01/05/17 10:55am
Rock the f*ck out with Th

Rock the f*ck out with There Are Four Lights (#2) (pic by Sarah Wilmer)

1. Increase your literary stock for the cold winter ahead at the BYO Book Swap Party, which also features a discussion on diversity in literature and a raffle of self-published works by local woman of color. (Friday, New Women Space, $5 + a book)

2. Start pining for summer at the Punk Island Winter Benefit, with Deadname, MALLRAT, Trashy, Ex. by V., and There Are Four Lights. (Friday, Hank’s Saloon, $10)

3. Rock hard with some tireless musicians at NYC’s Hardest Working Bands of 2016 Live, based on Oh My Rockness’s calculations of who played the most shows last year. (Friday, Baby’s All Right, $10)

4. Creep yourself out at the monthly horror series Fright Fridays, tonight screening The Eyes of My Mother, which combines “an especially bloody strain of slasher pic” with “high-art sensibilities.” (Friday, Videology, $10) (more…)

04/01/13 9:01am
Lemony Snicket comes to Brooklyn to snarl about his new book

Lemony Snicket comes to Brooklyn to snarl about his new book

1. The Bushwick Fitness Center for Arts and Tactics hosts an April Fool’s show that can’t be beat, which will include a pinata, wedding favors and dark whimsy (Monday)

2. Someone just donated a bunch of craft books there, so Brooklyn Launchpad invites you to come craft with them (Monday)

3. Ditch work early so you can catch Lemony Snicket talk about his new book at Powerhouse Arena (Tuesday) (more…)