross-country road trips — the last place I expected to pick up bed bugs was from a luxury hotel in the Bay Area. But lo and behold, that’s what happened: I brought home one of New York’s biggest nightmares on a cross-country flight from SFO, not on a cross-borough ride on the G train.

On the mildly bright side, I figured getting bed bugs from a fancy, five-star hotel chain that was known for their excellent customer service was at least the best way to get them. There’s no way I’d be responsible for treating my apartment, which I knew could be super expensive. It was their fault, end of story. Sure, they may not have a legal responsibility — a few states have laws protecting hotel guests from bed bugs, though they usually aren’t very effective — but anything else would be bad business.

Turns out, it wasn’t that simple. (more…)

06/08/15 8:40am

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01/06/15 4:07pm
bedbugs brooklyn

Could this become a thing of the past? Probably not, but maybe! via Flickr user Azi Paybarah

As we’ve insisted, and were then proven right by a huge amount of evidence last year, the war against bedbugs is hardly over. It might not ever be over. That being said, there are some humans who refuse to go quietly into that good night, and are taking the fight to the bedbugs themselves. Oddly enough, that apparently means letting them bite the shit out of you, which is what biologist/masochist Regine Grieves did, according to Business Insider, in order to try to determine a scent that could lure bedbugs into a trap. After being bit EIGHTEEN THOUSAND times, at least it sounds like Grieves found a possible way to stop them. (more…)

10/24/14 9:48am


Confirming the fears of your grandparent or aunt who yelled “Don’t move to New York City!”, a Doctors Without Borders doctor who was treating Ebola patients in Guinea came down with the disease after he’d done things like go to the Highline, take the subway and roll a few games at The Gutter. The thing we’re most upset about here is that the Ebola patient, Craig Spencer, is somehow both a life-saving hero working with Doctors Without Borders and a cool enough guy to know that The Gutter is the most fun bowling alley in Williamsburg. He’s like the best parts of you mixed with the parts your mother wished you were. As for Ebola on the subway? We’re not freaking out that much. We’d still worry more about getting bedbugs on the subway rather than Ebola. (more…)

08/14/14 8:21am
subway bedbugs

Approximate size of subway bedbugs. via Flicker user bee721

Now, again, we’re not here to gloat when we talk about how New York hasn’t defeated the bedbug menace and never will. We can’t help taking a bit of an itchy victory lap though, now that we’ve got the news from Business Insider that a third damn train line (the 5 also had a bedbug sighting) is crawling with bloodsuckers. And we don’t mean lawyers, ho ho! Seriously though, the 7 train had the creepiest report yet of bedbugs on a train car, so it’s clear that they’ve conquered the subway. (more…)

08/06/14 8:53am
n train

N for “Nope we’re never gonna beat bedbugs.” via Flickr user Brian

Hey, remember when you were all “WOOOOOO it’s V-B Day, we beat bedbugs!” and we were the insane paranoid in the corner talking about how that wasn’t and would never be true? Yeah, you’re gonna pretend you didn’t say that now, because the Daily News reports that bedbugs were found on three N trains this week. See that approaching train? It contains US BEING RIGHT and also the seeds of your destruction. (more…)

06/02/14 1:15pm

Do not taunt this thing. via AFPMB Flickr

Hey, did you hear that bedbug infestations are down over 50 percent in Manhattan this year as opposed to last year? Let’s celebrate, we won! No, let’s not celebrate actually, because we didn’t win. Let’s just say a silent prayer of thanks for a brief respite in the battle and then stay vigilant. The only thing you should be thinking about when it comes to bedbugs is that nothing is over until they decide it is. (more…)

03/13/13 2:00pm
Via Armed Forces Pest Management's flickr

It’s there, just waiting…Via Armed Forces Pest Management’s flickr

Consider this your PSA for the day: Craigslist is a wonderful resource for finding many things, like jobs, apartments and that beautiful bearded man who smiled at you on the G train. But sometimes, we see things up for grabs on Craigslist that make us cringe, like ads for free and/or cheap mattresses and beds. (more…)

09/23/11 11:37am

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Photo via FiPS

Ok, so we were pretty sure that we were all bedbugged-out on these pages… until we saw this incredible photo of the Pavilion marquee this morning on FiPS. We’ll let you read the story there, but we had to get in this shot, lest you miss the daring feat of letter-arrangement. And once your initial reaction wears off, you might want to note how well the prank title blends in with all the real stuff up there. If only they were in 3D! Read what happened here at FiPS, including the astute comparison to one character of JetBlue fame.