12/01/16 3:25pm
Get your hoilday kicks, en croute, at the 'Shwick.

Get your hoilday kicks, en croute, at the ‘Shwick.

Holidays also mark the peak season of DIY, and people are scouring staples like Etsy and Pinterest to see what they can make, bake, gift or thrift for the upcoming holidays. If you are lacking inspiration needed to get those creative juices flowing, (because hey, aren’t we all) or if you just want a quick one-stop shop for all of your holiday shopping, head to your nearest holiday market.

Oh, what’s that? You need help finding one that close to you? As per usual, we’ve got you covered, with the borough’s finest in local gifts and crafts–enough to make even a scrooge splurge. (more…)

06/17/15 7:05am
It's so hip, it's practically European. via Flickr user cisc1970.

BK Flea: so hip, it’s practically European. via Flickr user cisc1970

Once upon a Brooklyn, the term “flea market” conjured up images of bug-infested antique wares and stained vintage clothing finds from a deceased person’s estate sale. Now, though, BK’s market game is on flea-k. That’s right, I said it. Our flea markets have grown to boast an especial eye for the Hard to Find, the One of a Kind, and the Melt Your Mind.

Because remember, a flea market isn’t just a vintage store with an open door. These places also have food, and feature smaller businesses/indie makers who can’t necessarily afford a brick-and-mortar storefront. They’re a great all-in-one way to spend a day with friends and family, or meeting strangers with similar tastes and interests. Flea markets away! Here are all the ones in the borough to enjoy this summer. (more…)

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It's always a party in Williamsburg

It’s always a party in Williamsburg

It’s a Saturday or Sunday, and you wake up magically devoid of a hangover, having done all your laundry, grocery shopping, and other boring adult things for the week. (Ok, so the beginning of this article is hypothetical. But the rest isn’t!) Suddenly instilled with a desire to discover the best that Williamsburg has to offer, you decide to make a day – and night – of it.

Everyone will have their own opinion, some of them snarky, on what is worth doing if you only have twelve paltry hours to soak up the cultural deliciousness that is Williamsburg. However, I firmly believe everything below is a knock-out, guaranteed fantastic time. Unless you don’t like fun. In which case, I can’t help you. (more…)

04/06/12 3:16pm

Corn again: Smorgasburg reopens this weekend.

There’s loads to do this Eastover weekend in Broketown. It’s a Good Friday for dancing, as you can your groove thang at three different venues: a 1960s Brooklyn Soul Club dance party in Williamsburg; a BEATS hip-hop party at Trophy Bar; or Gumbo’s Limelight-inspired gay dance party in a former synagogue. Tomorrow is full-on market mania, what with the Dekalb Market and Smorgasburg re-opening; Shop, Eat, Drink, Man, Woman… whatever  in Williamsburg, and That Tot Spot tater tot shop bowing at Artists & Fleas. Save some energy for Monday’s opening of a new Brooklyn Flea location in Williamsburg. And Sunday night, choose from dueling Mad Men parties, at Sheep Station and Brooklyn Winery. Zou Bisou Bisou ’til next week!


12/23/11 10:52am

Ah crap, Christmas is THIS WEEKEND??

We’ve been giving you ample head’s up about all the great local markets and Brooklyn gift ideas this year, but if you’ve been procrastinating, your time is almost up! Just three markets will remain open tomorrow to let you pick-up a last minute item that’s more personal than a gift card. The Dekalb market is open the latest on Christmas eve, and also gives you get your photo with Santa (in a shipping container). Or you could swing by the greenmarket and grab an extra bottle of blueberry wine, along with some cheese for Christmas dinner, or visit Artists & Fleas to pick up some Swiss-inspired pillows to put under the tree. (more…)

09/06/11 8:10am

NY Fashion Week is just around the corner, which means the city’s third annual Fashion’s Night Out will take over an evening of the runway-to-retail-buzz-fest on Thursday (Sept. 8). Brooklyn has stepped it up a notch with lots more stores participating this year, and lots more wine, cupcakes, and discounts a go-go. You could fight the crowds to see big name celebs at Bloomingdales or Saks… or you could kick back in the home-borough and preview new collections from indie designers, enjoy special FNO-only deals. Here’s a selection of Brooklyn events; there are dozens more on the FNO website. All festivities begin at 6pm and end at 10pm unless otherwise noted. (more…)

One of Alexander Wang's home pages.

One of Alexander Wang's home pages.

Red-hot designer Alexander Wang, this year’s winner of the CFDA Swarovski award for womenswear, is the reigning prince of ’80s punk chic. However, unlike the actual CBGBs denizens we all remember (or at least our older siblings do), his women are rocking $80 t-shirts and $700 boots. So we decided to do a little experiment and try to recreate his look for a few hundred less. While we’re not about to tell you that you can walk out of any one of Brooklyn’s fab secondhand clothing stores looking like you just stumbled off of his runway, in one Saturday afternoon, I did manage to pull together an Alexander Wang-inspired look for under 50 bucks, head to toe. Here’s how. (more…)

06/13/09 9:17am
Photo courtesy of Brooklyn Flea.

Photo courtesy of Brooklyn Flea.

With the recent opening of Brooklyn Flea’s new location under the Brooklyn Bridge, it seemed like a good time to take stock of the flea markets that are sprouting up all over the borough—some two dozen in all, according to our rough count. Each one has its own personality (quirky antiques, homespun artwear, etc.), so every weekend we’ll be making the rounds, reviewing the merch, taking a few pics and rolling all of it into a map. Here, the first entries in an evolving project. And as always, we’d love to hear your favorites. (more…)