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They’re making things cuter for Brooklyn. Nah, just kidding, there’s still gonna be blood everywhere. via Facebook

We’re all praying for spring, but things are going to stay icy in Brooklyn all the way this month, because on March 20 at 7pm, the Barclays Center is hosting a sneak preview of the Game of Thrones‘ Season 4 premiere, before its April 6 TV premiere at 9pm. Tickets go on sale tomorrow, March 6 for just $15, and the lucky 7,000 people who manage to fight their way through the cold world called the King’s Landing, the internet, will win a viewing of the anticipated new episode on a stadium sized screen, with accompanying costume and prop displays from the traveling exhibition, photo ops on the Iron Throne, and more. (more…)

02/14/14 1:51pm
Man, she did not like that valentine.

Man, she did not like that valentine.

As we learned yesterday, relationships crash and burn more often than they work out. If you’re currently unsatisfied and thinking of making a change in your life, you should at least be able to enjoy yourself after ending it with your formerly loved one. Or at least make it memorable for the both of you. And since we’re always here to serve, we’ve rounded up some of the best places for you to end your relationship. Happy Valentine’s Day! (more…)

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brook lopez

Brook Lopez volunteering to trim some beards while he’s on the disabled list

We’ll give Nets owner and firearms aficionado Mikhail Prokhorov credit where it’s due: with his expensive team floundering but still inexplicably in contention, the championship-hungry owner has made a big addition…to the Barclays Center. Because basketball just isn’t enough to get people in the door, the Barclays Center is adding a barbershop run by GQ (the magazine) and Fellow Barber that will be open during events at The House Shawn Carter Built. Will it be expensive? Of course it will, but do you have any ideas to help the Nets pay the luxury tax? (more…)

09/26/13 11:32am
Nets' owner Mikhail Prokohorov misses out on another great opportunity to use his machine gun

Nets’ owner Mikhail Prokohorov misses out on another great opportunity to use his machine gun

A tie, Navy football coach Eddie Erdelatz once said, is like kissing your sister. It’s a manly thing to say, and also an American thing to say. Americans love two things above all: winning, and hating people who encourage sharing. So imagine our surprise when we learned that rich megalomaniacs James Dolan and Mikhail Prokohorov put their basketball differences aside and agreed to share the 2015 NBA All-Star Game. We’re sorry, we thought this was Brooklyn, where we go hard? (more…)

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Money for nothin'. Poster by Meghan Doherty

Money for nothin’. Poster by Meghan Doherty

The MTV Video Music Awards are in Brooklyn for the first time this weekend, and this makes us laugh, mainly while thinking of the Kim Kardashians and their faux-celebrity teevee ilk will walking down a street largely known these days as a very public restroom. MTV hasn’t been cool in ages, and the network holding its seminal event in the capital of cool surely will include some cloying attempt at honoring BK’s music history (leave Adam Yauch alone!).

You could take out some of your aggression by launching water balloons full of mayonnaise off your roof with dreams of soaking Chris Brown; OR you could come party with us as we celebrate the golden age of MTV, with ACTUAL VIDEOS! We’re hosting a big, FREE party called I Wanted My MTV down the road at Last Exit on Sunday, featuring lots of relics of MTV’s glory days. Details below: (more…)

Be there if it happens again

Be there if it happens again

As has been reported, the MTV Video Music Awards are coming to the Barclays Center this month. We won’t do an old person joke about how they don’t play videos anymore, because we saw some videos on the MTV last weekend. They were horrible! Anyway, if you want to go and see if Taylor Swift beats your boy Macklemore for Video of the Year, heads up: tickets are free, and we will tell you how to get them. (more…)

Underground Horns sometimes play aboveground. via Facebook

Underground Horns sometimes play aboveground. via Facebook

We previously told you about the plans to have food trucks hang out in front of the LIBOR Barclays Center on a few Saturdays this summer. And true to their word, more food trucks are showing up this Saturday, June 6. Oh and, hey! There’s gonna be music this time. Can any of you out there dance and eat at the same time? (more…)

Finally, a decent reason to head to Barclays. via Facebook

Finally, a decent reason to head to Barclays. via Facebook

Here’s something frustrating: having to actually chase down food trucks, since they aren’t always in the same place. Of course, if they were, then they’d probably be called restaurants. Anyway, your chasing days will be over this summer, at least for one Saturday in June, July and September, when the Barclays Center lets a bunch of trucks park in their plaza for an afternoon. (more…)

05/07/13 9:01am
Steve Bonano

Steve Bonano

Last time we were publicizing a blood drive, it was in relation to the attacks in Boston, but you’ve got a chance to do some good in your own backyard now. 9/11 first responder, Navy vet, 30-year NYPD officer and head of Barclays Center security Steve Bonano is battling blood cancer, possibly related to his work at Ground Zero, and needs a bone marrow transfusion. So today and tomorrow, you can sign up to be a bone marrow donor at 345 Jay Street, right outside the Jay-Street MetroTech subway stop. (more…)


LOLwut. via the fever dream of someone at the New York Post

The Islanders, who have been stuck in the virtual desert that is Uniondale for their entire history, are now moving to Brooklyn. This (and our thoughts on it) were all that were known about the move. Until now, with word leaking out that focus groups are testing out some new uniforms for the moribund franchise. But what colors correctly put forward “We used to play down the street from the Roosevelt Field mall?” (more…)