02/13/17 12:00pm
Have a sexy freekshow Valentine's with Gemini Blitz (#3) (pic by Ramon Bpnyc)

Have a sexy freakshow Valentine’s with Gemini Blitz (#3) (pic by Ramon Bpnyc)

Stay informed about fundraisers and other anti-Trump events across NYC in our weekly activism roundup here.

1. Start off your V-Day week at The Future of Sex, where an all-female panel of sex pioneers — Gigi Engle, MacKenzie Peck, and Lidia Bonilla —will discuss everything from “teledildonics” (sure why not) to VR porn. (Monday, The Sweatshop, $15)

2. Hear hella humorous babble at The Talking Show, part talk show and part comedy, with performances from and chats with Aparna Nancherla, Subhah Agarwal, Rae Sanni, and Rebecca Vigil. (Monday, C’mon Everybody, $8)

3. & 4. We couldn’t settle on just two Valentine’s events, so here’s a selection: Literary Couples reading series, a Steamy Night at a Russian bathhouse, a V-Day history party, the sixth annual Unloveable Smiths/Morrissey tribute, a ’90s V-Day dance party, and an exotic burlesque freakshow. (Tuesday, varies) (more…)

05/17/16 8:32am
This wonderful book awaits you at Hope & Anchor's karaoke night. Photo by Katy Hershberger.

This wonderful book awaits you at Hope & Anchor’s karaoke night. Photo by Katy Hershberger.

I sing a lot of karaoke. It’s not something I’m proud of, and also, it’s something I’m extremely proud of. It’s not about belting the perfect rendition of “Since U Been Gone” (that song is actually crazy hard to sing). It’s about a feeling, a community, and being a rock star for four minutes. (Karaoke rule No. 1: Please don’t sing any song longer than that.)

There are now enough karaoke bars and nights in Brooklyn that if you wanted to, you could sing karaoke every night of the week without leaving the borough. So I did. I hit nine bars in 10 days. When my friends couldn’t make it, I went solo. I sang a duet with a stranger. I saw a celebrity. I heard a lot of Prince tributes. I started using the groan-worthy term KJ (karaoke jockey). I didn’t sing the same song twice. And I learned a few things about the genre (anything from No Doubt’s Tragic Kingdom is a crowd pleaser, anywhere) and myself (karaoke people are the best people). Based on my exciting and exhausting research, enjoy this guide to karaoke bars in Brooklyn including where you can find everything from new indie rock songs, a Hamilton piano singalong and heavy metal karaoke that comes with a free shot. Now, anybody have a lozenge? (more…)

11/20/15 8:46am
You will not regret seeing the Regrets (#)

You won’t regret partying with the Regrets (#12) (pic by Max Branigan)

1. Go back in time at the Brooklyn Historical Society—for free this evening only. (Friday, FREE)

2. Support the great work of Interference Archive with a benefit party at Verso Books, which will include a silent auction of “social movement ephemera.” (Friday, $20)

3. Dance the night away at Zodiack: Scorpio Boxxx in the basement of the Idio Gallery, replete with “carnal performances,” gritty music, and sensual visuals. (Friday, $5 // Scorpios free) (more…)

08/19/15 9:34am
Take a flying leap at the day

Take a flying leap at the day

Hey wow, it’s Wednesday already, where did the week go? Down the same hole you always seem to lose time down I suppose. Still, you’re halfway to the weekend, which is such good news you should be singing “If You’re Happy and You Know It” or something. Maybe not that, maybe just go out and do one of these fun things pulled off the Brokelyn Event Calendar. Less weird than just singing out loud to yourself. (more…)

08/03/15 8:05am
tk. Photo by Etienne Frossard, via Facebook

tk. Photo by Etienne Frossard, via Facebook

Another Monday. Used to be you could come out of the weekend saying “Well, at least this is one more day closer to retirement.” Now, we’re never going to retire ever, because CEOs need your pension money for gold-plated bathtubs and bribes. Sorry, we mean “lobbyists.” Anyway, think less about that and more about enjoying yourself tonight, with these fun nights out found on the Brokelyn Event Calendar. (more…)

Catch it before it completely ascends to Beer Heaven

Catch it before it completely ascends to Beer Heaven

For those of us who knew Monster the Cat, the Brooklyn Brewery’s official mascot cat (mascat?) and tasting room host, the passing of the fine feline in 2012 was a sad day indeed. It was day  brightened only by the knowledge of his liquid legacy left behind: the Monster Ale, a barleywine created to age gracefully for many years, much like Monster himself. Sadly, Monster Ale is a non-renewable resource since Brooklyn Brewery ceased production of it a couple of years ago. So when it’s gone, it’s gone. The good news is that Brooklyn Brewery is inviting us all to drink what they have left of it this week at Matchless, which is what we imagine a Viking funeral is for beer. (more…)

12/29/14 1:01pm
zack morris phone

Just a matter of time before this kind of phone is in style again anyway.

1. Hear some Czech folk jazz with Martina Fiserova at The Way Station. (Monday)

2. Make your Monday soulful with Reverend Vince Anderson and the Love Choir. You can tell yourself this makes up for all those bottomless brunches you’ve had on The Lord’s Day. (Monday)

3. It’s almost 2015 and it’s time to think differently, so get a head start on that with comedy show Fresh Perspectives at Muchmores, with the likes of Michael Wolf and Eliza Hurwitz (Monday) (more…)

03/31/14 7:00am
America's favorite ugly high school weirdos

America’s favorite ugly high school weirdos

1. Broken Comedy welcomes TVs own Lucas Brothers, and what better way to start your week than by being in the presence of some dudes with a TV show (Monday)

2. You don’t cry over spilled milk, but you can cry because you’re very moved at the Spilt Milk Poetry Reading at Milk and Roses (Monday)

3. Muchmore’s is hosting a Slumber Party with improv group Future Wives, but it’s not what you think. Unless you thought it was a night of free comedy, in which case, you guessed right (Monday) (more…)

God bless the falafel at Godbless USA Deli. (Photo by Patrick Phillips)

The falafel at God Bless USA Deli is heavenly. (Photo by Patrick Phillips)

There you are, out for an afternoon stroll (or drunken stumble) when the urge hits to strap on that feed bag. What can you eat in this trendy neighborhood that will fill you up without gutting your bank account? Here are 10 meals for under $10 or thereabouts, from donuts (yes, that’s a meal) to falafel to guwumpkis.  (more…)

12/27/13 1:25pm
les sans culottes

Les Sans Culottes wil welcome you to your pantsless 2014 at Rubulad. via Facebook

New Year’s Eve is coming, and that means it’s time to party. For those of you without a friend willing to trash his apartment on one of the most party-heavy nights of the year, well, you don’t need to worry at all. That’s because between restaurants offering menus, warehouses hosting dance parties and bars just giving away champagne, there’s something for everyone to celebrate New Year’s Eve around here. Unless you hate fun, but then it can be the same as every year: staring at the wall eating one single string cheese stick and turning in at 10pm. Anyway, for the rest of you, here are your best New Year’s options: (more…)