12/19/16 9:52am

Go glam with Sweet Lorraine’s burlesque stylings (#6) (pic by BettinaMay1)

1. Start your holiday week off with festive cheer at Yule Log 2.016, a daylong animation showcase featuring 50 short films from a diverse array of artists. (Monday, BRIC, FREE)

2. Laugh your way through the Night Train Holiday Spectacular, with a great lineup of jokesters including Michael Che, Nimesh Patel, and Joyelle Johnson, plus puppeteer James Godwin. (Monday, Littlefield, $5)

3. Show your love of words at the inaugural Ditmas Lit reading, with BuzzFeed Books editor Isaac Fitzgerald, Lambda Literary fellow Jeanne Thornton, satirist Gabrielle Moss, and poet Tommy “Teebs” Pico. (Tuesday, Sycamore, FREE) (more…)

09/26/16 4:00pm
Give a (hand-)standing ovation to Kristina Nekyia (#10) (pic by Sam Prudencio)

Give a (hand-)standing ovation to Kristina Nekyia (#10) (pic by Sam Prudencio)

1. The presidential debates are tonight, and you’re probably not going to want to watch them alone — or sober. So we made you a roundup of 20 bars broadcasting the bloodsport, from Greenpoint to Bay-Ridge, many with drink specials and absurd accompanying commentary. (Monday, various venues, FREE)

2. Or perhaps you want something that’s just straight-up absurd, with not even a nod toward today’s terrifying political reality? You’re in luck: House of Yes is reprising its Ketamine: The Musical, a “psychoactive and disassociative” spectacle that is totally guaranteed to take your mind off the reality of the day. (Monday & Tuesday, House of Yes, $20 w/ Brokelyn discount at link)

3. Learn rotten lessons at Bad Advice From Bad Women, with DGAF writers including emoji scholar Estelle Tang, dog mom Leopoldine Core, feminist force of nature Nona Willis Aronowitz, and witch poet Jasmine Gibson; hosted by sugar addict Charlotte Shane. (Tuesday, Word, FREE) (more…)

08/10/15 8:29am

We have to admit that we really don’t.

1. It’s the summer finale of one of the most consistently exciting Bk lit events: Franklin Park Reading Series. This month readers include novelist Joshua Mohr, memoirist Sean H Doyle, debut novelists Alexandra Kleeman, Sara Novic, and Tracy O’Neill, and comics artist John Dermot Woods. (Monday, FREE)

2. Bushwick’s Microscope Gallery presents Arab Avant-Garde: Reflections on Situated Time, an evening of short films showcasing contemporary Middle Eastern experimental cinema. (Monday, FREE)

3. Have a cup of tea and a scone and share your dark thoughts at Morbid Anatomy Museum’s Death Café, the aim of which is to “increase awareness of death and help people make the most of their (finite) lives.” (Tuesday, FREE) (more…)

06/15/15 9:53am

Biz Markie, ready to be your friend. (#7)

1. Hear tales of international journalism from Roads & Kingdoms editor Mitch Moxley and correspondent Jen Percy, in support of Doctors Without Borders. (Monday, $10)

2. Laugh with Phoebe Robinson, Jacqueline Novak, Trish Nelson, and many more at the Side Ponytail Comedy Show—this month with free ice cream! (Monday, FREE)

3. Learn about diversity in books at the Akashic salon on reverse gentrification in the literary world. (Monday, FREE) (more…)