12/20/13 3:24pm
so so glos

Who cares about seeing your family when you can hang out with the nice young men of the So So Glos. via Facebook

If you’re a delusional millennial like me, then your big fat paycheck from the coffee house and free lunch from your internship just isn’t going to cut the mustard when it comes to meeting the travel expenses involved in getting home to see your family this week. Living this Brooklyn dream costs and between your rent, Netflix, and conference room rental for your (now sadly doomed) “Keep the Isles Out of Brooklyn” committee, this time of year can be a bit of a bummer when you can’t see your family.

But you know what? Home with the family and your hometown friends is all well and good for about three hours until you’re reminded of why the hell you got out of that burg in the first place: same conversations leading to the same arguments and the same idiot yelling abuse at you from the same car they drove when they were 17. Only now your beard or vintage style is probably award winning. On that note, here’s a couple fun things to do this week while everyone else has upped sticks back to the Midwest or Long Island. (more…)

12/05/13 8:19am
bad credit no credit

Bad Credit No Credit doesn’t care about your credit score, but it’s not like they don’t realize its importance. Photo by Andrew St. Clair, via Facebook

1. What do you, not want to go to something called BeerFest and drink unlimited beers for three hours? You’ve changed, you’ve changed (Friday)

2. The Living Room is a standup and sketch show where you can see comedians work things out before you see them appear on your pictocube jumping box television (Friday)

3. Check out Mary Jane’s Not a Virgin Anymore, a lo-fi independent movie about a high school girl’s sexual awakening that will remind you how bad you were at sex when you were in high school (Friday) (more…)

harry shearer judith owen

They look ready for Christmas. via Facebook

Christmas music, and holiday cheer, and Christmas in general isn’t anything we get too excited about around these parts. Enforced cheer and goodwill towards man just isn’t our thing, and we do holiday party-level drinking every day of the year. But even our Grinch-sized hearts are warmed by this news: The Simpsons and This Is Spinal Tap‘s Harry Shearer, and his wife, songwriter Judith Owen, are coming to BAM on December 7 to put on a free holiday sing-along. Finally, a holiday event that isn’t fa-la-la-la-lame. (more…)

10/08/13 10:03am
It doesn't look like much, but let's see you look this good in your 50s. via Flickr user Mike Knell

It doesn’t look like much, but let’s see you look this good in your 40s. via Flickr user Mike Knell

With a 4-year reign as the Straphangers’ “Worst Train Service in NYC”, it’s not easy to understand why anyone would want to live off the C train. And when I first moved from living off the L to living off the C, I thought I knew what I had coming: mechanical breakdowns and long waits. Loud, rickety commutes populated by the fringiest of neighbors. Businesses I would only frequent out of necessity. But after 8 months of calling this little caboose and its territories home, I’m inclined to set the record straight. The C is AWESOME. (more…)

Not pictured: squiggly waves of free wifi emanating out

Not pictured: squiggly waves of free wifi emanating out

As global warming grips more of our future and leads to rising global temperatures, one question is one everyone’s mind: “Can we work outside more, then?” Ordinarily it’s hard, even if the weather is nice, but the city has aggressively expanded the areas with free outdoor wifi over the years, and right before he leaves office, Mike Bloomberg plans to add a couple more corridors of free wifi in Brooklyn. Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, Brownsville and Downtown Brooklyn are scheduled to get their own free outdoor wifi in December this year, thanks to a public/private partnership between the city and different sponsors. (more…)

Tk tk tk

Mo vinyl, mo parking.

Remember a year ago when you used to look at boring old bike racks around town and think to yourself: “man, I wish these said something.” Then last August, beloved Brooklynite and head that talks David Byrne came along and waved his magic wand of whimsy in front of BAM and poof! these bike racks appeared spelling out words, and everyone loved them, because it confirmed that BAM is pretty cool in general. Last week, the words got rotated out for the first time, thanks to this contest. Originally, they said “micro lip” and “pink crown;” now they spell out “mo vinyl” and “wry romp.” It’s just the first of planned word changes into the future. Portland has had a year to commission some Brian Eno racks but still none are in sight, so I think we’re winning, Brooklyn. (more…)

05/17/13 11:14am
You're gonna disappointed by Superman anyway, may as well do it cheap. via Facebook

You’re gonna disappointed by Man of Steel anyway, may as well be on the cheap. via Facebook

We’re not sure when this was decided, but movies are for rich people. This innocent pastime which once welcomed all tax brackets into its chilly, air conditioned arms seems to have slipped away, and for many of us, the days of seeing cinematic wonders unfold before us on a screen larger than a laptop screen are naught but a memory.

Well, we don’t know how to fight that, but we do know that doing something that doesn’t include the overconsumption of alcohol and subsequent high bar tab shouldn’t lead to regret and an empty checking account. So, we’ve rounded up this list of Brooklyn theaters where you can go to the movies for cheap(er). (more…)

'Sup, nerds. Wanna hang?

‘Sup, nerds. Wanna hang?

Speaking of TV shows that were killed by Fox and left beautiful corpses, man, how about Firefly? That was an awesome show, kinda goofy theme song and all. But the sci-fi Western never caught on, with Fox not even airing the entire first season, to the chagrin of nerds like us. And while other TV shows have made it back from a Fox grave, Firefly wasn’t able to, except for a movie based on it, Serenity. Well, good news: Joss Whedon is stopping in at BAM later this month to introduce Serenity and watch it with all you nerds. Hooray! (more…)

Functional art doesn't have to come with phrasing that makes sense

Functional art doesn’t have to come with phrasing that makes sense. Via BAM

Can you spell something more intriguing than “Micro Lip” or “Pink Crown,” if you’re only given 19 letters? After seeing how much people loved them, BAM is rolling out two more David Byrne-designed bike racks, and they can be based on an eight letter phrase that you come up with. (more…)

04/01/13 4:50pm
Baby Einstein on the Baby Beach

Baby Einstein on the Baby Beach

If you couldn’t tell, today was April Fool’s Day. That’s why people were laughing about that weak-ass “Gmail Blue” prank. Honestly guys, one year you had us all convinced that we could send our email from the past. Everything being shaded blue is just kinda, eh. But, what else was out there? Who was being goofy locally? We’ve got some of our favorites for you, below. (more…)