06/09/16 3:00pm
First question: Does he ever just sit in the Oval Office wearing the shutter shades?

First question: Does he ever just sit in the Oval Office wearing the shutter shades?

For almost six years, Brokelyn has brought you the best coverage in all of Brooklyn for things like cheap bottomless brunch deals, free bar food, outdoor bars and how to jump on the Mets’ bandwagon. While we’re more than happy to cover lifestyle issues like that, we’ve also covered weightier topics like gentrification, real estate horrors, modern feminism and the Occupy movement. And now that work on harder news has paid off, because tomorrow afternoon on Facebook Live, we’ll be interviewing President Barack Obama.

Yes, you read that right, the leader of the free world, the commander in chief, the big kahuna himself Barack Obama will be sitting down with us to talk about any and all issues related to urban living in the 21st century. In the waning months of his presidency, we’ve seen President Obama step down the ladder to grace smaller publications and figures like Buzzfeed and Anthony Bourdain with a little one-on-one time. And now, by a few small miracles, it’s our turn.

What can the federal government do to help out with mass transit? Gentrification? Fair policing? We’ll be talking with the president about all that and more on our Facebook Live broadcast, while also sharing any questions you’ve been dying to ask Obama, tomorrow at 1:40pm. So tune in and get ready to make some Brooklyn blog history with us.

12/01/14 3:18pm
It's the size of six, maybe even eight pens!

It’s the size of four, maybe even six pens!

Do you guys remember the halcyon days of the 2012 election? We do, in part because it was so goddamn expensive. Still, if you have any fond memories of those days or you just want to make a quick buck off a political junkie in ten years, you should reach out to this person on Craigslist offering up some eventually vintage election 2012 swag, including a large BIDEN poster. And we know how you love Joe Biden. (more…)

06/04/14 10:43am
obama de blasio basketball

Don’t do it, Bill

The thing about being a high-profile public servant who tries to pretend to be normal and do things like ride the subway is that sometimes your constituents will talk you into doing crazy things. This exact thing happened to Bill de Blasio yesterday when he instead of just settling for a selfie on the J train with Mayor Tall, Alvin Javier got de Blasio to agree to challenge Obama to a game of one-on-one, which was then blown up by New York Magazine. De Blasio better pray to whatever Basketball Gods are out there that Obama doesn’t actually move here and take him up on that challenge, because it would just be embarrassing for everyone.


If you see anyone crawling out of their grave, just run faster! via Facebook

If you see anyone crawling out of their grave, just run faster! via Facebook

So we were all bummed by the fact that President Obama was pulling a GoogaMooga and causing Prospect Park to be closed when he comes to tell kids at P-Tech to build more killer drones. But at least one cool thing has come out of it. We just got an email from the folks at Green-Wood Cemetery who are stepping up for Brooklyn’s joggers: tomorrow between noon and 6pm, while Prospect Park is closed, you can jog in Green-Wood. (more…)

10/23/13 4:30pm
President Obama in Prospect Park

Nice helicopter…for a COMMUNIST. Photo by Tom Prendergast, via Park Slope Stoop

Well, turns out there’s a downside to Barack Obama coming to visit Friday, other than him waving his magic Kenyan wand and raising taxes on all of us. Park Slope Stoop caught a glimpse of the Presidential helicopters landing on in Prospect Park yesterday afternoon, and now we know why: the president is landing there before heading to Crown Heights. Unfortunately, that also means the whole park is going to be closed from noon until 6pm, as per a note from the Prospect Park Alliance, because we can’t risk someone hiding in the bushes ready to leap out and ask for an autograph. So you’ll have to find somewhere else to sun yourself and think about how you should have voted for what’s his name, the robot guy.

10/22/13 9:37am
"I'll see you at Bearded Lady." via Students for Barack Obama

“I’ll see you at Franklin Park.” via Students for Barack Obama

We live in a place where Jay-Z sometimes rides the subway, and Maggie Gyllenhaal will cut you in line for coffee just like anyone else, so it’s hard to be completely starstruck. But here’s something that doesn’t happen every day: The president is coming to Brooklyn to meet some high school kids in Crown Heights on Wednesday Friday. Which of course means you can find Joe Biden holding it down at the Crown Inn Friday night into Saturday morning. (more…)

02/12/13 1:00pm
Ol'Handsome Joe Biden bides his time...

Ol’Handsome Joe Biden bides his time…

If you’ve been experiencing politics withdrawal since quitting cold turkey following the election, we have good news for you: tonight is the State of the Union the nerd Pro Bowl to the election’s nerd Super Bowl. And Ted Nugent’s gonna be there, so maybe we’ll get something way more entertaining than a “You lie!” moment. If that happens, what better place to be than a room full of drunk strangers who’s politics you aren’t totally sure of? So, here’s some bars where you can watch it all go down tonight. (more…)

01/17/13 10:30am
This Metro experience could be yours! Photo via WTOP.

This Metro experience could be yours! Photo via WTOP.

President Obama is being inaugurated on Monday, and now that you know how to make the trip, it’s also important to consider what to do once you’re down there. Or rather, in a small city whose population is about to temporarily skyrocket, it’s more important to consider what not to do so as not to get lumped in with the huddled masses donning American flag t-shirts and cowboy hats (really). Here are three crucial things to avoid in our nation’s capital, brought to you by a former DC resident who was present at the last Inauguration.  (more…)

01/16/13 4:07pm
Good luck getting this close. via Flickr user GJB Photography

Good luck getting this close. via Flickr user GJB Photography

It’s not 2009 anymore, and Obama’s re-election is more of a collective sigh of relief (for most of us) than cause for a massive celebration. But there’s no shame in wanting to head down to see the swearing-in first hand, and even if you’re not lucky enough to win a free ticket, you can still check out the action from a public viewing spot by the National Mall. Of course, there are the logistics, since getting down to DC from New York might require selling your firstborn to the Lords of Amtrak for a $158 ticket. But, worry not, Obama-loving Brokesters! We’ve got a two cheap ways to head down to the nation’s capital, plus a couple spots where you can celebrate the swearing-in from your own beloved Brooklyn. (more…)

11/16/12 10:00am

Look at these f-cking hipsters. via Atlantic Wire

The presidential election is finally over and the country is moving on to other distractions (unless you’re Mitt Romney, which, Jesus, this guy). But for anyone that wants to spend one more beautiful night with Professor Barack Obama and Old Handsome Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer is here to make your dreams come true with a chance to win tickets to the presidential inauguration on Monday, January 21, 2013. (more…)