11/08/16 11:13am
We all need an escape to nature right now and this hidden Greenpoint trail is the answer

Photos by Bridget McFadden.

It’s been a long 18 months. If the all-consuming and nauseating electoral coverage we’ve been marinating in has you world-weary and longing for an antidote, it might be time for a nature walk, immediately. In this city, you can pretty much get whatever you want, whenever you want it; with the exception of “peace and quiet,” of course. So it helps to have a couple quick-fix nature tricks up your sleeve. If you need a dose of tranquility pronto, start where you least expect it: the Wastewater Treatment Digester Eggs illuminating the horizon between Brooklyn and Queens. These monuments of industrialization will actually lead you to the covert wilderness salvation of the Newtown Creek Waterfront Nature Walk.

At first, this nature walk seems ironic. Newtown Creek is one of the most polluted waterways in the nation, and was designated a superfund site in 2010. In fact, on my first visit recently I was sort of expecting the trek to be a bit of a stunt – “look at me, I hang out in oil spills” – but I was mistaken. It is hands-down the most tranquil spot in the neighborhood, and it is exactly what you need to chill out and refresh your perspective. (more…)

01/27/14 3:36pm
urban cabin

Rustic! But not too rustic

You’ve got the beard, you’ve got the flannel, but there’s still something missing from your carefully cultivated “Ron Swanson-lite” persona. Unless you’re going to suddenly start going on about the superiority of libertarianism (LOL, sure), we’ve got the missing, although expensive piece for you: a $3500/month apartment in Williamsburg described as “an urban cabin.” $3500! We know what you’re thinking: what a bargain! (more…)