Beloved Smith Street bodega at center of mafia investigation now has its own T-shirt line

Vin and his Smunion tee. Photo via AINT WET

Long before authorities started wiretapping Carroll Gardens’ beloved Smith Union Market in 2015 for suspected gambling and loansharking, as a featured story in the New York Times recapped yesterday, locals were well aware the spot had not just old-school Italian character but a great diversity of 40s (they carried glass St. Ides months after other spots started only selling the plastic bottles), a high-quality curbside domino scene and a host of random cleaning products and aging Beanie Babies.

In a fitting homage to the bodega, fifth-generation Carroll Gardens native Abraham El Makawy and fellow members of his budding art collective AINT WET (yes, they’re the ones behind those subway posters that make you do a double take at because they look like the MTA’s official WET PAINT signs) designed and printed T-shirts repping the market, endearingly known as Smunion. The tees, featuring the 72-year-old corner store’s logo on the front and a picture of the cross streets on the back, are selling for $19.45 on AINT WET’s website as of January 10. (more…)